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Hats, t-shirts, photos, and other objects whose absence is causing a void in your life. Note: if you're looking for tapes, go to the Tape Trading topic. If you're looking for tickets, try Tickets Wanted. This topic is for stuff that is not tunes or tix.


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Joined: Nov 15 2010
"There are things you can replace..."

My brother in-law got me a t-shirt for the Holidays a year or two ago. It had Jerry's face, and on top: "there are things you can replace" with "and others you can not" underneath (very parking lot-esque). It was too small, so they said they'd try to exchange it. However, they could not find it again. In hindsight I wish I would have kept it anyway just to frame it. Anyway...

I have searched and searched all over, and every now and then I try again. Needless to say, I am dying to find this shirt! If anyone might be able to at least give me a starting point that may be hidden in the depths of the internet, if not a direct link to the shirt itself, I would be ever so grateful!!!

Thanks in adavnce.

Joined: Mar 26 2011
Looking for Tshirt

My husband's older GD tie dyes have completely worn out. I'm hoping to replace his favorite, which is "High Gate" from 1995. Cow on tractor, and a bear with a pitchfork. I need a size XL; if anyone has any info, I would much appreciate it. I've looked all through the Internet to no avail.
Thanks in advance!

Joined: Jan 12 2009
Complete set of Dick's Picks

I am looking for a new complete set of Dick's Picks. Any out there?

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Joined: Mar 10 2011
SF Giants/GD shirt 2XL wanted!

does anyone have an extra 2XL Giants/GD shirt for sale as shown here:

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Joined: Sep 5 2010
ticket futhur 4/3/11

looking for 1 ticket please...will pay

Joined: Nov 19 2010
bobby fans

i'm searching for a bobby fans are people too tshirt, sticker, badge, patch whatever ya got!

Joined: Feb 16 2011

Has anyone heard about the signed copy of the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test that is up for sale. I heard a rumor about it that it is a first edition that one of the Merry Pranksters has or had? In any case I think it wouls be coo to have so if anyone nows more about it I would imagine it's expensive but I would like to track it down

Joined: Nov 13 2010
Are these picks fake?

Hello. Please could someone tell me if these are officially licensed merchandise or not please?

The plastic is thinner than a real pick and the edges are not rounded but sharp and wobbly with nicks as if they had been cut out after printing by hand, or just badly. I don't believe they actually are picks as described, but just printed-on bits of plastic badly cut into a pick shape. The graphics of the 'Anthem of the Sun' and 'Very Best of' ones are not centred like in the auction photo, but to the side and cropped off on one edge.

Just wanted to make sure they weren't officially licenced before asking for a refund, to avoid accusing anyone unjustly. Thanks.

Joined: Nov 21 2008
The Complete Fillmore West 1969 Recordings with Bonus Disc

I know it's a long shot, but is anyone willing to part with their Fillmore Box Set and Bonus Disc for a reasonable price? These knuckleheads on Ebay and Amazon are way out of line. I understand basic economics of supply and demand and I acknowledge that I won't pay $79.95 like the original purchasers, but $750-$2000? Unfortunately, I wasn't on the bus yet, so I missed out and it is the only official release I do not own.

Let me know!

Joined: Nov 12 2010
The Golden Road (1965-1973)

Really strange request, but does anyone have the box for the above. Mine got really damaged when renovation work was getting done to our house a couple of years ago, although contents were thankfully intact. I know this request is weird but perhaps someone has transferred all the music to digital and doesn't need the box anymore.

I will of course reimburse any expense incurred.



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In Search of... Stuff