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Joined: Apr 23 2008
Grateful Dead Acquisition

I don't know if I'm in the right thread or not, but I have talked to the people at the store and they're telling me to just make this announcement in one of the Forums. So here goes, I just recently acquired a vast collection of Grateful Dead albums and 45's. I also have some autographed memorabilia. I tried putting a few things on EBAY where I have been selling for the past eight years, but that didn't seem to be the right marketplace for some of the stuff. And as many of you already know, if you want to sell on EBAY, you'd better be prepared to give the stuff away. Now, I'm not looking to make a fortune on this stuff, but I would like to recover at least my initial investment and possibly make a few bucks as an end result. So, if you're looking for any of the old wax or anything with signatures, give me a shout at and let me know what you're looking for. If I have it, we can talk price, if I don't have it...I'll let you know up front. Just a sample of the many things I do have are an autographed copy of the album Jerry Garcia by the great one himself, an autographed "Mars Hotel" cover with record, an autographed "Go To Heaven" album with record and an autographed album cover of "Anthem of the Sun" (I don't think the record is inside it though). All four of these items are nicely framed and ready to be shipped...I can furnish photos if you want a look-see. I also have some promotional "DeadHead" records and cover artwork,the super rare 1973 green vinyl LP "Flood Damaged" and a whole lot more. So if this interests anyone..holler at me and if I'm violating any of the rules of the website, please let me know.

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Joined: Apr 13 2008
Third Eye Candy...Special Requests Catered to

I create in many styles. You can see a fair amount of my work here. But if you want the whole scope, check out the site that holds my digital work. When an image is in view, click....When it's open, click again, and you shall have the full sized version. This site is NOT strictly Dead related stuff (though the jam band work is my favorite to create), but also contains corporate work, logo designs, illustration, portraiture, and abstract creations. Have a look, and contact me if there is something special ordered you may like.

There might be that special someone in your life come birthdays and/or the holidays who you want to surprise with a detailed portrait complete with mind bending background. Everything from t-shirt design to brochures, biz cards, flyers, the works. With over 25 years of experience and ideas from the universe to the dust of the Grand Wazoo, I'll make you a happy camper. ; )

And reasonable rates to boot! Family helping family. ; )

~Tom ( The AllTomMitt Drawing Machine)

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Joined: Mar 3 2008

I have to pimp my site cause it is how I live!

come and buy stuff or offer me a trade too!




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Joined: Jan 13 2008
business opportunity!

If you have a music-related website, my husband's website is now offering an affiliate program that allows you to list their products on your website and earn $ when someone clicks on the link on your website and purchases a rack. See the "Affiliate Program Link" on the bottom left portion of their website. PM me for details. thanks & peace Ami

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Joined: Jul 9 2007
350z needs new home

like a steam locomotive, rolling down the track....

Black with black leather seats, automatic (slapstick) w 6 cd changer, dvd and navigation. The mileage for this 2003 Nissan is just over 32,000 miles. Will deliver within a 700 mile radius of KC. New tires, new brakes, fresh oil. Comes with a skull/lightning bolt and a Jerry decal!!
I'd insert a photo if I could figure out how!! Email me at for pix.
Best offer over $18g, based upon Blue Book and NADA value estimates.

Joined: Mar 16 2008
Oaklands Stadium (with The Who) Framed Concert Poster


If anyone's interested I've got a mint copy of this poster for sale. It's in a wooden frame and measures 30 inches x 22 inches. It was given to a friend of mine - Mel Bush (UK Concert Promoter)- bu Bill Graham, who promoted gig. If you want to see photo my Email address is

Joined: Mar 20 2008

So I had to put him up here... I am speaking of Jeremy Maronpot of NC. He is one of the most amazing creature that i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is currently working n various peices for locals in the Raleigh, Nc area, but is always looking to do challenging projects and with his new studio in downtown Raligh he is happier than a pig in, well you guys get the picture. so here is a link to his site and from there you can get his contact info.

Joined: Mar 17 2008
FT: Complete taping rig in exchange for a split window bus

I have the following equipment that I'd consider trading for the "right" split window bus:

1 Sound Devices 744T Portable, Four-Track Audio Recorder - less than 1 yr old
1 matched pair of schoeps CCM4 cardiod microphones (purchased in 2000)
1 Schoeps M100C Miniature Stereo Mounting Bar for XY and ORTF recording
1 pair Schoeps A20 Elastic suspension mounts
1 AETA PSP3 Portable stereo pre-amp
1 Bogen Mic Stand
1 Pelican hardshell carrying case
tons of cables, adapters, etc...
and possibly a tascam mkII dat unit

I'm not too picky about the 'type' of bus except that it must be a split window ('67 or earlier). I'd take a camper if the interior is (mostly) there, a double cab "truck" (not a huge fan of the single cabs), 11,13, 15, 21, 23 windows bus, panel bus/van, ...

As for what the "right" bus is.... I'm not looking for something that has been restored. My "ideal" bus would be one that has minor rust issues, original paint, original seats/interior, original motor/trans (but they don't need to be running), never been "wrecked" (minor dents are ok), solid frame, etc.

This could be a great opportunity for someone to get a 6k-9k rig for "free" if they convince their parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles to give up that old bus that has been sitting in their garage/barn for the last 30+ years...

your idea of a piece of shit may be my dream bus.... send me the details/photos and we'll talk.

I'm not in any rush - in the meantime I'll see ya FOB!

Joined: Jun 5 2007

Bubblegirl: don't you know that Grateful Dead music will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no Grateful Dead music???!
(to paraphrase Freewheelin' Franklin)
:D :D :D

I'm not Beethoven

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Joined: Jan 13 2008
Guitarists Unite-a must look see

My husband makes beautiful handcrafted racks for guitar storage. we designed it to help clear the clutter from his 8 guitars all over the house. Take a look- he has other guitar related products! Go to Ami


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