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Joined: Oct 25 2007
Cause I am the Taxman

..Don't be a 'player hater'. I am enjoying helping american's pay that ohh so elusive tax debit. Honestly, I am in Collections for the IRS but "..let the story teller speak.." that you are far better calling the IRS yoursrlf and seeking assitance than paying a agency $1000- $10,000 plus to do something you yourself can do for free.

Everyday, people say or write, "... if I had know it was this easy I would have not have paid such such....". You ask who is such and such, well, " man among you have no sin upon his hands... before playing in the band...". The most intresting part of my job is working with poeple one on one working out a reasonable payment plan that they can afford and feel comfortable with.

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Joined: Jan 10 2009
hate my job

I do mail and data entry for Prudential Retirement,,, I have never worked a job I hated, but it pays my medical insurance,,, funny thing is I didn't used to feel unhealthy till I worked at this place... I plan to get out real soon, I would rather be poor than feel the way I do now,,,,I am thinking of taking a year off and hitting the road and see what happens,,, I need some inspiration
(~);} Have a GRATEFUL day (~);}

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Joined: Jan 14 2011
Jill of all trades

I make soap, candles, Knit, garden, cook, demolition, paint, tile, woodwork, restoration, daycare, elder care, behavioral health, banking, foreign exchange, Student and Now I work with at risk youth while I am in school for psychology. I would love to add, That I have raised a beautiful, confident son and maintained a long and loving marriage to a NON-Head. I love the things I have done in my life because in the 80's and 90's I really fed my head ;) I had a struggle with addiction to powders and I am happy to say that I am powder free today. I talk about my growing experience at work and sometimes I worry that the kids don't heed my warnings, I try to tell them that not everyone is lucky to come out unscathed. But I have to be truthful when I say that as I get older I really want something to clean the cobwebs from my brain.

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Joined: Jan 9 2011
I have been teaching

I have been teaching kindergarten and early elementary since 1993- the same year I saw my last Dead show. No real conncetion other then the fact that I moved to Texas and had a real job for the first time. I also run the poetry slam PuroSlam, in San Antonio. If ever in soutth texas, stop by the slam and let's talk Dead.

J.T. Gossard

kyle15tyler (not verified)
Currently working for a

Currently working for a charity, very rewarding work when you see the difference it can make to people.


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Joined: Jun 22 2007
My gainful employment

Has announced that we'll be getting back the pay cut we got hit with 2 yrs ago. Good news! Maybe we've survived this "business downturn" (sound of knocking on wood) after all...or at least some of us have. We're a much, much smaller work group than we used to be.

Of course, the pay cut came with 13 furlough days off from work/yr. Honestly, I enjoyed the time off more than the money, but at this point, it'll be very nice to see the cash again.

Joined: Nov 3 2010

Counseling.Over 20 years and families.

Joined: Nov 11 2010
Hi y'all from Atl GA

My first post as a new member. Been a Deadhead since my first show in 1973 in Atl GA when I was 13. Saw about 126 shows before Jerry left us. I even met Bob Weir when he played with Bobby and the Midnites in a now defunct venue called the Agora Ballroom, which was across the street from the Fabulous Fox Theatre on Peachtree Street. I look forward to wandering around here and getting to know y'all, especially longtime Deadheads. You know, there was even one red-headed dude with a beard I swear I saw at every show, from Red Rocks to RFK with Bob Dylan, and the Omni and Fox shows and everywhere else. You guys have probably seen him too.
Nothin' left to do but smile, smile, smile!

Joined: Nov 8 2010
I work at a country food

I work at a country food market. It pays the bills and I like my job, so no complaints. I want to start getting into the veterinary technician field, or taking some courses on homeopathic medicine if all goes according to plan, but I guess at 22 I still have time to
figure what's best suited for me.

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Joined: Nov 9 2010
Shifting Consciousness

After getting my degree in the history of religion, I had to make a choice -- to plug into the whole academic system or try to take the nuggets I'd come across to the wider world, to make them accessible in a way that people's (third) eyes might get opened. Given where we're at, both as a planet and a species, I opted for the latter. For the last five years I've been working for a non-profit (Transcendent Nation Foundation) and a for-profit (Project Restoration) focused on shifting consciousness and the question of how to save the world.

People seem to be grooving on the content we're putting out -- from videos with spiritual elders to a psychedelic graphic novel (that begins with Ken Kesey in 1964). On the slate are a series of films and games, to take it into more of the mass culture. The goal is, as more and more people all around the world find out about Project Restoration, to create a movement. A critical mass, where if enough people wake up we'll all wake up.

Perhaps the most rewarding thing is to see what kind of people resonate with the message (and what clans they join when they visit, each clan having its own approach to saving the world). It's insanely ambitious, of course. And totally bootstrapped. And way more than a day job. But hey, someone has to shoot for the moon...

Albion M. Butters, Ph.D.
Chief Creative Officer
Big 'I' Group


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My Gainful Employment