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big railroad blues after truckin' before it hurts me too. source: gdradionet broadcast

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Dead at Stony Brook

The 1968 Stony Brook gig mentioned above occurred on Saturday 4th May 1968 - ads and reviews in the SB Statesman magazine - only support mentioned was The Incredible String Band but Sarjo01 indicated there were other bands on earlier - makes sense if the Dead did indeed come on around 1am as the gig kicked off at 8PM...

Regarding Deadathoner who said:

> SUNY Stony Brook, Saturday, October 16th 1971 is missing from the 1971 listings. I have the ticket stub. It was a great concert. Authenticate it, if you must, just don't leave it out.

Well, I've been through all the issues of the Statesman for the period and they have no ads or reviews for this - and they WOULD have had if it had taken place on that date - no, they have listed The Mothers of Invention for Oct 16 in the gym, and the next issue after that date had a photo report on that gig so it took place OK.

However, that leaves the ticket stub for which I cannot account...


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E: Brokedown Palace

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send me a PM with the details and I'll try to get this straightened out quick.

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From Egypt With Love Disc 2

I just received " Vol 1 No. 4 From Egypt with Love " disc and when I went to download the second disc much to my surprise it was a different CD: "Rocking the Cradle 1978 " starting with Jack Straw and ending with It's All Over Now. So though the disc is labeled correctly( 'Egypt with Love" ) it was somehow mixed up with the wrong recording. Perhaps this is a problem of which you are already aware but I don't wish to pay for another copy which may also be incorrect. I am sure I will like the misrecorded CD but I have to say I am rather disappointed.

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4/5/71 -> 4/8/71

There are no setlists for 4/5/71 -> 4/7/71 and 4/8/71 is missing. Also, the archive photos seem to have been greatly reduced. Is this problem across the board?

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The archives list the next show after this one as July 21, 1974 at Springfield, MA...did they go on vacation for 21 days? I'm pretty sure I saw them with the infamous "Wall of Sound" at the St. Paul Civic Center (St. Paul, MN) sometime during this stretch, but I could be wrong...memories from that period are getting kind of "hazey" if you know what I mean. But, I do remember the show itself well, as if it were somehow etched into my brain with acid...

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Rain was not the encore, but the opener.

Steve-o Stabile

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Apparent discrepancy between the date stated in show's URL vs. the window title:

URL says 12/30 but window title reads 12/31/69.

Wondering for which date this set-list yo.

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The Palestra, Rochester, NY 10/26/71

According to the XM broadcast of the 10/26/71 Rochester show, there is no BIODTL between Loser and Rosas Cantinas.
For academic researchers to note, too, Deadlists is lacking Jack Straw between TN Jed and Big RR Blues.


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