Grateful Dead

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Eyeglass retainers

Anyone out there sell eyeglass retainers with a grateful dead logo or print on them, such as dancin bears or steal your face? Thanks All

Joined: Sep 10 2007
movies, books

The Grateful Dead Movie *VHS copyright MCMLXXVI*
The Grateful Dead Dead Ahead *VHS copyright MCMLXXXI or MCMXCV*
Garcia book copyright 1995 Rolling Stone Press hard cover hand print of Jerry negative on inside cover like new condition
Captian Trips a biography of Jerry Garcia by Sandy Troy like new condition copyright 1994 hard cover
The history of the Grateful Dead written by William Ruhlmann copyright 1990 hardcover like new, with posterof band in the 80's
Grateful Dead Anthology Guitar Edition Arranged by Mark Phillips soft cover copyright 1986
Dead Head with roses belt buckle 1978silver metal
The Offical Book of the DeadHeads soft cover good condition some writing inside copywrite 1983

Joined: Jun 12 2007


If you require graphic/web design that works like HELP>SLIP>FRANKLIN"S please email, Mention "Brother Mark" in the subject and we will know you listen to the music play.

Joined: Aug 28 2007
radio city poster-original-a little rough--also zeppelin express

rough around the edges, some tears
also have zeppelin express-very rare poster, corners torn out 1/2 inch.

also have original woodstock program booklet.
Jim in flagstaff.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Hey Superior Dye Works...

Sweet work! Do you happen to take paypal?

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Devil Sticks

Hey all, I've been messing around with making devil sticks. I'm about to make a few sets for some friends kids and if anybody is interested PM me and I'll send some pics of what I've made in the past. They are the "Flower" type sticks and really great for sweet tricks.

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Joined: Jul 26 2007
Crow Speaks

Hey Now!

One of the musical inspirations of my life has been the Native American flute.

Hope you like my new release.


Brother A

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Joined: Aug 3 2007
Glass art

I love dead heads! I have seen many shows.
I MAKE GLASS ART! Mostly big fat beads today. Unique!
So-check it out!
I have some boogie down beads...some soul gestures...
check it out!
I usually sell on ebay...under...sheilamorley
I am on vacation until 8-13-07...other than that- I will have lots of unique soulful work for sale!
my website- http://www./

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Joined: Jul 25 2007
Fresh carved heirloom Guatemalan Jades and Tipico weavings etc

I have some exquisite carvings in Guatemalan Jadeite. All new stuff from jades I collected myself in Guatemala and fashioned by the master mesoamerican carver Ea Orgo. Ea prefers to call them prayer beads. They are my offering to the Jade Connoisseurs of the world. I also have lots of Guatemalan tipico and weavings. I have all kinds of bags and purses as well as quilts. Interested in buying? E-Mail me here or I will send photos and I can do some large orders on the tipico. The jades are all one of a kind carvings. I have rough jade too. All Jadeite.

Joined: Jul 29 2007
Free tapes!

Lots of SB, mixed artists, about 200 in all. No room anymore (plus I transferred all to DVD - I aint no dummy ya know!)

I live in the triad area of NC....Local pickup unless you wanna pay some enormous shipping!


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