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What is it that you do, anyway?


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What I do for a living

I am a professional web designer and developer so I a literally live in code when I am not listening, playing or making music :) . Recently finished working on a content based website .wizita has a content management system of its own which I coded totally on my own. The appreciating and encouraging comments/reviews that I got from the owners of the site and the users of the site made me feel proud.
I also debuted as a content writer with this site and have written a technical article for -
May be this is the reason why I feel emotionally attached with this site.
Though I love my job but I always wanted to have music as my profession and wished I could play music for a living. Wish someday I would be able to do that. :)

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Gainful employment

Both my fiancé and I are in the medical field and happen to be deadheads as well, I'm a paramedic and she's a nurse. Experiences from going to shows have definitely not only helped us better deal with our personal lives but our professional lives by being exposed to so many different people and so many different situations that we may not have been otherwise.

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My job is semi-boring. I do

My job is semi-boring. I do various types of cleaning, but the cool part is I have the chance to visit some dope a** properties every here and there. which takes daydreaming to another level. It's not much, but I love my job, and I'm good at it, so long story short, if anybody needs halp i'm here

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Jack of All Trades & Master of Fun

I am about to embark on my 46 th career move involving interviewing passengers on a major city,s transit system.I love to travel as a passenger myself,and I get paid as well along with a few other perks.It,s to bad the name of the bus is not Further but I can,t expect everything to happen all at once.It actually will be a little intense at first until all the minor glitches are corrected, but that makes it an adventure, instead of just a job! I guess if it was easy, everybody would do it! I think " I know you rider" could be the perfect theme song for this profession.Anyhow it,s all good,and I have a very positive attitude to bring to the table, as only time will tell?

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My Job

I am pursuing a second, nah, make that a third attempt to study the bass. My first career was as a manager of Thoroughbred Breeding Farms, in Kentucky. To do this, one must love the work, as the standard "benefits" that accrue to most professionals do not typically accompany this type of work. The reward is the journey one takes in the development of such magnificent beasts.

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Radiologic Technologist

I have been an x-ray tech for 22 years. I have worked in hospitals and clinics all over San Diego and Orange Counties. I spent two years working at Wilcox Hospital in Lihue, Kauai, and now I live and work in South Lake Tahoe, at a sports orthopedic clinic. It was actually at one of my last Dead shows, Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, that I decided I would pursue a career in the medical field.

I lost my left eye when I was a kid and I think it's sort of interesting that I went on to develop a different sort of vision through my work in medical imaging. I like that the Dead skeleton motif has parallels to what I do and the Steelie with a lightning bolt is sort of the perfect symbol for my profession.

I get to work with a lot of really cool patients here. People who are active in the outdoors, skiers, snowboarders, climbers, cyclists, etc. Just the other day a lady who's boyfriend I had x-rayed awhile back , and who happens to be a Deadhead, gave me a photo of Jerry that looks to be from about 94'. He's sitting in a non-descript dining room in a black tee-shirt and blue shorts with his iconic hand resting on his knee.

Then, a little later I had a patient who is a history teacher with a special interest in California history. He looked to be about seventy so I handed him the Jerry pic and said 'Do you recognize this guy'? He chuckled and said 'Oh yeah. I used to be a concert promoter and booked the Dead a few times in Fresno and got to meet Jerry'. Turns out he actually lived in the Haight in the mid sixties. I asked him if Jerry had made a good impression on him and he said yes, in fact he had made a very positive, lasting impression. He said for one, Jerry was the first guy he had ever heard say 'Farout'. I thought that was so cool!

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my gainful employment

I research and develop software that people who have had a stroke can use to help themselves recover their language capabilities. The condition is known as aphasia. Playing around at the interfaces between computers, brains, and language has been a lot of fun for the last 30 odd years.

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Mastering music for a living

For the last 34 years I've been an audio mastering engineer and vinyl record cutter. I have a web site at .My mastering has led me to work for the Rolling Stones, Kelly Clarkson, Brian Wilson,Maroon 5, lots of EDM and hip hop. I've got a partial list on the site.

I absolutely love the work. These days I mostly work with independent artists or small labels

And, yes, I cut the vinyl for the Grateful Dead's "Without A Net" LP.

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Circuit?? I don' need no steen-king circuit.

Hi, Katky!
I pretty much make my own "circuit," doing corporate-related programs. I am certainly aware of Mr. Lovering and hope to see his work one day. The way Zabrecky has really caught on within the rather small world of this biz, it wouldn't surprise me to see David perform in a trade-related event. His approach, judging by what I've heard, is refreshingly original.

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long story short - what I do

long story short - what I do for a living is fixing what people can't fix themselves. I do property maintenance, all sorts of odd jobs, wire and cable management and so forth. I want to become the ultimate handyman! xoxo) I'm a simple man.


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My Gainful Employment