Grateful Dead

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Joined: Nov 23 2010
Swap Santa Clara Sun for Sat

I have 4 tickets for Sunday 6/28, Reserved P1 Full View Sec C240 Row 5. $225/each

I'm looking for an even trade at the same price level for Saturday 6/27, 4 tickets together.

If you're interested, let me know!

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Joined: Jun 21 2007
Need 2 Chicago 7/4

Figure it's worth a shot. Miracles do still happen, right?
Will buy any July 4th ticket (even no view). I have a hotel room and will be going to Chicago no matter what!

Joined: May 19 2015
Would like to purchase two tix for Santa Clara show

Need two tickets to the Santa Clara show. Please contact me if you are able to help

Joined: Apr 17 2015
Swap Santa Clara for Chicago

Still looking to trade 4 great seats, Sec. 101 Row 18 (together) in SC on 6/28 for 4 tix any Chicago show. Will consider lesser quality Chicago seats and/or pay extra $$ for equal or better. Cell 732-690-7966

Joined: Dec 2 2013
Sell or trade Santa Clara for Chicago

I have one ticket for each night in Santa Clara that I am looking to either sell for face value + fees or trade for Chicago tickets for the 4th and/or 5th.

Here is the info on the tickets:

Sat. June 27th
Sec C135, Row 6, Seat 15, "Limited view", $59.50 + $28 (fee) = $87.50

Sun. June 28th
Sec C139, Row 34, Seat 10, "Full view", $199.50 + $28 (fee) = $227.50

If you would like to trade or purchase, please let me know.

Joined: May 12 2015
ISO (5) Santa Clara tix, either Sat or Sun

My husband and I are taking our three little ones to Santa Clara. Like most we were shut out of Chicago and Santa Clara. Anyone?? I see a few two tix postings but thought I would just put it out there-------

Joined: Feb 18 2015

Anyone know if the ticketstoday tickets for Santa Clara are transferable, as they would be with ticketmaster?


Joined: Jan 24 2015
Cicago Shows

There is limited availability of 12 and 20 person Sky Suites for the Chicago Fare The Well shows. They are obstructed view but there will be big screens showing the band. The tickets are $200 and you must buy the whole suite. I don't know which dates are available but if you can round up enough buddies to do this it will at least get you in. You can contact them at and ask for information. Hope this helps!

Joined: May 5 2015
parking pass Levi's

Anyone hear anything about when parking passes will be going on sale for SC? I'm a little OCD, so I need to know if I can stop checking online every few hours. Thank you!

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Joined: Jul 15 2010
Thanks for Offering!

I decided against SC, since I live outside Chicago. If anyone wants to offer up a pair to any or all Chicago shows, please PM me here. Thanks and good luck, all.


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