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Joined: Aug 14 2007
Grateful Dead Bicycle

I've got mine up for sale, if anyone want it. Only rode it 20 miles at the most, then it was put back in the box, where it still lives. It's a 15.5" bike, doesn't have the original white tires (which we had switched out, since the bike shop had said they wouldn't last long) I'll put it on Ebay soon, but thought I'd give y'all a warning, if anyone's interested. All the artwork on it is in pristine condition.....:)

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Careful with that Axe, Eugene...

I've got a couple of my babies listed on eBay as we speak. Check them out (or bid!) if you feel so inclined.

Axe A: 1996 Gibson Les Paul Custom w/ Crimson Burst Finish ~ 1957 Custom Shop Reissue

Axe B: 1999 Alvarez-Yairi CY-116 Classical Guitar Solid Cedar Top Burled Mahogany Back/Sides

p.s. I just want to give these babies a bump since they end today...

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Joined: Apr 10 2008
FTW 50th anniversary flag

I'm lookng for a GD FTW 50th anniversary flag with the "50 SYF" logo:

Can anyone advise where I can get one? Please PM me - thanks !!

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Joined: Mar 29 2015
Custom Nail art adhesives

I am an Independent Jamberry Consultant and have custom nail art designs! Get yours for the big show! They can be applied right in the parking lot!

Message me for pictures and pricing!

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Joined: Aug 3 2007
I make art with glass and Grateful Dead Art

Hi. I make glass art beads and more. I also have a marble series that is a tribute to the Grateful Dead. My late husband was a Dead head Artist. I am inspired to use his art in my work. All in good time

Peace, Love and light
thank you,
Sheila Morley
etsy shop-

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Grateful Dead Stocking & Ornaments

Grateful Dead Dancing Bear Christmas Stocking

"The Stockings were hung by the chimney with bears?" Dancing Bears that is! If your stocking this year isn't psychedelic enough for you, grab this colorful Grateful Dead Stocking with Dancing Bears to brighten up your Holidaze!
Available from Sunshine Daydream Hippie Shop in suburban Chicago

Sunshine Daydream Hippie Shop.
708 S. Rand Rd.
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Joined: Nov 30 2014
Skelly links

Links in prior post don't seem to work

Item can be Skellys can be found at


Joined: Nov 30 2014
HO, HO, HO From Bendy Skelly Santa

Tadpoles and Salamanders Support Craniosacral Practitioners

Bendy Skelly Santa Knows if you've been naughty or nice but he's not telling!

Bendy Skelly took a short breather after H-day and now he is ready to partay!


Cheerful, vibrant, undead and ultra-flexible.these adorable creatures will add an air of the macabre to an otherwise way too sweet holiday. Don't be stuck in the limited view of Santa as an overstuffed cuddle-bunny of a man with a beard. Dare to think thin, well skeletal. And don't forget bendy. Most storefront Santas can't even touch their toes but these wee folk can do bound lotus, tree pose, hanumanasana and whatever you can think of for them.


Plus, these festive guards are guaranteed to keep all evil spirits out of loved ones stockings for all eternity. And for keeping an evil eye on people to see if they are naughty or nice Santa Skelly is unsurpassed. Best of all, unlike certain elves we've heard of , Santa Skelly knows how to keep a secret! What happens with Santa Skelly Stays with Santa Skelly.
Skelly's are ethically sourced from China. Caps are hand made by Mary from my office in the good old USA. No batteries necessary. 

For further usage information on Santa Bendy Skelly and to purchase.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
that's a good one


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Joined: May 26 2007
Up for bid in Alameda this weekend


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