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We're getting a lot of folks asking where to send corrections for assorted errors they've found in the show archives. Maybe they didn't really play "Saint of Circumstance" that night. Maybe we have the band at the Meadowlands when they were really at MSG. Maybe the boys are simultaneously in Philadelphia and Phoenix.

Whatever mistakes you've found, this is the place to report them. Please include this information to make it easier for the tech folks to deal with:

The date and/or URL of the show in question (for example,

A detailed description of the problem (for example, wrong town, wrong venue, no "St. Stephen," etc.)

The source of your information (for example, DeadBase, notes on your tape, "Hey, I was in the front row and I'll never forget it!")

Thank you!

(Note: once we've made the corrections, we will delete the posts to reduce confusion and redundancy. If your post disappears, that doesn't mean we're not Grateful. Quite the reverse.)


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PNW Boxed Set

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, so will try here and elsewhere.

Hello fellow heads,

The first two shows of the new PNW boxed set are incorrectly recorded — the R and L channels are reversed. These two shows were recorded by Rex Jackson, the next show, in Seattle, was recorded by Kidd Candelario and the channels are correct.

Not sure how it is that David Lemieux and Jeffery Norman missed this and failed to correct it, but it is not the first time it has happened. There are selections on So Many Roads which are reversed, as well as Dick’s Picks #13 (which is VERY surprising, because it is an 80s show and not only the placement of the drummers in the stereo mix is obvious, but also super-obvious is the placement of Weir and Brent!).

Interestingly enough, Dave’s Picks Vol 16, recorded by Kidd, is correct, but Dave’s Picks Vol 21, recorded by Rex, is not — the channels on that one are reversed. Both are 1973 shows.

It is easy enough to discern whether or not the channels are correct by listening to the pan of the drums in the stereo mix; for a single drummer show in stereo the hi-hat is panned predominantly in the Right channel and the ride in the Left channel and the toms, when used as a fill, should go from R channel to L and from high to low. If you listen to even just the first song of each first set from the three 1973 shows in the boxed set you can hear the difference between the Vancouver/PDX recordings and the Seattle — listen to the drums.

This is a phenomenon I have observed since getting on the bus in the mid 80s. (Several really good shows on youtube have their channels reversed!) I wrote to Lemieux about it a few years ago (he often posts show snippets on Tapers’ Section which are reversed — lots of stuff from 73, and spring 81 in particular, but a good recent example are the two first sets from Ventura 84 which he recently posted). At that time he excused the DP#13 as not being on his watch and indicated that fixing the reversed channels on the snipets was simply not a priority or interest for him. I have written to him several times regarding this current, expensive boxed set, but he has not replied.

Some heads on FB have plead the “purist” defense for this, meaning that recordings should be released as they are, but I’m guessing many of these same heads love the Europe 72 and Spring 90 stuff, all of which has been heavily remixed and homogenized to the point of no longer being able to hear the venue/room nor the unique mix of each show; they sound awesome, but from a “purist’s” POV are certainly not accurate historical documents…so I see no reason why the production team wouldn’t correct a recording error such as the channels being switched unless they simply did not notice it due to lack of interest, lack of attention, lack of mindfulness.

If you can hear the difference and feel, as I do, that this incredible music should be represented as best as possible, please email or tweet Lemieux at or @lemieuxdavid and let him know.

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Dodger Stadium

Does anyone know when and where GA entrance will be at Dodgers Stadium, and whether there will be a line up?



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September 24, 1991

September 24, 1991

The set list here says "Baby Blue" (It's All Over Now, Baby Blue). My tape says "(Used to Love Her) All Over Now".
With my ears I heard It's All Over Now, the Bobby Womac song (, not the Dylan song (

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Missing Set List

There is no set list for the 23rd & 24th listed. There is a set list shown for the 22nd, but not the next 2 shows. Please fix?

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7/12/87 at GiantsStadium

I think that the correct order of songs for the third set is as follows:

Slow Train Comin'
Stuck Inside of Mobile
Tomorrow is a Long Time
Highway 61
Baby Blue
Ballad of a Thin Man
John Brown
Wicked Messenger
Queen Jane Approximately
Chimes of Freedom
All Along the Watchtower
Times They Are A-Changin'

My source is I'm watching it on YouTube.

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Sept 21,1973 Spectrum

I think One More Saturday Night was the last song, Casey Jones the encore. Other way around on the site. I remember the lights going on and the smoke ffrom the end of the show wafting behind the stage.

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The Bruce

Just a note for those interested in show Cap. Center MD.

Bruce Hornsby sat-in with the band. Awesome accordion riffs!!!

First time I saw him. I thought everybody was booing the band, then Bobby announced his presence I realized it was Not a "Boo" but the crowd cheering "Bruce"

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wrong image

The show here,, has an image for summer tour 95

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Song Title Error

A friend shared a show in which the band played a song by Bob Dylan, "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again." It's from the Capital Centre in Landover MD on 9/5/1988. I came here to see if they did it at any other shows, and was surprised to see a couple of things.

First, I couldn't find the song right away because the title is listed incorrectly as "Memphis Blues." That needs to be fixed. Also, if I recall correctly, there were notes for songs saying which shows they were played at. That seems not to be the case anymore. I could be wrong about that, but not the first issue.


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Second set was hot up til the encore, first time I heard Day Job, and unfortunately it wasn't my last...


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