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need some live dead released on vinyl. What happened to the Europe '72 vol. 2 vinyl? Where is that? Also Dave's picks on vinyl would be great, I'd buy the 7-31-74 release on vinyl. Fingers crossed!

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show was a riot

Colt Park 1976_08_02

would probably be a four disc offering, but some great performances that day, on a beautiful Summer New England day!

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Garcia's Wake...

The stuff that was played at Garcia's wake at the SF polo fields was some of the best stuff I've heard... old timey stuff...

anyone remember that?

anyone know what that was from ?

PLEASE release those tunes! ! !


lamagonzo (not verified)
Glens Falls Civic Center 5/5/81

This tour had a very high dose rate. At least 75% of this crowd was tripping on one substance or another. I hope a good matrix of this show exists in the vault.

The 2nd set is an all-out rocker:
Scarlet>Fire>Estimated>Eyes>Drumz>Space>Uncle John's>Truckin'>Alabama>JBG Enc. US Blues

The deadheads folded up all the chairs on the floor and turned this one in to a dance fest. Very Groovy show, good memory for a lot of people.

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More 1973, por favor

Listening to Omaha 10/21/1973 for the first time: another jewel in the haystack of excellent shows. Although it's a soundboard, the audience is quite apparent. Killer Here Comes Sunshine followed by a comical start to Beat It on Down the Line. Thanks to for the listening opportunity.

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7-8-1981 - st louis

7-8-1981 st louis kiel aud - cmon dave!

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9/24/76 William And Mary College

This is my first post/request. Please consider releasing this show. This was one of the first 10 tapes I owned and I still love this show. This show would be perfect as there is only one audience copy on the last time I looked. The Playin>Supplication > Playin rocks the house. Thanks for the chance to add my suggestion on a new release.

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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE OH PLEASE release something from this venue!!!! There were SO many hot shows played in the Omni....My faves include 4/3/90, 4/4/91 and 4/5/91...


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08/26/71 - Gaelic Park, DaBronx

Great show from the summer of '71 and Pig's last till December.
And there's alot of Pig in it;
Mr.Charlie, Big Boss Man, Hard To Handle, Empty Pages, Good Lovin, and Next Time You See Me. This one needs to be released.
Please & Thank You !

Holy S#%*! It’s the COMPLETE Europe ’72 Box! On 73 Discs!
♪♫♥♫~♥☼ღ♥♪♫♪♫♥ The Music Never Stops ! ♥♫♪♫♪♥ღ☼♥~♫♥♫♪
" There is Nothing like a Grateful Dead Concert ! "

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i would like 10-27-91/12-8-94/12-9-94/2-25-94/2-25-95/6-3-95


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