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Joined: Feb 3 2011
Best of Brent Mydland comp!

Don't think this warrants a box set, but def a double CD. As you know, there is a HUGE seg of the audience that are Brent-lovers and came up with that incarnation of the band. A release with best versions of the following would be killer:

Blow Away
Easy To Love You
Far From Me
Tons of Steel
Gentlemen Start Your Engines
Just A Little Light
Don't Need Love
Gimme Some Lovin
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Hey Pocky Way
Why Don't We Do It In The Road
Keep On Growin'
Louie, Louie

Throw in a Women, Rooster and Good Lovin' where he takes verse; maybe The Weight and Let The Good Times Roll, too.

People would love this!

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New Releases and Bonus

This is a great thread! First thing I would like to see is the chance to purchase previous bonus discs- whether they are part of road trips or box sets. As a person that purchases a lot of music from this site, I am weary to purchase a road trip I missed without the bonus cd.
Next, can you bring back the bulk price for Dick's picks? I remember they were once put out at a lower price if you bought a series of them. Maybe you can repackage them to make that part cheaper for yourselves and then re launch. I for one have ones that I bought in that past that are worse for wear and would like to replace, and some that I just never got around to getting.
ok shows-
1. 10/18/72 Fox Theater
2.12/31/72 Winterland - New Years, special guest David Crosby
3. San Diego 1979, Cape Cod 1979 (complete shows - I realize parts of MA are on RT)
4. Nassua 1973


PS the RT subscription was a great idea!

I went to see the captain, strangest I could find...

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Agree that 10/25/73 would make a fine release. GREAT show + does not circulate in pristine sound (SBD A-). I'm not so crazy about 10/30, though the Dark Star sequence would make great filler. I thought 10/27 was a better show than 10/30, and also not circulating in pristine sound. I am worried the next release is going to be 11/14/73. Another GREAT show, but circulating copy is a SBD A and doesn't need an upgrade.

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I know a lot of shows from the Fall of 1973 have already been released, but I honestly think that 10/25 is better than most others. Better yet, pair it with 10/30 for an insanely good Road Trips release.

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This one needs to see the light of day someday. Too much lore - some people prefer this 'shake' to the 6-30-85 one. The encore ought to be released as a video if it exists. I'd love to see it.

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Ham 90

A crazy mindbending Scarlet>Fire.
The final Believe it or Not
The final Hey Jude
A fantastic Wharf Rat>Throwing Stones
and two great Dylan encores
are just a few highlights from this run. So please, powers that be. Make w/ the first release of Canadian shows.
Thanks for all you do.

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Hamilton '90

...or a Warlocks box style release seeing as how they are recorded on multi-track. Heck, almost every run from Fall '89 - Spring '90 would make great box sets. I'd also push for Spectrum 10/18-20/89
Miami 10/25-26/89
Forum 12/08-10/89
Oakland 12/30/89 w/ Airto + maybe New Years Eve
Nassau 03/28-30/90
Omni 04/1-3/90

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Hamilton 90

Hammertown 03/21-22/90. These two shows deserve a RT's. I ain't sayin', I'm just sayin'.

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Something Awesome from late 1972

If you ain't got Dick's Picks 28 you ain't got nuthin between September 27, 1972 and October 19, 1973. BTW I need that DP 28 get it back in the store please please please wah wah...ok, anyway, people always say that 1972 is a well-represented year. I think that's becoming a little not quite right. 1972 is an incredible year. Yet if you add it up, there's just about as much available for 1971 as 1972. 1971 has two Road Trips, 1972 none. Yet, according to my research, and I'm a younger Dead Head, I don't have tapes, 1972 was pretty much spectacular from Europe through the end of the year. Take Dark Star. Apparently there are incredible Dark Stars from 10-18-72, 11-13-72, 11-19-72. Do a Fall 1972 Road Trips with a Dark Star theme, the way we get two half-hour Lovelights with Big Pow Wow. Or do a complete show, I'm not a stickler for complete vs. compilation...I don't think many of the younger people are...we love complete shows and we love discs loaded up with jams or 2 Dark Stars...long as the music is great we're happy. Or do Veneta or a Berkeley Community Theatre Road Trips. Just something spectacular from late 72 with Road Trips sonics. DP 11, 23, 36 are great of course but they're not enough gosh dangit!!!

