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Joined: Sep 21 2008
Paint on down the...

road. We are traveling blues to Houston to acess things and paintn' fools no matrter what. See Anegle and I paint for the people and combine our love of photography and paint, come see the video because we also found a master in Frank Covino, he teaches and he comes to you...33 plus workshops May there be peace, love and roses for you and yours always and in all ways from Brother Jeff-IAm-A.LoverroM.F.A. Yo reach out, My last tour '94, I painted my way across the USA thanks to the boys, so thanks to the boys. And thanks to you, we are looking forward to your painting order, we except your photos or come see us @ Tex. Ren. Fest, for we are/you are all F.A.M.I.L.Y.(FromAnotherMotherILoveYou) pEACE

Joined: Jan 11 2008
hallo,fellow Deadheads...

in fact i am not tryin to sell something,but being an graphic artist and illustrator i am interessted getting into contact with people who are wheter interested into illustration themselves or you are a writer.poet etc.who is looking for collaboration with an illustrator.for all the rest of you who just like nice pictures you can find some (about 15)of my works on the community page of the dead net under Fan-art.all pics are drawings so you find them easily.if you click on the name of the pic it will show up in its best possible quality and you can leave a comment.they are not all together,but all over the page.otherwise you can also look at my profile (FRANKLY) where all pics are on one place,but the quality on is better.thank you very much.every sign of interest into my work helps me to get going and keepin it onPEACE:-)(-:Frankly

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Joined: Jul 10 2008

OK a lot of people asked for photo's of the art that have for sell. I really don't want sell this stuff but, times are really tough right now. I'm so far behind on all my bills its crazy. I really need the money more then the art at this point in my life. I just hope this art finds a good home with some one to love them as much as I have. They have brought a lot of loved and enjoyment to my life so this really sucks that it has to come to this for me. If it was meet for me to have all this great art Ill be able to buy it back some time down the road when times are better.

Everything that is framed has UV glass and acid backing. The Garcia NEVER SWAT A FLY, All the Bill Kreutzmann art, Griffin, Mouse and the Kesy is hand signed art. All the belt buckles are made by Stanly Owlsey (Bear). The blotter Madhater is signed be Kesy the roses print is signed by Timmothy Leary. Here is a link to my Photo bucket with all the photos of the art i have to sell. Please feel free to email me for more info. IF any one needs prices of anything feel free to PM/Message me with what you need a price of. Chuck

((( LINK TO MY ART ))))

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
dunno if this is the right thread......

but does anyone have any of the old Golden Road zines from back in the day?

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Joined: May 4 2008
My girlfriend's site..

My girlfriend has been busy making quilts, necklaces, and much more..
just thought i'd pass the link on...

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Joined: Nov 3 2007
guitar signed by jerry

a friend of mine claims he has an acoustic guitar that was signed by jerry in the late 60's
and he wants to sell it
its in great shape
does anybody know how to authenticate this?
is it worth anything if it is real?
please email me at:


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Joined: Jun 16 2007
Glass and Accsesories

