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Joined: May 4 2009
Just finished listenin to

Just finished listenin to the China Cat Sunflower from 3/23/74 and i gotta say it's fantasic. It has that same 4-chord-UJB rhythm i was talkin about. Good stuff man. Thank you very much for sharing =] Hope you enjoy 11/14/73.

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gibsonrocker800, I don't believe I have heard the version you speak of. My current favorite jam of all time is the china cat into rider on 3/23/74 @ the cow palace. Pure magic. I will check out the 11/14/73 version though to see how they compare. Please give this a listen too if you havn't already. It happens to be on Dick's Picks 24 though it's not the complete show.

Joined: May 4 2009
My all-time favorite version

My all-time favorite version of any song is from 11/14/73. The China-Cat is unlike anything you've ever heard. During the part where they jam into IKYR, the whole mood of the song changes into these other 4 chords and it is the most fantastic piece of music i've ever heard. Jerry's lead makes me want to cry, its so powerful. Perfect addition to any deadhead's collection.

Also, the "Eyes of the World" from this show is also my favorite version. It's perfect.

Joined: Apr 30 2009
Let it Grow 9/8/88

was also outstanding. I was not at the show, but had I friend who was an excellent taper with TOL equipment. Any Let it Grow fan should check out this show. Oh, and BTW, excellent show all-around, too.

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Drums>Space>Other One Hampton 3/23/87

is the track that locked me into the band to this day. I was hoping someone else would mention this performance. Probably their heaviest tracks ever. I had a taper friend in college who recorded this show, and this was the last show of the tour before he had to come back for school, so I heard it two days later, again, and again, and again. So I can say definitively that I became a Head on March 25th 1987, and have absorbed everything since. Thanks DK.

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some ones I like

Shakedown St columbia, MD 6/30/85
Dark Star 3/29/94(my 16th bday, last dark star w 4th show)
Fillmore East run Valentines 1970(probably the BEST alligator>cautions>WBYGN>feedback
Fillmore West 2/8/69(date may be incorrect) another ripping the end jerry says "goodbye from the electronic mice" as the roadies unplug their insts in the middle of feedback..
Crusader Rabbit Stealth band..NYE 01-02...the boys finally get back together..all of phil n friends plus all the dead Not fade away>truckin>playing>drumz>wheel>playing...HOLY CRAP BATMAN!!
Terrapin Station 'offical' reunion show East Troy, WI....'BORN CROSS EYED FIRST TIME SINCE 68!!!!!!!!"...and the 'Terrapin Station' was MIND BLOWING(listen to the synth effects when the 'terrapin' chant begins)
Hampton Col. in VA as the warlocks..dont rem date...killer show
Portland 74 run...killer Weather report suite...
any of several AMAZING terrapin stations from the 91 dual keyboard shows..

"when the going gets weird, the weird turn PRO" -Hunter S Thompson

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Comes A Time Atlanta May 77

I love the Spring 77 shows -The Estimated on this Dicks Pic is mesmerizing . but my favorite Jerry ballad and solo is the "Comes A Time" from the same show.
I have listened to all of Jerry's ballad solos and there are many great ones but this struck me immediately as probably his best. I wonder why this song doesn't seem to get much discussion from fans. Also there is a beautiful part where Keith comes in with some very nice chord changes.

And the road goes on forever....

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The Days Between, 3/27/93, Knickerbocker Arena, Albany NY

Jerry delivers the goods on this version, hard to imagine a more perfect delivery
of this song. The show leading up to it is not shabby, but it just seems like the
entire show led to this version of this song. Still seems that way 15+ years later.

Joined: Jan 11 2009
Might as well jump in....

Morning Dew ---> Richmond 11/2/85 This show is often overlooked in favor of the previous night (Dick's Picks vol. 21). But anyway, the Morning Dew coming out of space is absolutely magical. The transistion from Space is haunting, the music is flawless, and Jerry's vocals are powerful. But, what stands out is Phil... he is just thumping right at the climax of the song. Beautiful music.

The entire show ---> Hampton 10/9/89 ("Formally The Warlocks) Why this show hasn't been formally released is beyond me. It is smoking hot... the set list and the playing.

Joined: Jan 31 2009
I love jumping into a two year old thread....

personal faves:

Playin' 7/19/74

Midnight Hour 10/26/83

Drums 4/7/95

Shakedown - Rockin' the Cradle (gotta love the multitrack live recordings)


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Best version EVER?