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Joined: Nov 16 2015
GD Christmas & Holiday Cards

I created a few GD Christmas and Holiday cards, for sale on my Etsy shop. Individual cards available for purchase as well as sets of 5, 10 and 20 cards.

Card 1:

Card 2:

I also have a few GD 50 Anniversary Posters available!

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reposted from another thread, posted by Geoff Stockton

New Music on the Way!
Greetings forum!

I'm a dedicated musician who's been a lifelong fan of the Grateful Dead, who in fear of not being original spent the first 20 years of my legal adulthood avoiding my most profound musical influence. I mostly pursued jazz, soul, bluegrass, folk, etc. (You know, all the ingredients) After years of being disappointed with the shortage of new music truly in the vein of the Grateful Dead, I finally gave into it and have been recording an all original double-length psychedelic roots rock record. I've completed recording and now I'm producing a full length lyric/graphic video to accompany the music for free release on YouTube.

I've written/improvised/recorded/produced all the music and video on my own. Time spent working on the project has gone beyond 1,500 hours and counting. I made the songwriting a major focus as that's been my biggest complaint about a lot of newer jam-band stuff. It's stylistically as diverse as a Dead album. It's generally more high energy but every bit as free and multi-dimensional in the instrumentation.

The artist name is my name.
The album title is "Limited Thyme Pantry" (We'll see who can figure out that little puzzle)
The release date is 11-13-15 and a link will be posted as long as that doesn't infringe on the house rules. The album is being put out for free enjoyment on YouTube and I'm looking at making the audio available for free download on my website.

If you happen upon this message, check out the album and get as excited as I obviously am about it, please share with all of your kindest friends. Once it's out, I'll be making as much noise as I can about it to all my fellow heads.

Warm regards from Kalamazoo

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Joined: May 26 2007
reposted from another thread, posted by dancinnyc
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Joined: Aug 8 2013
Trade Alert !!!

I have Fillmore West 1969 Complete Recordings up for trade !!

In return I am looking for...

-Dave's Picks 1

From Road Trips Series..

-Denver 73'
-April Fools 88'
-Road Trips Bonus discs,

From Pure Jerry series..

-Pure Jerry 78' Warner and Bay Area

Some combination of those will be equal to one of the Holy Grails of GD releases FW1969.. Almost all deals must include Dave's Picks 1

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Joined: May 26 2015
Jerry's snowboard prototype

It's time for me to find a good home for this thing. It's the actual 5 foot 7 inch prototype that was made for Jerry to approve, before the K2 Lunatic Fringe snowboards went into production back in '92.

The full story is in the ad up on EBay--

Hope somebody will appreciate it for what it is! THanks!

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Poster, Art, & Memorabilia Show in Chicago

If you are coming to Chicago for this weekends shows, be sure and check out the PhanArt Show held at the Congress Hotel Friday - Sunday from Noon - 6pm. Over 40 different poster artists and memorabilia dealers with all kinds of Grateful Dead merchandise. Kind of like an indoor Shakedown Street. Free admission too. Sunshine Daydream will have a booth there with all of our newest Grateful Dead goodies!.

We will also be giving away at our booth, a ticket to Sundays concert!

PhanArt In All Good Company

PhanArt Poster Show

Joined: Jun 29 2015
Contemporary Pop Art

I create contemporary pop art. And, since I'm a deadhead, Jerry and the band are bright source of inspiration.

I created this piece especially for the 50th Anniversary Fare Thee Well Tour:

Feel free to check out all the Dead inventory I have in my Etsy store.

Aloha! - Matt Pecson



Etsy (original art)
Society6 (prints, home decor, etc.)

Joined: Feb 18 2015
Hand-made Hand-knit happy hippy doll.

Very cute and sweet. Handmade in Canada, acquired on a remote island in B.C. <3
Message me for deets.

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Joined: Jun 2 2015
Lively skeleton art for sale printed on ready to hang canvases

skeletons are beautiful... we should all treat one another like the skeletons that we are. beautiful and fragile yet so important. there is no skin color, no trappings of clothing to be judged. we are all skeletons. we are the same. there is no judgement. only beauty.

Hello! please visit my ebay and facebook pages
Thank you for taking a look!
peace. dee

Joined: Feb 18 2015
Proofreading/Editing Services Available

Boring proofreading and editing got you down? In a hurry to get back to kicking back while listening to's Jam of the Week, or listening to Sunshine Daydream for the 18th time?

I am offering copy-editing and proofreading services for discounted prices to deadheads all year. Message me with a brief description of what you need edited, your contact information, and your timeframe. I will get back to you ASAP with rates and availability.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll see you this summer!


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