Hey all!
I OWN run my own little biz here in CT (ONLINE mostly for now, hoping to open my own shop in the next year or so...) Anyhow, I have a TON of REAL NICE glass pipes (For ART/Tobacco Use ONLY!!!) in stock.. I stock everything from cheap outside color pipes for as cheap as $3-5 EACH (GLASS ONLY!) and sick INSIDE OUT, THICK pipes galore.. ALL Inside oput glass is 100% USA BLOWN glass. ONE OF THE TYPICAL IMPORT CRAP you see ALL OVER THE PLACE THESE DAYS!!! I pride myself in carrying a HUGE stock of ALL TYPES OF GREAT GLASS PIPES!! I sell WHOLESALE ($500.00 MIN order) and retail (NO MIN order at all) Either way you will get a GREAT piece at a GREAT price!! MUCH BETTER THEN ANY HEAD SHOP PRICE!!! (OR web site for that matter as 99% of ALL web sites sell INDIA or CHINA IMPORT GLASS ONLY now!!! They buy that garbage for like 2.00 a pipe and then turn around and sell it for 20-50.00!!! We will always take good care of you!! Our web Site is Currently being REBUILT to add a BUNCH of new items and remove the old.. Also I carry Incense (Nag Champa(The REAL KIND) and Super Hit) Incense holders, candles, Smokiong accesories galore (Grinders, pollinators, pouches, bags, stickers (ALL KINDS!), t-Shirts, Official Liscended GRATEFUL DEAD MERCHANDISE of ALL TYPES!!!, and SO MUCH MORE!!! We can't wait to get our web site back up and running so you all can check out our AMAZING prices and our GREAT SELECTION!! No matter if you are a HUGE store owner looking to buy WHolesale (TRUE WHOLESALE) or you just are looking for one thing, Feel free in the mean time to send me a msg. on here I will send you my email address and piucs/prices if you are intersted for now.. Once the site is Back up and running (Shooting for June ) You can buy using VISA/MC Credit or debit (AS SOON AS OUR WEB SITE IS RUNNING), Pay Pal, Money orders, sorry no CODS or checks accepted...
Before you go get ripped off by some import glass dealer, come check us out!!! i will publish our web site address the week it opens back up!!! (YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUR GRAND WEB RE-OPENING!!! HUGE SALES ON ALMOST ALL ITEMS!!! DON'T MISS US!!!)

Peace! Geoff Aka Gypsy
Cosmic Travelers - Gypsy Blue Glass
Wholesale Distributors / Retail
"If Your not A HEAD - You are BEHIND!"

Joined: Apr 23 2008
Grateful Dead Acquisition

I don't know if I'm in the right thread or not, but I have talked to the people at the store and they're telling me to just make this announcement in one of the Forums. So here goes, I just recently acquired a vast collection of Grateful Dead albums and 45's. I also have some autographed memorabilia. I tried putting a few things on EBAY where I have been selling for the past eight years, but that didn't seem to be the right marketplace for some of the stuff. And as many of you already know, if you want to sell on EBAY, you'd better be prepared to give the stuff away. Now, I'm not looking to make a fortune on this stuff, but I would like to recover at least my initial investment and possibly make a few bucks as an end result. So, if you're looking for any of the old wax or anything with signatures, give me a shout at and let me know what you're looking for. If I have it, we can talk price, if I don't have it...I'll let you know up front. Just a sample of the many things I do have are an autographed copy of the album Jerry Garcia by the great one himself, an autographed "Mars Hotel" cover with record, an autographed "Go To Heaven" album with record and an autographed album cover of "Anthem of the Sun" (I don't think the record is inside it though). All four of these items are nicely framed and ready to be shipped...I can furnish photos if you want a look-see. I also have some promotional "DeadHead" records and cover artwork,the super rare 1973 green vinyl LP "Flood Damaged" and a whole lot more. So if this interests anyone..holler at me and if I'm violating any of the rules of the website, please let me know.

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Joined: Apr 13 2008
Third Eye Candy...Special Requests Catered to

I create in many styles. You can see a fair amount of my work here. But if you want the whole scope, check out the site that holds my digital work. When an image is in view, click....When it's open, click again, and you shall have the full sized version. This site is NOT strictly Dead related stuff (though the jam band work is my favorite to create), but also contains corporate work, logo designs, illustration, portraiture, and abstract creations. Have a look, and contact me if there is something special ordered you may like.

There might be that special someone in your life come birthdays and/or the holidays who you want to surprise with a detailed portrait complete with mind bending background. Everything from t-shirt design to brochures, biz cards, flyers, the works. With over 25 years of experience and ideas from the universe to the dust of the Grand Wazoo, I'll make you a happy camper. ; )

And reasonable rates to boot! Family helping family. ; )

~Tom ( The AllTomMitt Drawing Machine)

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Joined: Mar 3 2008

I have to pimp my site cause it is how I live!

come and buy stuff or offer me a trade too!





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