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We're getting a lot of folks asking where to send corrections for assorted errors they've found in the show archives. Maybe they didn't really play "Saint of Circumstance" that night. Maybe we have the band at the Meadowlands when they were really at MSG. Maybe the boys are simultaneously in Philadelphia and Phoenix.

Whatever mistakes you've found, this is the place to report them. Please include this information to make it easier for the tech folks to deal with:

The date and/or URL of the show in question (for example,

A detailed description of the problem (for example, wrong town, wrong venue, no "St. Stephen," etc.)

The source of your information (for example, DeadBase, notes on your tape, "Hey, I was in the front row and I'll never forget it!")

Thank you!

(Note: once we've made the corrections, we will delete the posts to reduce confusion and redundancy. If your post disappears, that doesn't mean we're not Grateful. Quite the reverse.)


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*correction to set list*

The July 17, 1989 Alpine Valley set list on Deadnet is incorrect - they played West LA Fadeaway, Desolation Row and Deal in the first set, not Row Jimmy, Masterpiece, Push, etc, as listed. This is the "Downhill from here" show, or one of them. See for the show, assuming it's listed correctly on Youtube. The set lists of July 17 & July 19 were mixed up on Deadnet, at least for the end of set 1. Specifically, the July 19 end of set 1 was wrongly listed as being on July 17.
Also, I noted while watching the show that Brent would be dead with a little over a year of this show. He looked really messed up here on the video in July 1989.

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Oakland 12-13-1992

Pretty sure The Weight was the encore, missing from set list.

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East Hall, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA 4-10-71

This show (and a show at Boston on 4-8-71, and at Pittsburgh on 4-12-71), which took place in between the GD shows on April 7, 1971 and April 13, 1971 all appear to be missing from your archive of GD shows.

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05 March 1971

Listed as Filmore West. In fact this is the date the Dead played (or anyway were scheduled to play) a benefit for the Black Panthers at the Oakland Auditorium Arena. No setlist available.

The posters for the show are readily available online with a Google images search, and even on this site:

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The First Shows at MSG

Were scheduled for 11/30 and 12/1 1978. Jerry was sick and the shows were postponed. They did not reissue tickets, the tix for the original shows were accepted at MSG.

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April 14, 1983

Hi, 4/14/83 was an off day. The list shows the show being at the Greeks in Berkley. The problem seems to be that its showing 5/14/83. Here is the URL

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2/21 Assembly Hall Champaign-Urbana

I have portions of this show recorded off of and that recording has Mexicali, not Big Railroad Blues.

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Incorrect poster

The poster show for the following show is incorrect.

The poster is for a 1995 tour not 1985. This same poster is also listed as a show poster for many other shows in 1985.

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Unless it is my browser, The Orlando show from 4/4/94 does not display a set list, just the sound check.

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Shrine Auditorium vs Shrine Exhibition Hall
11/15/13 30 days of dead 'Shrine Auditorium' location should be officially addressed since says "Shrine Exhibition Hall." I considered that the final word over & (especially since deadlists project agreed)....

Oh well, I'm already in for the final drawing...,
Peace _&_ LOVE my friends & thanks to for making my recent Novembers so much fun!


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