Then at some point do something really great from early or mid 1973. October through December 1973 is stacked but earlier in the year is thin. 3-28-73? 6-10-73? 6-24-73?

See I see all these 80's requests. I'm sorry, I know lots of you went to shows and stuff but the younger audience wants the absolute best stuff the Grateful Dead did and that ain't the 80's, it's the late 60's and the 70's and that's that. I disagree with that guy who said you can't sell this stuff forever. Sure you can. I wasn't there, I was 14 when Jerry Garcia died. But I've got ears, and humans are always going to have ears. I don't see why Road Trips Volume 10,346 can't come out in 80 years or whatever. I agree it should be out faster, like the government should stop bombing Pakistani villagers and get people working mass producing Grateful Dead music and it should be publicly subsidized and all that. But if this is the way it's gonna be I'd just as soon buy the best music the band ever did.

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Releasing more shows

Not that I needed a reason to think about it, but the Contest really has me thinking about when and how the vault is going to be opened. What is undeniable upon listening to the free songs that have been available for download is how good the sound quality is. An officially released version of many of these shows would be a major upgrade to what already circulates. So when is this going to happen and how?

The when is important for 2 reasons: (1) how many years can they conceivably continue to make money on the band, and (2) isn't there some obligation to older deadheads to allow them to get these shows?

I don't know how much longer they can continue to make money off the band, but I don't think it is infinite. I think there are more deadheads passing away than there are being born. Now there definitely are kids in their teens and 20's that are being turned on to the band. But are these people really buying shows. They've grown up in a different world, where paying for music is an anachronism. I don't think they are buying like older deadheads are. I tend to think there is a limited amount of time to make money on the band.

Even if I am wrong, and there is a long time left, isn't there some obligation to the people who made the band what it is. If you were 20 in 1970, you're 60 now. I hope we all live until we are 100, but being realistic, many of the original deadheads probably only have another 20 or so years left. Even those of us that are younger (I'm 37) don't have eternity. I think the when is soon.

As to the how, running some numbers, let's say that a person wants to have 1000 shows. At $20 per show, that comes to $20,000. That's a lot of money. I'm certainly not spending that much money over a short period. Some may say that a person is not entitled to as many shows as they want. And I'd agree. But then areyou would be saying that only the wealthy deserve to have a lot of shows. I'm sure we'd all say that isn't right. So $20 per show is too expensive, which means you can't release everything on CD (which is probably not feasible anyways). So it needs to be released for download. And for much per show? MAybe $10 per show is fair, especially when Rhino would only have to remaster the show and pay for server space, and not have to pay for the CD's, the sleeves, the jewel cases, etc. Or you have yearly subscriptions, charging say $100 a year and allowing a maximum of 20 show downloads per member.

So will everything be available to download? Again probably not feasible. But uploading 100 or 200 shows per year certainly is. I would make a list, using the input of your friend the late Dick Lavala, as well as the Davids, and others, of shows that are the likeliest of possible future official releases (for which you can charge the usual $20), and NOT upload those shows. For example, for 1977, you could argue that 5/5 -5/9, 5/12, 5/17, 10/2, 10/16, 10/29, 11/4 and 12/27 would make great offical releases, and thus won't be uploaded. But everything else should be.

Needless to say, lossless and not just mp3 is an absolute must. I hope something happens soon. At the current rate of 10 shows per year, and estimating that maybe 200 shows have already been released and that there are a total of 2000 shows in the vault (which is probably not that far off), the vault will be entirely open by 2190. I feel pretty safe saying that none of us are going to be alive then. Please, get moving, take advantage of the energy this promotion has created and get the vault, or least a part of it, online ASAP. Thanks!


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