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Dicks picks is done

After the start of Road Trips Rhino officially announced that Dick's picks as a series is over... so don't be waiting for that #37 to come out any time soon. But if they can revive from the Vault series 18 years later we may not see the end of Dick's picks after all. My vote for a release single show would be 1-22-78. AWESOME. And Dick has commented on how much he loved that show. Don';t want to wait 18 years though. I might be dead.

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Yeah when are we gonna get a new Dicks Picks?

Its been a little while hasent it?

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Throw a dart at a calender

Throw a dart at a calender of 1989.

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Dude do you want to play a game?

Hey from the interview on the web about dozin' at the knick, phil says after 20 years to something and do you know what fits? here comes sunshine. like on dick's picks one all the way to the year 1993 i think we need a dude to release a cool one,

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One of the hottest shows from a very good year: 6-4-77!

This one exists only as a somewhat skeevy AUD. The setlist is primo and the playing is superb!

There's already a lot available offically from 1977, of course. But that should not deter Rhino from releasing this excellent show.

Thanks for asking for requests. I remember Dick Latvala (RIP) sending a card out with one of the early DP's, requesting shows.

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Stanford 82

The show from Frost Ampitheatre of October 10th, 1982 is a deadhead dream show.

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The entire week of April 1971 at the Fillmore..

Ladies & Gentleman, the Grateful Dead was not enough.

We should get the entire week the dead played, from April 25 to April 29th, 1971. With special guests each night like the Beach Boys, Allman Bros, TC, that entire week shoud come out as a mini box set.

Pretty please =)

Then, the last night of the 1973 tour at the Boston Garden. Three sets of pure heaven.


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I'd love to have an official

I'd love to have an official cd of the 1990 show from Frankfurt Germany[10/22]

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Considering that the Great American Music Hall has been released as One From the Vault, 1/4 of 1975 has been officially released, a higher percentage than any other year. So, I doubt we'll see another '75 release.

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The 4 SHOWS of 1975???

I would love some Shows from 1975.
I don't know if this post belongs in this thread, please
move it, if it does not.

The GD only had 4 shows during this year:

March 23, 1975
Venue: Kezar Stadium

June 17, 1975
Venue: Winterland Arena

August 13, 1975
Great American Music Hall

September 28, 1975
Lindley Meadows

thanks so much for your time and effort.

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