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Best versions ever ...

The Sacramento, San Jose & BCT shows in August '72 are all tremendous shows. But then to cap them off with the 8/27/72, Field Trip, always leaves me in awe. It is one show I listen to religiously - I'm not sure how I'll feel should it ever be officially released. I love every tune and get really jazzed at the prospect of listening tonight to the versions of Bird Song, Playing In the Band and Dark Star. I don't own the video but I have seen it. I didn't get the feeling of the intense heat and its role as much as I did the light and how it contributed to the sense of a beginning, middle and end. Hope everyone in the community has a chance to check this marvel out.

" Where does the time go? "

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Beatles Top 10

and the winner is.... "A Day in the Life"? what about "Honey Don't"?

Dead-wise, I'm not sure whether I enjoy Jerry's rendition of "Dear Prudence" or " Lucy in the Sky" better.

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Black Peter 12-13-80 Long Beach- by far the best I've heard . Top 5 show which also has my favorite Deal

So Many Roads 9-18-94 Shoreline Ampitheater- one last extra solo and Jerry's vocal just gets me every time. Kills the Soldier's Field version on the So Many Roads box IMHO.

Peggy-O and Althea 3-14-81 Hartford- still ranks as my favorite show overall,although the more I listen the closer others get

Shakedown .>Franklin's 11-29-1980, another stellar show

Agree with Hard To Handle Hollywood '71 and would say the audience version of that and Casey Jones just shreds.

Morning Dewand BEW Barton Hall May '77
Stella great late version 11-29-94 Denver

favorites on CD are the Ladies and Gents Sing Me Back Home and The Without a Net Eyes... plus of course the studio version of Box of Rain, never heard a live one that surpasses it yet.

The fun is in the searching for more pearls and checking out recommended ones on lists like these.

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Best version EVER

So good to see someone posted this,my first tape was from Merriweather Pavillion July 1, 1985, I got this because I love Scarlet>Fire.
What makes this so good is at the end of Fire prior to the Scalet riff,the boys just dive into this awe-inspring jam that,you have to hear to get it.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Hard Too Handle

Hollywood Palladium 8/6/71 (date might be off). The famous one, where Jerry allegedly dropped to his knees during the super-awesome-intense-jam.

My original vinyl bootleg of this show is better than than any downloaded version.

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truckin the other one

the truckin the other one from the hells angel convention in anderson ny november 1970 is so tripingly amazing it should be on cd.the shakedown street from merryweather 85 has got to be the best and should be on cd the dark star from miami 89 has got to be on cd and i bet it will.The franklins tower from gansville florida 80 is so hot just find it and listen to it infact the gainsville 80 show was one of the best shows i ever saw and i saw 165 shows this show should be on cd.I know there are over a hundred playing in the bands that have their own universe one i remember that went way out there was nassau uniondale ny spring of 85 find it and see for yourself it to should be on cd.

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Sing Me Back Home

8/27/72. I've never heard a better version of this one!

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I'm not sure exactly why, but I remember that Utica show as one of my top-five shows that I attended.
"That path is for, your steps alone."

lamagonzo (not verified)
Gardun>Utica>Hartford 81

An awesome run from an awesome tour. We were poor and humble - stems and seeds, but the music just made contact.

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Check out the March '81 run here's the url for 3-10-81 and setlist:
Mississippi Half Step-> Franklin's Tower-> Me & My Uncle, Roses> Little Red Rooster, Don't Ease Me In, Lazy Lightning> Supplication, Brown Eyed Women> Looks Like Rain> Deal Scarlet Begonias-> Fire On The Mountain-> Lost Sailor-> Saint Of Circumstance-> Drums-> The Wheel-> China Doll-> Truckin'-> Sugar Magnolia, E:Satisfaction-> E: Brokedown Palace

And, a good part of this show has been featured in past iteratations of the Taper's Section. You can find them here:

Happy listening! P.S. Careful on the Half step (there's a loud zap! in there)


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Best version EVER?