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We're getting a lot of folks asking where to send corrections for assorted errors they've found in the show archives. Maybe they didn't really play "Saint of Circumstance" that night. Maybe we have the band at the Meadowlands when they were really at MSG. Maybe the boys are simultaneously in Philadelphia and Phoenix.

Whatever mistakes you've found, this is the place to report them. Please include this information to make it easier for the tech folks to deal with:

The date and/or URL of the show in question (for example,

A detailed description of the problem (for example, wrong town, wrong venue, no "St. Stephen," etc.)

The source of your information (for example, DeadBase, notes on your tape, "Hey, I was in the front row and I'll never forget it!")

Thank you!

(Note: once we've made the corrections, we will delete the posts to reduce confusion and redundancy. If your post disappears, that doesn't mean we're not Grateful. Quite the reverse.)


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Yea.....what he said

Yea.....what he said

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The 30 trips around the sun USB

I have a Major important question
about the USB
Besides the fact that the USB
is the same price as the box set,
the fact we don't get the book
is an issue,
but I know you won't
be doing anything about that....
which honestly kinda sucks
Given the cost to produce the USB package
vs the cd package (but still charging the same don't seem right, if your being honest with should agree)
Most importantly.....
Will the 2nd sets of these shows
run uninterrupted ?
CDs fade out at end of disk two
Fading back into disk three.....
l hate that,
can't sit back and chill to a second set that way!
The reason I bought the USB
is so there would be no breaks
in the middle of the sets
like the CDs will obviously be.
This is probably a major issue
for all people buying the USB
(Even though there is only 1,000 of us)
We don't get the booklet or the fancy box
But that's not a problem,
if they run uninterrupted
I did not want the CDs
for that reason (and storage too)
as well as wanting 24/96 resolution (sweet)
Has this question been brought up by anyone?and I hope you guys were smart enough
to master the USB as uninterrupted shows, unlike the CDs
(more work for you guys but you are charging enough for this package now dubbed "BOXILLA")
I truly will be disappointed
if there is breaks in the middle of a set
This issue will be a major problem
I'll want my money back
if they are these interruptions, so.......
Look forward to a response
Thomas A. Violagis Jr.

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rain 6/30/95

I'm very glad to hear someone else felt the rain at exactly the same time they started...not close, not near, but EXACTLY. when i relay that story, i think people believe i am exaggerating. the rain set for the pouring rain was way too cool, too much fun. too sad it was too near the end for Jerry.

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I have a CD that has the following songs for July 8, 1966:

I Know You Rider
Hurts Me Too
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Dancing In The Street
In The Midnight Hour
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Lindy (Should be: Overseas Stomp?)
The Same Thing

The problem is it's listed as the Avalon Ballroom. Any help or clarification would be much appreciated.

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Monterey Pop Festival

The Airplane played at this event, and should be listed with the other bands. I was there and will never forget Grace Slick singing White Rabbit with this purple light show behind her.

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Ditto, not only did there used to be poster relevant to each show date there were pictures from the show, too. Something happened one day and everything went kerplunk. I think it might have been a data disaster. I have posted your request on other forums once or twice. Dead minds think alike!

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whiskey a-go-go 3/10-16/67

i have a jpeg image of the poster for this week of shows at the whiskey a-go-go. right now you guys have the michael everett 95 summer tour poster with the shows info....thought it would be cool to have an image of the real poster. its a single poster for all those dates, and is very cool! i dont see a way to upload an image for this, and think it would be a great thing to have with this week of shows. thank you, peace.

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No Setlist.

Here's the setlist from

Set 1:
Beat It On Down The Line
Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion
New Minglewood Blues
Cream Puff War
Cryptical Envelopment
New Potato Caboose
Born Cross-Eyed

Set 2:
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)

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After Sugaree, they play One More Saturday Night, Playing In The Band (again), and BIODTL.

Then, the performance ends with a Truckin'>Drums(missing)>The Other One.
(One More Saturday Night shouldn't be at the end)

This show was played at the 4th annual Meet-Up At The Movies, and I re-checked on iTunes

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April 4, 1987 setlist - back to Playin after Truckin

After Truckin they go back to Playin In The Band for a reprise in the 2nd set.

Source of info: I have a bootleg of this show.


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