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it's 12-6-89

Reading the reviews, it was quite important to a lot of folks that were there. It was the Earthquake benefit. 12-6-89 from Oakland. It sounds nice with Clarence Clemons. FWIW, My fave SOTM is 12-28-91.

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go away samson77

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Need help identifing date of "best" "Standing on the Moon"

Back in the early '90s I became friends w/ a serious taper nicknamed "Rockitt" from Jersey via school in Albany (Rockitt if you read this it's Pat). Anyways he used to cut tapes for me when we got together. I never labeled them thinking I'd have a hobby when I got older and had the time - well time's here!

After about 70 or so shows I ended up pretty familiar with our heros! I also realized that my friend Rockitt cut me tapes of some of the best shows ever, for which I will be forever grateful.

I have a set that looks like a New Year's set but I'm not sure. I can hear Brent and a horn player, the set list is Scarlet>Sugar Mag>Ship of Fools>Terrapin Drums/Space Wheel>Watchtower>Standing on the Moon>sunshine Daydream Jam

It contains a version of Standing on the Moon that's better than any other version ever or just about any other tune from any live performance from anyone ever (can you tell I really like this cut (and I'm nuts...)?)!

Any help with the date will be mucho appreciado - I know I could hunt for it, but I'm just too arthritic and medicated sometimes....


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Best Jack Straw

Ok, I know "best" is a loaded term, but I always go back to 6/16/91 Set 2 for the tasty licks.

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Need your best Crazy Fingers

I've been playing/learning Crazy Fingers on guitar so I'd like to hear some of your favorites! I've been listening to the version from One From the Vault and also downloaded a show from Winterland, 6/17/75 (first version of the tune). I like both versions a lot, but I'm sure someone on hear can pick one just off of the top of their head that will blow my mind!! Haha.


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My favorite "modern day" versions....

While there are MANY great versions of Scarlet > Fire, and they change in overall sound from each "period". For example: the early '74 versions of Scarlet are generally shorter, non-jammy numbers. When Fire hit the scene, it originally wasn't a barn burner (but was more-so than the early Scarlets). When the boys hooked 'em together, they were on to one of their great song marriages. The mid-late '70's versions are VERY different from the early '80's versions, and these are VERY different from the late '80's versions. However, in early 1990 (I believe the Oakland Chinese New Year run 02-25 thru 02-27) the boys first started playing with MIDI. I may be a bit biased 'cuz this was my first show, but the Scarlet > Fire from 02.26.1990 is freekin' AMAZING!!! The segue jam goes all over the place, includes church bells at one point, Mickey makes a beast of himself, and the jam comes close (several times) to dissolving in to Space. Ok, Jerry forgets the lyrics more than once in Scarlet, and at least once in Fire, but musically it's monumental. Bobby also completely destroys the Bucket lyrics to open the show. Since it was my first show, I wasn't very familiar with the "natural order" of a Dead show, and the blue unicorns had me quite out-there, so I didn't realize what I had actually experienced until years later when I finally rec'd a tape. The show BLEW MY MIND, but everyone's first show does. It wasn't until much later when I listened to the tape (over and over and over) that I realized what a fun 1st set it was, and how AWESOME that Scarlet > Fire is. That is easily my all-time favorite Scarlet > Fire (but I'm biased ;) ). Of course, I have many other "2nd place" versions, but the version from Oakland 02.26.1990 is easily my favorite. The rest of the 2nd set includes a nice Playin > Terrapin > Drumz, and a somewhat rare Baby Blue encore. I discovered the boys a bit late in their careers together, but managed to see over 125 shows in 5 short years, and I feel VERY lucky to have even seen one. So many people missed out on a truly unique amazing and fascinating experience.

The entire second set from Brendan Byrne 04.01.88 is a beast. On paper, the set list almost looks like a "greatest hits" set (I've seen this set labeled as "generic 2nd set material" just because of the songs played, but it's HOW they were played that matters, right?). I know it from memory I've listened so many times: China > Rider; Estimated > Eyes > Drumz > Space > Other One > Wharf Rat > Throwing Stones > Not Fade Away; E: Brokedown Palace. The China > Rider is awesome, a tad short, but the power of it leaves you speechless. The post-Drums is where the true force of the set lies. The jam from Space into The Other One is amazing, and The Other One is one of the most truly mind blowing and experimental-yet-cohesive versions I've ever heard (from '85-'95); plus it has really cool "laser" sounds! While some people don't truly appreciate Throwing Stones, the version here doesn't stop building and jamming. The energy in it ebbs and flows, and at moments you don't think it can build anymore, then it explodes to a whole different ecstatic level - it ROCKS! I think this show was released as a Dick's Picks or Road Trips CD set, and it's is truly worthy of such a release.

Standing On The Moon from Eugene Oregon 08.21.1993. Amazing. Truly amazing. Brings me to tears every time. Jerry is so powerful and heart-felt... wow. I'm getting goosebumps and my eyes are tearing up just thinking about it.....

Help On The Way > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower - Eugene Oregon 08.22.1993. Again - awesome. This was the 2nd set opener. It was excellent when I saw it at Autzen, and even better when it caught me surprise on the David Gans Grateful Dead hour . . . . uhhhh . . . . WOW!

Jack Straw - Eugene Oregon 08.22.1993 - this was the show opener, and Bobby's guitar was giving him some type of problem, so he walked off stage in mid-song. I was in the bleachers behind the stage and saw Bobby literally smash the guitar to the ground. While this was going on backstage, Jerry started jamming.... and jamming, and jamming, and he jammed a bit after that jam, and followed that with another jam. It rocked! There was also a microphone issue, at one point Jerry just comes in with "...change, ain't that Heaven sent...." instead of "...took my rings and four bucks in change, ain't that Heaven sent...". Again, I was there and I may be biased, and again, I didn't realize just how awesome this Jack Straw was until I heard it on tape a couple of weeks later. I was too wrapped up in watching Bobby backstage throwing the guitar around and getting all POed!

(yes - I was at this Eugene run, and the entire run will stay with me FOREVER! It wasn't only the music, it was everything- this was one of the few venues where there was still parking lot camping next to the stadium, and what a great spot: right next to the Willamette river in beautiful Oregon; naked folks swimming in the river, climbing the trees.... I did every Eugene run in the '90's and camped each time, and the '93 run was IMO by far the best; I'm getting all teary-eyed-and-goosebumpy again just thinking about it)

I didn't list anything before 1985 for a reason, there are already SO MANY great versions of great songs already listed here from what is generally recognized the Grateful Dead's "heyday": up to 1977/78, that I decided to list my favorites from the "modern age" of the Dead.'s picture
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After Midnight

Actually, Mission is on After Midnight Disc 3 song 7.

On the wall of the garden a legend did say: "No one may come here since no one may stay."

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Coulda been from the late show at Kean

The " After Midnight " cd doesn't have Mission on the 3 cd's: however, their was a late show from 2/28/80 with Mission in the setlist, and Ozzie Ahlers on the keyboard: SiskB could be right.

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Not Keane in 1980: Mission wasn't played

Try the 3 piece JGB from 8/9/80, in
Palo Alto, with John Kahn and Ozzie Ahlers.


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