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Joined: May 20 2015
2 Nights in Cali for 1 Night in Chi

Lookin to trade 2 tickets for each of two Santa Clara shows for 2 tickets for either July 4th or 5th in Chicago. Santa Clara on June 27th = Section 123, row 32
Santa Clara on June 28th = Section 243, row 6. Let's make a DEAL!!!
Let me know at

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Joined: Feb 25 2015
Have 2 Available for SC Sunday 6/28

Being from Northern WI, and not getting Saturday tickets, I have now elected not not make the Journey to San Fran. Was fortunate enough to make numerous previous trips, mostly Greek Theater shows with a couple news years mixed in.

I Am expecting 2 for Sunday, section 247, ROW 15 (Full View)
Would like what I Paid for them ($467.55 Total)
Here's Levi seating chart for these shows.

If interested, please PM me. I will get back in order received.

I will also next day air these at my cost immediately after receipt and will request signature from recipient
Payment details can be discussed.

Peace2U All

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Joined: Nov 23 2010
Have 4 for Sunday in Santa Clara...looking for a swap with Sat.

I have 4 tickets for Sunday 6/28, Reserved P1 Full View Sec C240 Row 5. $225/each

I'm looking for an even trade at the same price level for Saturday 6/27, 4 tickets together.

If you're interested, let me know!

Joined: Apr 17 2015
Swap Santa Clara for Chicago

Still looking to trade 4 great seats, Sec. 101 Row 18 (together) in SC on 6/28 for 4 tix any Chicago show. Will consider lesser quality Chicago seats and/or pay extra $$ for equal or better. Cell 732-690-7966

Joined: Oct 12 2011
Face value GA Field Sunday Santa Clara

Howdy crew,

I will have 1 face value ticket for the Sunday Santa Clara show. The price is $227 and this is for the GA field. I purchased a travel package and will get the tickets when I arrive. I will be staying in the San Jose area. If interested please send me an email to Thanks for reading!


Joined: Dec 2 2013
RE: Post Office refuses to refund my Money Orders

I had the same problem with my Western Union money order. I took them to my bank and asked about depositing them into my bank account. They let me do it but said that they would have to place a hold on the money for a few days to make sure that Western Union would not decline it. After a couple of days I had my money and didn't have any problems.

Joined: May 9 2015

PM sent, hope you still have them.

Joined: Dec 2 2013
RE: Chicago for Santa Clara

I have one ticket for each night in Santa Clara that I am looking to either sell for face value + fees or trade for Chicago tickets for the 4th and/or 5th.

Here is the info on the tickets:

Sat. June 27th
Sec C135, Row 6, Seat 15, "Limited view", $59.50 + $28 (fee) = $87.50

Sun. June 28th
Sec C139, Row 34, Seat 10, "Full view", $199.50 + $28 (fee) = $227.50

If you would like to trade or purchase, please let me know. You can email me at

Joined: May 9 2015
Extras for SC 2ea Sat and Sun

Me and a friend lucked out on the lotto. We both put in for 2 each day and got them. All obstructed view. I have 2 seats in Sec 420 for Sat and 2 in Sec 230 for Sun to spare. I will ship all 4 four face + shippping, call it an even $320.00

Will also trade barter for seats with a view. I have a line on a couple Sunday tix from this thread I am hoping will come through. No matter what, these are up for grabs.

I can be contacted through PM.

At least I'm enjoy'n the ride


Joined: May 1 2015
@ xshawax- see PM

@xshawax- see PM


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