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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Halloween and Still Nothing????!!!!

What happened? No pre-orders, no new merch, no news???????????

Is anybody running GDP? I think The surviving members should immediately dissolve their ties to Rhino seeing as how theres nothing going on.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
something rarer

come on, we've all got it already... if you don't, drop me a PM and I'll b&p it for ya.

I cast my vote for a decent remaster or , better yet, some kind of matrix of :

11-7-71 Harding Theater
if that is possible, since it's one of my favorite shows and the sbd i have sounds like crap.
OK, while I'm at it:

Best Cryptical > Other One ever????

also, pretty much anything from that lost fall tour of 72 that might turn up would be gratefully appreciated.


Joined: Jun 7 2007
5/8/77. Please.

5/8/77. Please.

Joined: Sep 13 2007

This show's a no brainer! Would love an official copy!

Joined: Sep 10 2007
I'll second this one

Ya man - Red Rocks 8/30/78............. I would luv to here this in SB quality. Only out there in good>very good AUD quality (as far as I know). The version of If I Had The World To Give is stunning. My tape cuts off in Around & Around, just about the time your hurling past Pluto.
While I'm here I'll throw in Chicago 8/19/80. Same deal - only out there in Aud source but wow ! One of the best Comes A time.
Thanks & Cheers...........Burnout

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
Songs that featured in every show ?

It's time to reissue Bob Weir's Ace as a remasterd HDCD with bonus tracks

Joined: Jun 20 2007
(No subject)

''RED ROCKS 8/30/78---8/31/78

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Joined: Jun 7 2007

OK, I'm confused now.
Peggy-O is an extremely common song for the Dead. Some setlists show it as Fennario but it still sounds like Peggy-O to me.

Sorry I can't help.


Joined: Sep 8 2007

An excellent show.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007

That which you seek may be the Bonnie Lass of Fyvie-o, a folk song also known as Fennario. Peggy-O is a variant of this and although Deadbase does not mention it, the Setlists site returns two hits on 'Fennario'

05/25/95- Memorial Stadium - Seattle, WA
06/04/95- Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA

Whether the Dead sang a different version in those shows or any others I do not know

Here is one version

There once was a troop o' Irish dragoons
Cam marching doon through Fyvie-o
And the captains fall in love wi' a very bonnie lass
And her name it was cad pretty Peggy-o

There's many a bonnie lass in the Howe o Auchterless
There's many a bonnie lass in the Garioch
There's many a bonnie Jean in the streets of Aiberdeen
But the floor o' them aw lyes in Fyvie-o

O come doon the stairs, Pretty Peggy, my dear
Come doon the stairs, Pretty Peggy-o
Come doon the stairs, comb back your yellow hair
Bid a long farewell to your mammy-o

It's braw, aye it's braw, a captain's lady for to be
And it's braw to be a captain's lady-o
It's braw to ride around and to follow the camp
And to ride when your captain he is ready-o

O I'll give you ribbons, love, and I'll give you rings
I'll give you a necklace of amber-o
I'll give you a silken petticoat with flounces to the knee
If you'll convey me doon to your chamber-o

What would your mother think if she heard the guineas clink
And saw the haut-boys marching all before you o
O little would she think gin she heard the guineas clink
If I followed a soldier laddie-o

I never did intend a soldier's lady for to be
A soldier shall never enjoy me-o
I never did intend to gae tae a foreign land
And I never will marry a soldier-o

I'll drink nae more o your claret wine
I'll drink nae more o your glasses-o
Tomorrow is the day when we maun ride away
So farewell tae your Fyvie lasses-o

The colonel he cried, mount, boys, mount, boys, mount
The captain, he cried, tarry-o
O tarry yet a while, just another day or twa
Til I see if the bonnie lass will marry-o

Twas in the early morning, when we marched awa
And O but the captain he was sorry-o
The drums they did beat o'er the bonnie braes o' Gight
And the band played the bonnie lass of Fyvie-o

Long ere we came to the Howe of Auchterless
We had our captain to carry-o
And long ere we won into the streets of Aberdeen
We had our captain to bury-o

Green grow the birks on bonnie Ythanside
And low lie the lowlands of Fyvie-o
The captain's name was Ned and he died for a maid
He died for the bonnie lass of Fyvie-o


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