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Joined: Jun 4 2007

1972. Try to make some time at least to listen to the last disc of Steppin' Out.

And many thanks to Bob for all that mind-blowing music he sent via our way.

" Where does the time go? "

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Hello... I am new to this thread / chat thing so... here it goes... I am searching for the GREATEST GRATEFUL DEAD MSG SHOW OF ALL TIME ! PLEASE HELP ME ! I haven't looked at the Dick's Picks Catalog yet... I'm sure there's one or two in there... but if anybody out there knows of a TRUE ( heavily traded as a bootleg analog tape... and not released officially ) MSG BOOT / SHOW that should be considered... PLEASE POST w/ date... set-list... Even if you think it's a Dick's Picks MSG Show... PLEASE POST... Thanks...


Joined: Aug 17 2009
my fav Jerry ballads..if i can even pick one

So Many Roads-7/9/95
Standing on the Moon-12/10/93**w/Branford**
Believe it or Not-Ontario,CA-92?

Joined: Jun 4 2007
2 faves

It's hard to nail down THE best of any tune, right? But, I like the 1-15-78 Terrapin>Playin': Jerry taps into some serious alien tone in this one. I understand the AUD is all that's available. Check out the 1/26-2/1/09 installment of the Taper's Section for this. Also, the Comes a Time from Buffalo 5-9-77 is a real mood piece.

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guitar solo in High Time


RE: "High Time - 1981-05-06, anyone else know of a High Time with a guitar solo??????"

Exceedingly rare, but yes ~ Richmond 11-01-85, check out Dick's 21. A beauty.

And followed by He's Gone! (and much, much more, two more Jerry ballads alone still await)

I'll have to look for 5-06-81. Excellent harmonies by Bob on the Go to Nassau version a year earlier 516-80.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Cold, Rain, and Snow

The hottest Cold Rain I ever saw ~ one sorely underrated, as is the 10-song first set it's in the middle of ~ was 3-19-86, first night Hampton. Jerry's tease a moment before the song crashes in only makes it sweeter, and it's the only one I ever saw (or post-70s version I've ever heard) where Jerry goes double-duty on the high note on one of the choruses (this a-Way-ay-ay-AY-ay-ay-AY....) as on versions of old.

As for those old super-fast versions, 5-31-69 is hard to beat. Must've been the last stretch of that arrangement (they'd switched it over by the end of the year). The Monterey one's great, too, except someone's blowing a flute or something over top of it.

Well, and then there's that Madison Square 10-12-83 one, which my friend Al used to refer to as "the great one."

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So Many Roads

Listened to the 03/28/93 show from the Knickerbocker in Albany on Sirius today. Jerry's vocal gave me goosebumps it was so good, near the end of the song I actually started to tear up a little.

Joined: Feb 25 2010
The Best IMO

Eyes of the World : 8/6/74 - Dicks Picks 31
Playing in the Band : 8/27/72
Dark Star: 8/27/72 and 10/31/71 - Dicks Picks 2
Help>Slipknot!>Franklins : 10/11/77 - Road Trips Vol 1 # 2
Here Comes Sunshine: 11/21/73
ChinaCat>Rider: 6/16/74
Dancing In the Streets: 5/8/77
Truckin: 7/31/74 Includes Mind Left Body Jam & Spanish Jam = 31min
New Speedway Boogie: Festival Express one not sure of date think in July 70
Cryptical Envelopment & The Other One : 6/7/70

Many More Favs but just a taste of some of the best

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Louisville 6/18/74

It's a Sin jam into Stella Blue is quite memorable from Freedom Hall, icing the cake after a wonderful Eyes of the World > China Doll in the 1st set! Listen to the Weather Report Suite too.

Joined: Feb 20 2010
Stella Fix

I stand corrected 8-01-94 is THE ONE


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