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A few of my fav's are

A few of my fav's are Cincinatti '85, Alpine '85, Cedar Rapids '84, 9/15/87 or 9/18/87 MSG, Sandstone '90, and everything from 10 -> 12/73 that hasn't been already released

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06-23-88 Alpine Valley Music

The Morning Dew from this shows really needs to be on CD for everyone to hear. Jerry was beyond on fire.

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watkins glen summer jam; july 27-28, 1973
as you know,watkins glen was only suppose to be a saturday thing. but for those who could remember all the bands, including the dead, preformed a magic trick that friday nite. all the "soundchecks" magically turned into full fledge sets. and i do remember, the Dead did their sondcheck/set(s) right around midnite.and of course. it rained!! "believe it if you need it ; if you don't, just pass it on.."
peace:) happy birthday. jerry:)

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Oxford Maine ala Foxboro


Hey now fellow freaks. A dicks picks of Oxford Maine (both shows), perhaps the greatest New England performance of the 80's would be sweet,....but as a follow up,...the next 2 years at Sullivan Stadium in Foxboro (before the Patriots learned how to play football) 89/90 also are gems. 89 especially,...Jerry greets the audience !! at the start of the show with a clear "How ya doin !" What follows is awesome,..1:.Playin>Crazy>Wang Dang, We Can Run, Tenn, To Lay Me Down, Cass, Dont Ease. 2: Friend of the Devil (played fast tempo !!!) Truckin>He's Gone>Eyes,...drums/space.....Wheel,....Mr Fantasy/jude,......Sugar Mag (complete with the guys that sneaked in the gigantic amerikan flag to wave). Quinn.,......the light show was surreal. the chicks next to me (one is now next to me all the time) thought the images on the screen looked like paintings by a famous female I can't remember now,...I thought they looked like something else,....though not disimilar. Either way it was a mind altering experience,...whatever state of mind you were in.

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Palace theater Waterbury 9/24/72

Just listened to this show - streaming on the internet - boy, I´d love to have it on CD. Even though I´m a ´1969-man I´d say that this show is outstanding: crisp playing - MONSTER dark star!!!!!

I play mostly basses in swedish jazz-jamband MOVIO...but occasionally fiddle and cornet, too. visit for more info! thanx!

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Oxford Plains Speedway

I agree that summer of '88 was great. Particularly Oxford Plains Speedway on 7-2-88 to end the summer tour. I would love to see this as an official release.

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Haven't seen you since just about those shows! How are you?

And, of course, yes it would be nice to have that run!

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Whatever happened to...

... the shows from the Greek Theater in Berkeley on 9/11, 9/12 & 9/13/81? This was a fantastic run!



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Summer 88

Down Hill from Here is actually summer 89. So there is absolutely NO cd or DVD release for this time period. Ummm... whats up with that?? My first years of collecting tapes was during this year. I remember alot of great shows. I know they don't hold up to old school stuff from the 70's or even fall 89-summer 90. But common. Deserves some kind of release. How bout a Road Trips summer 88??

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Summer '71?

Tongue firmly in cheek here, but how about a compilation of some of the mid-1971 material NOT featured on Dick's Picks 35?

A hypothetical tracklisting:

Disc 1 to feature the Playing>Dark Star>Bird Song sequence from Yale Bowl, the NFA sequence from that show, plus a few other bit & pieces. Disc 2 to be highlights of 8/23/71, including TOO from 8/23/71, plus maybe a bonus disc featuring highlights from 8/6/71 Set 1 and nuggets from the uncirculating show on 8/4/71??

Sound like a good idea...? ;-)


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