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standing on the moon

would love to know or be turned of to some of the best standing on the moon ?

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Great version!

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Found this version of

Found this version of Birdsong over at Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll, a pretty groovy online-zine based on the principles we all grew up on!

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Vidbusters China Cat

Well Carl, I'm stumped. I've checked a bunch of China's and I'm sure it must be from the spring of 1972(Europe)or possibly 9-17-72. In addition, I do not have 11/14/71 nor 7/21-22/72, so check them if you have the Roadtrip downloads. Close contestants include San Antonio 11/26/72 and Long Beach 12/15/72. Due to the poor quality of your mp3 link from vidbusters it's tough to really pin it down. I do know that Keith Godchaux is on a Steinway grand piano, not an electric piano or organ, so I searched forward from September '71. It's possible the song could be from 1973, but I'd stay in 1972. I found several great versions: 10/24/71 Detroit, 12/15/71 Ann Arbor, 12/31/71 San Francisco, 8/21/72 Berkeley, 8/27/72 Veneta, 9/3/72 Boulder, 9/9/72 Hollywood, 10/18/72 St Louis, 10/26/72 Cinci, and Wichita 11/17/72. The Europe '72 version is wonderful: Paris > 5/3/72
My personal favorites come in 1973 and 1974, when the "Feeling Groovy" jam appears within the transitional jam between China and Rider.
Check out the Sunshine Daydream 8/27/72 video performance on YouTube: Sunburn city!!

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Carl, Your China Cat

Is going through an MP3. Could this make up some of the differences between the DP4 and musical variation you say is there? I don't think this is from Europe 72, having listened to all of them.

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best china cat?

I think the best china cat was 6/16/74, assuming that rider is included

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China cat Sunflower

I have a version of the China Cat Sunflower song I feel is THE DEFINITIVE live version. Please have a listen -- I have attached the link stream below from my private collection.

Here's the catch: I dont know from what live performance it is from, and Ive been looking for over 7 years. People say its from Dicks Picks #4, yet others say it's from Europe '72. I own both of those versions (which are spectacular), and although close, this still bares musical differences. If anyone can help me identify the show this is played from, I would be forever grateful. Thank you so much and enjoy the song.

4:43 is liquid cosmic magic. . .and then it cuts out soon after into the dark and lord only knows what beautiful melodies lay beyond it. . .


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does 8-27-72 have the most "best versions"?

I think so

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bird song '73

ok, i heard this Bird Song on sirius. I beleive it said April 19, '73, but i could have read it wrong.

Bobby plays this line with just two alternating notes - its so simple, yet so beautiful. Dead at its best, imho.

Can anyone tell me where this song is from?

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So that was Clarence! It was just amazing, I was reading a book about Garcia and there was some mention of this show, or something that made me think I might have a copy of this show, anyways... I went searching and it was just so cool when I realized I had a great quality cassette of the very show I was reading about.

Thanks, Wilfred T. and be well for many years.


p.s. (no longer black lassie - identity crisis lol)


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Best version EVER?