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We're getting a lot of folks asking where to send corrections for assorted errors they've found in the show archives. Maybe they didn't really play "Saint of Circumstance" that night. Maybe we have the band at the Meadowlands when they were really at MSG. Maybe the boys are simultaneously in Philadelphia and Phoenix.

Whatever mistakes you've found, this is the place to report them. Please include this information to make it easier for the tech folks to deal with:

The date and/or URL of the show in question (for example,

A detailed description of the problem (for example, wrong town, wrong venue, no "St. Stephen," etc.)

The source of your information (for example, DeadBase, notes on your tape, "Hey, I was in the front row and I'll never forget it!")

Thank you!

(Note: once we've made the corrections, we will delete the posts to reduce confusion and redundancy. If your post disappears, that doesn't mean we're not Grateful. Quite the reverse.)


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7/12/87 at GiantsStadium

I think that the correct order of songs for the third set is as follows:

Slow Train Comin'
Stuck Inside of Mobile
Tomorrow is a Long Time
Highway 61
Baby Blue
Ballad of a Thin Man
John Brown
Wicked Messenger
Queen Jane Approximately
Chimes of Freedom
All Along the Watchtower
Times They Are A-Changin'

My source is I'm watching it on YouTube.

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Sept 21,1973 Spectrum

I think One More Saturday Night was the last song, Casey Jones the encore. Other way around on the site. I remember the lights going on and the smoke ffrom the end of the show wafting behind the stage.

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The Bruce

Just a note for those interested in show Cap. Center MD.

Bruce Hornsby sat-in with the band. Awesome accordion riffs!!!

First time I saw him. I thought everybody was booing the band, then Bobby announced his presence I realized it was Not a "Boo" but the crowd cheering "Bruce"

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wrong image

The show here,, has an image for summer tour 95

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Song Title Error

A friend shared a show in which the band played a song by Bob Dylan, "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again." It's from the Capital Centre in Landover MD on 9/5/1988. I came here to see if they did it at any other shows, and was surprised to see a couple of things.

First, I couldn't find the song right away because the title is listed incorrectly as "Memphis Blues." That needs to be fixed. Also, if I recall correctly, there were notes for songs saying which shows they were played at. That seems not to be the case anymore. I could be wrong about that, but not the first issue.


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Second set was hot up til the encore, first time I heard Day Job, and unfortunately it wasn't my last...

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Glad it wasn't just a dream

and that Richmond 84 happened. It's tough when the memory plays tricks on you. I knew I was there. We rode down to Charlotte in the back of a red El Camino, and had some weird and wonderful adventures. I also recall a killer second set.

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inconsistent previous show/next show widget

Has created confusion for years bar works...

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1984-10-06 Richmond Coliseum

I was there, wasn't a dream....

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Richmond Coliseum 1984

So I'm looking through the show list for Fall Tour 1984 and didn't see Richmond Coliseum listed here. Initially I was wondering if it was all a dream. But I'm pretty sure there was a show in Richmond after Charlotte because I remember talking about it when I got back to school. I checked with Deadlists, and yes, there was definitely a show in Richmond on 10/6/84. But on this site, the next show listed in the Centrum.


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