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He's Gone 6-26-73

Just have been listening to this one the last 3 nights, I love it! it is the closest one I have heard to 9-18-74. Crazy! a year and a half later...almost sounds like the next night. this is my new second favorite. This is why i fell in love and became a lifetime addict to this band. If you all gave 6-26-73 a listen which was posted however long ago, please give 9-18-74 a listen, they are so close! it is very weird, the 73 is available in matrix, 74 has one of the best sounding sounbaords I have ever heard but without the crowd, and in my opinion the version is just a touch better. but matrixs are way cooler than soundboreds. i dont, know, i guess they are a tie.
excuse me I am drunk and listening now to the 73 one AGAIN!!!
isnt this a cool thread!.
thanks to whoever posted hes gone 6-26-73, I love it! just once more part of pride 9-14-74 gets me off a touch more

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Stella blue

dozin at the knick jerrys solo brings a tear to my eye everytime.

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Loose Lucy....Oakland but when???

Oh yeah, There was this tape i had back in the day, Oakland. It was the 90's and it was January or February 20something. Had the most smoking version of loose lucy I ever heard, better than 74.
The 1st set also had Wang 'Dang doodle, a good one too as i recall, and i think cold rain and snow, does any know which date this was? I will look it up in Deadbase.
That is the best loose lucy though.
If any one finds out before me, I will send them a killer Allman 'Brothers bootleg! With Duane that is.
I guess it would take me five minutes. I will Give you all one week.
Maybe this can bring this thread back to life again.
I want to hear about more favorites, I have such a hard time choosing what to listen to!!

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Just to be clear
I meant that the greatest story ever told from 8-27-72 might be the only that is better than the one from 12-6-73. but China>Rider from 12-6-73.....well.....let's just say I'd bet the ranch on it!

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here are mine

Well, this thread is just too much here are mine (I've been writing down all my fav's for a week and here are the best of what came to mind:

Dancin In the Streets 5-11-78 The Warewolves is AWESOME too. just heard this for the first time a couple weeks ago, but it is definately the best one I have heard they are having such a blast. the one from Oakland 10-10-76 with wharf rat sandwich was my favorite but I havent heard it in years.

Minglewood 3-9-81 no doubt, best ever.

Cumberland 7-14-70 with David Crosby is my fav. might be tighter versions but this is my fav.

El Paso 11-08-70 6-22-74 and steal your face

New Potato Caboose 1-20-68, 2-3-68, 2-14-68, and the long version from the 68 mystery reels

China>Rider for me 12-06-73 is the only best and always will be also from this show as mentioned are they love each other, greatest story ever told which for both are also my favorite all time renditions, veneta Or might beat it actually, but barely. and of course one of the best dark stars.

He's Gone> 9-18-74 no words can do this one justice, just have to listen
Truckin> 9-18-74 so many great ones, but after the he's gone this one is PERFECT
Drums> 9-18-74
Caution> 9-18-74
Ship of Fools 9-18-74 this is a VERY moving version. The whole thing was on a dead hour and the whole thing is worth listening to but hes gone>trucking Is breathtaking, i guess i know every note and groan and snare and cymbal beat by heart, and PHIL PHIL PHIL throughout ;-)

1/2 step 12-31-72 which also has another monumental truckin as well and as mentioned david crosby on 12 string for one of my favorite morning dews.

Cold Rain and Snow 2-12-89
Hell In A Bucket 2-12-89 had this on a tape I lost and forgot the date, found em again years later on etree, I love these versions of both.

5-7-72 From Dark Star to the end of the show is one of the best tape sides from 72
it has Dark Star>drums>other1>Sing me back home>Sugar Mag>lovelight>gdtrfb>NFA, e:onemore sat night. every note is on fire!! these are all top 2 or 3 best versions ever in my opinion, please LISTEN to them for your own enjoyment!

I love the allman bros too, but my fav from them together is when Duane sat in on 4-26-71 on Sugar Mag, BIODTL, and It hurts me too, the lovelight from 2-2-70 is not the best ever but worth hearing if you never have before, it has the allman brothers band sitting in as well as peter green, mick fleetwood, and more, guess there must have been 18 people playing on stage!

With Merl Saunders and Ned Lagin sitting in at Kezar Stadium, 3-23-75 is probably the best 45 minute set ever!

10-9-76 is probably my favorite entire set. set II is there an entire set that can beat this one? i guess I will get bombarded by Cornell, but I listen to this one more often.

and Dark Star ( fav of the 90's ) is 3-30-94 which in my opinion is the best vince show. the space is AMAZING too, sounds like the whole world died and you just somehow survived.

Well that was it
Hand me my old guitar and pass the whiskey 'round.

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Any version were the buildup ( don't know the tech term) at the end of that song works. When it did , it was the best song on the planet.

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Best versions ever ...

The Sacramento, San Jose & BCT shows in August '72 are all tremendous shows. But then to cap them off with the 8/27/72, Field Trip, always leaves me in awe. It is one show I listen to religiously - I'm not sure how I'll feel should it ever be officially released. I love every tune and get really jazzed at the prospect of listening tonight to the versions of Bird Song, Playing In the Band and Dark Star. I don't own the video but I have seen it. I didn't get the feeling of the intense heat and its role as much as I did the light and how it contributed to the sense of a beginning, middle and end. Hope everyone in the community has a chance to check this marvel out.

" Where does the time go? "

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Beatles Top 10

and the winner is.... "A Day in the Life"? what about "Honey Don't"?

Dead-wise, I'm not sure whether I enjoy Jerry's rendition of "Dear Prudence" or " Lucy in the Sky" better.

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Black Peter 12-13-80 Long Beach- by far the best I've heard . Top 5 show which also has my favorite Deal

So Many Roads 9-18-94 Shoreline Ampitheater- one last extra solo and Jerry's vocal just gets me every time. Kills the Soldier's Field version on the So Many Roads box IMHO.

Peggy-O and Althea 3-14-81 Hartford- still ranks as my favorite show overall,although the more I listen the closer others get

Shakedown .>Franklin's 11-29-1980, another stellar show

Agree with Hard To Handle Hollywood '71 and would say the audience version of that and Casey Jones just shreds.

Morning Dewand BEW Barton Hall May '77
Stella great late version 11-29-94 Denver

favorites on CD are the Ladies and Gents Sing Me Back Home and The Without a Net Eyes... plus of course the studio version of Box of Rain, never heard a live one that surpasses it yet.

The fun is in the searching for more pearls and checking out recommended ones on lists like these.

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Best version EVER

So good to see someone posted this,my first tape was from Merriweather Pavillion July 1, 1985, I got this because I love Scarlet>Fire.
What makes this so good is at the end of Fire prior to the Scalet riff,the boys just dive into this awe-inspring jam that,you have to hear to get it.


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Best version EVER?