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Joined: Jun 26 2015
Ratdog 2014 Tour Shirt

If anyone has a Medium or Large 2014 Ratdog tour shirt with the Kansas City date on it for sale please email me at

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Joined: Jul 29 2009
E72 Box

Im thinking about selling it. Times are tough. Id like to sell at cost. I live in Canada so after delivery, duty and dollar conversion it cost me around 640 bucks Id like to get close to that. Serious offers please PM me if interested.

Its in really good shape. Cds were pretty much ripped to my computer than put back in case. I had the same problem as every one else with ripped cases when you take the cds out. but that only happened to a few. I became careful pretty quick..# is 2935/7200 it is personalized to ponchobill

Joined: Mar 7 2016
ISO Grateful Dead Snowboards or Skis

Hello all,

New to the forum here and just putting out some feelers for Grateful Dead snowboards and skis. In particular, I am looking to purchase or trade for the K2 Lunatic Fringe board that came out in 1992 and/or the Burton 50th Anniversary Throwback board from the Summer shows. I am an avid snowboard collector and would love to add them to my GD collection. Thanks in advance for any help!


Joined: Jan 4 2016
Super Rare Kelty Grateful Dead Dancing Bears Festival Backpack

On ebay

~Super RARE KELTY 1996 Grateful Dead Dancing Bears Festival Backpack Daypack!!~

Kelty and The Grateful Dead teamed up and made an incredibly cool backpack. This bag is really unique and a rare find. The bag is in really great shape. The Grateful Dead colorful bears are embroidered into the front of the bag (not just a patch). The bag has one main pouch with an inside sleeve, two long side zipper pockets and a front mesh zipper pocket. Amazing bag!

Kelty quality that you know and trust since 1952
Spacious top loading pack
Super lightweight but rugged
Clean as a whistle!
2 11 inch tall expanding side pockets
9x11 1/2 inch mesh front pocket with zipper closure
20 inches wide with side pockets expanded.
18 1/2 inches tall
Waist buckle for extra support
Padded back and shoulder straps for all day comfort
Would make a great gift for your favorite Deadhead...including yourself (:

Joined: Dec 11 2015
Munk One Soldier Field Foil Variant Poster Limited to 35

Hey all. I purchased the Munk One Fare Thee Well foil set for a friend as a surprise. Well, he also bought one. I'm out of room on my walls and could use some scratch for the holidays. This is the 3 poster set (7/3-7/5) signed and numbered of 35. (This set is numbered 35/35)!! The rub? I sold it on eBay earlier this year and the gent who purchased it slightly damaged the 7/3 poster and then claimed it was sent damaged (despite my 100% positive history of sending posters). Neither here nor there. Just looking to find a new home for these beauties. The damage is a slight corner crease that should frame out and a small dent. Email me at so that I can send you pics of all 3. Here they are on EB. I paid $320 and they've averaged $636 when resold. Make an offer wherever you like (more than I paid, less than I paid, barter, whatever). These are beautiful and shouldn't be kept in a tube like they are now.

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moved from another thread: Seek & Sought Handmade Franklin's Tow

posted by Seek and Sought

Seek & Sought Handmade Franklin's Tower Dead Lyrics Bracelet

I'm a local artist based in Columbus, Ohio. I'm a lifelong die hard Dead fan. I just created a hand stenciled bracelet with my favorite lyrics from Franklin's Tower. I thought I'd share it on here! Excited to be a part of the community.!store/c1236

JennaLee Cook
Seek & Sought

Joined: Nov 29 2015
My Unique Wood Items-WoodOnTheMountain

Just opened another site on ETSY for my "different" items that might not go over as well on my original site (store name LIGNA,

The new store (WoodOnTheMountain) has some dead related items but I mostly do custom items to create something unique and special for you:

Been a deadhead for quite a while (first show was 9/71), taped a whole bunch of shows west of the mississippi, specialized in making taping equipment back in the day. Miss jerry every day ...

Earrings, pendants, pens, clocks, beer bottle art and other items, check it out. My newest work are some belt buckles (not listed yet, still making prototypes). One idea is to engrave the date and location of your favorite show on a belt buckle. This is a variation of an anniversary date or special occasion on a beer bottle.

Tried to sell my stuff through dead merchandising back 5 years or so. They really liked it but wanted $3-4K for insurance,... ?? That was too much for my projected volume. Would be interested in anyone who does sell dead stuff and might want to carry my stuff. Staying away from copyright stuff but could do that if there were no legal problems.

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I just private messaged you...

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CDs gotta go away

All gone. Thanks to all!

Bound to cover just a little more ground

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Golden Road magazine

Gone, to a good home

Bound to cover just a little more ground...


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