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lamagonzo (not verified)
Hey Crispy - You mean 90 or a Garden show?

There is no Foxboro 91. The last time they played there was 90. Are you mistaking for one of the Garden show run in Boston that year?

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looking for

Foxborough,MA 1991----Jerry tried out a new guitar w/ glass strings---the most amazing sound, I've ever heard....anyone?

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6-9 and 6-10-1973 w/ the Allman Brothers at RFK Stadium or 10-8 and 10-9-1989 Hampton Coliseum Formerly The Warlocks shows!!

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why don't they...

...come up with a fun project where they give us a few shows to choose from and we make the choice. For example, they stipulate A. they will put out a new road trips release B. they will be comprised from a given set of shows and C. we get to choose it. This would be nice for a change and a diversion from the 'ol 'guess what's comin' next?' I would be so into this. What do you think?
I would hope the choices would be something like: Choose your top 3 from:
anchorage '80
augusta '84
greek '82
red rocks '82
texas '81
laguna seca '87
hampton '89
vegas '91
cal expo '90

There would then be a pie chart updated real time to show the results of the voting. Shoot, they could put in a 'stealie'.

Doing something like this would certainly stimulate fan excitement and would be a fun project. After all, we are not shy to submit our opinions. It would be great to feel some sense of contribution to the decision and some sort of pay off in the end.

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...and under

...and under represented.....

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I would still like to see

I would still like to see some full show releases from summer and fall of '88, perhaps the most underappreciated year ever...

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Black Muddy River

Any live Black Muddy River available?
I find nothing!! (in the current stocks)
I guess I missed out on the download series vol 9, April 2 & 3, 1989 at the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA. I would love a copy, if it is still available.
The only one (I remember) seeing live, was at the Worcester Centrum, also on April 2 in 1987.
My favorite song and the last Jerry sang. I sang it a few days after Jerry's death around the campfire at Forest Lake Camp in the Adirondacks. I can still hear the echo... "There's nothing left to do but count the years"


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Horton Fieldhouse, 4/24/78

I would love to see the Horton Fieldhouse show from 4/24/78 get the royal treatment. Not only do they encore/close w/ Werewolves in London but it contains one of the best Scarlet > Fire's of all time.

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'74, '74, '74, ummm '74

I'd be happy for every show from '74 to be released. Seriously any '74 and I'd be stoked!
So many more...I don't know, every time I jam a '74 off the archive I am NEVER disappointed.

Eyes, Playin', Truckin jams, jams in and out jams, jams on top of jams, MLB, whatever...everything '74 sounds good to me. Straight rippin'. Throwin' down.

Uparallelled IMHO.

Bring it on!!!

'In fact your salvation is within yourself, in your own essence of mind, it is not to be gotten grasping at external people like me.' ~ Jack Kerouac

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6-21-83, Merriweather Post (hottest Big Railroad ever? excellent country 1st set)
7-13-84, Greek
6-27-84, Merriweather
10-12-84, Augusta, ME Civic Center
11-02-85, Richmond Coliseum
9-12-87, Capital Centre/ Landover, MD
3-26-88, Hampton?
Road Trips, Hampton & Philly '86, spring tour?
Road Trips, Hampton '87, spring tour?

'89 & 90 were great years, we get it. But they weren't in a vaccuum.


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