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spamfaced spameye, your spam shall spam you

wspem ar nut gud

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Next Box Set - It's Time

Time to box-up 5/7/77, 5/8/77 and 5/9/77 - three back to back to back classic shows... The Trifecta of all Trifectas!

jonapi (not verified)
street dwelling for bliss

the infiltration of Glenn Kotche, Jeff Tweedy and Nels Cline into Furthur.

would happily drag the ol' plums across broken glass and go bankrupt to follow any tour they'd wish to undertake.

jonapi (not verified)

please send love, support and anything else you can offer to Johnman; the shit has hit the fan for him and his son and needs whatever you can give. please read the "positive vibes" topic for further info.

jonapi (not verified)

the lack of jazz and improvised/experimental music in the Dead/jamband/festival/community scene.
want to banish obscurity, estimated-eyes? want to become more aware of what's out there? encourage publications, festival promoters and bands to investigate, add to the bill, take out on tour and support. if the audience decides that they're not going for it and it doesn't work for them, fine. but give them the option to hear it.
Furthur, Mickey, 7 Walkers and those like-minded fellow musical travelers: buy a copy of The Wire magazine (the Dead, you have lifelong friend and supporter of all things Grateful in Editor Chris Bohn, also writes under the name Biba Kopf); check out visit spaces like the Empty Bottle in Chicago; The Stone in New York, Cafe Oto in London, SuperDeluxe in Japan.
we don't necessarily need to hear something championed in Relix Magazine as a special guest; we don't necessarily need to hear the same kinda artists as support act.
i am more than happy to send cdr's of music and cover postage at my own cost; links and sites of interest.

this isn't condescension. this isn't to patronise. it is an open letter to whoever is listening to encourage a less incestuous musical family. too bad that long gone are the days when Charles Lloyd, Charles Mingus or Miles Davis were on the same bill as a psychedelic rock band. '60's cross-pollination reduced to back-slapping and inbred blowjobs.

even....EVEN, an jazz artist already known to the majority of Dead Heads; David Murray. his recent projects with the Gwo Ka Masters and excursions into Cuban ensembles; a short tour with Furthur? how on earth is that not possible?

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Moving Forward to peace as a whole

Hello future:

I am looking to spread the positive vibrations we all are capable of to everyone and everything. It is hard to put in words, maybe you should look into my group called Moving Forward. I am networking with alike minds to start a revolution of change in our world. It is all about thinking positive, doing positive, and spreading the positive. If there's nothing but good vibes going around, the greed and instinct will be beaten down and move on to feed elsewhere. I have a lot of methods of practice, my main goal is to show and spread it through music. The wall I must knock down is the discrimination fellow music lovers have against each other. It is amazing how someone can pass judgement on what kind of sound waves your body enjoys. This goes along with all the hate and greed in our world. Lack of communication is a main reason behind all of this. I am not the best with my words, but the idea is that once everyone sees they did not generate this hate against their own kind, they will notice it everywhere. Once it's exposed we can spread our peace and make the world beating only positive vibrations, moving us forward.

Thanks for your time to hear me. The group page is

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Grateful Dead Dancing Bear on lead codices circa C.E.70 ?

On the top page of a yahoo story that came up yesterday as I Iogged in,

I thought "Did I Just See a Grateful Dead Dancing Bear?

I clicked on the story and to my surprise. There was a faint but very visible

Grateful Dead Dancing Bear on the right side. Not Captain Kangaroos

dancing bear. Grateful Dead. I smiled so big and was like Wowwwww!!!

Citation and works:

A group of people from a long long time ago and... Yahoo (Web)

Wed Mar 30, 11:36 am ET
Could lead codices prove ‘the major discovery of Christian history’?
By Chris Lehmann
EmailPrint..By Chris Lehmann chris Lehmann – Wed Mar 30, 11:36 am ET

The bear is waving with it's right hand, stepping forward with it's left foot
and looking to it's right. After printing it I can even make out the ears, eyes,
smile and scarf.

Follow this yahoo link to see for yourself. Look at the top picture, right tablet.

Vincent Huff and

Also at Columbus State Community College. Age 49, 07/25/1961.


Forever Grateful

Forever Dead

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here you go
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Grateful Dead animal bears, terrapins, monkeys (dressed as railroad engineers), crows........

Joined: Apr 29 2009
Topic Suggestion: GD Store Wish List

Fans could suggest new product ideas, and you (GD Site/Store) could monitor the interest/demand by the response.
Things I'm thinking about:
Pajama/Lounge pants
More Tropical/Hawaiian Shirts

The Bears are cute, but we need more Terrapins on items.




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