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We're getting a lot of folks asking where to send corrections for assorted errors they've found in the show archives. Maybe they didn't really play "Saint of Circumstance" that night. Maybe we have the band at the Meadowlands when they were really at MSG. Maybe the boys are simultaneously in Philadelphia and Phoenix.

Whatever mistakes you've found, this is the place to report them. Please include this information to make it easier for the tech folks to deal with:

The date and/or URL of the show in question (for example,

A detailed description of the problem (for example, wrong town, wrong venue, no "St. Stephen," etc.)

The source of your information (for example, DeadBase, notes on your tape, "Hey, I was in the front row and I'll never forget it!")

Thank you!

(Note: once we've made the corrections, we will delete the posts to reduce confusion and redundancy. If your post disappears, that doesn't mean we're not Grateful. Quite the reverse.)


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we're aware of this

sorry for the trouble! working on it as time permits.

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Archives - can't search shows by Year


Just wondering what happened to the Archives=>Shows and Lyrics=>Search shows by Year. When you click on that nothing is there. Been that way for a while now.



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missing setlist

Setlist is missing from this page, but the Notes section is populated

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partial set list via youtube


for a partial set list of this date?? many thanks!

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Wrong song title 2nd set 1st song

First song in Set 2 is titled "Rain" (not "The Rain Song")

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Duplicated 93 entry, wrong town/venue on this link:

That link is listed/titled on the "By Year" page as being Oakland Col March 22 1993 but it contains the setlist for Atlanta March 22 1993. There is another seemingly duplicated link titled as Atlanta Omni March 22 1993 but there is no setlist in the info ( <--- slightly different URL with that "-0" at the end.

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The 3rd billed act

John is right. I also appear under the eyes. It would change the information.

Best regards,


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September 4, 1966 error

The third billed act was Country Joe and the Fish, not the Great Society. I'm looking at the poster right now.

Also, could you put the poster up?

Just Google "fillmore september 1966 poster" and click on the one with the naked lady.

I was -8 1/2 years old at the time. Too bad.


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Hi from Northern Cali,
This awesome show the second set after half step "should" go; Greatest Story, Loose Lucy, El Paso, Stella Blue, Around & Around, Here Comes Sunshine>Jam>Space>Me & Bobby McGee...
Archive and listening to the show on GDRADIO is my source.

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Hello from London,

I have the Record Store Day 2LP release of this show which David says is from the second set.
It runs on the LP as
Greatest Story Ever Told
He's Gone
Jack Straw
Playing in The Band
Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo
Sugar Magnolia

However on the website listing for this show ; Deal, Jack Straw and Playing in the Band are omitted- curious.

I just thought you might like to know.



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