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Trivia questions, who wrote that song, when was the last time the Dead played Deer Creek, etc.


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Joined: Apr 15 2011
Robert Hunter fanmail address

Hi all,

I am very keen to post a letter to Robert Hunter thanking him for a particular lyric I heard last night. I heard it when I needed most to hear it and I need to express my thanks in writing.

Does anyone know if he would accept mail via a record company or any such means?

Many thanks,

Anthony - Sydney, Australia

Joined: Jul 18 2011
"Tails from the Golden Road" rebroadcast question

Is there a place to listen to the rebroadcast of "tails from the golden road" besides the rebroadcasts on the satellite radio? I have a Sirius subscription but can't ever seem to catch the show throughout the week. Is there a website that you can stream it from or something like that?

Joined: Jun 21 2011
Help to Identify Grateful Dead Hookah - 1960's - 70's

I have a friend who was given a Bear Head hookah. He was told that this belonged to a stage hand from the 1960's-70's and that a member of the Grateful Dead gave it to him. There are a couple of symbols in the pottery, but no markings. Does anyone recognize this?


Here are some links to photos:

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let's just say

there is no single answer to that question.

I mean, back in the day, one guy famously amassed so much vacation time that one year he could do every show one year as paid vacation, and some people pay their way by vending, though this gets pretty precarious, and some folks, frankly, beg. Others pick manageable subsets of the tour and do that, for starters, like a weekend or a week, to get their bearings, make contacts, build relationships, etc.

I would say, this is not something to rush into. Go to a few shows. Hang out with some folks. Build a few relationships. Decide who you like. This is a pretty benign scene, but that does not mean that it is any fun to be a thousand miles from home with no money and not knowing a soul. Doesn't mean a wonderful miracle won't happen, but better to have a plan.

Joined: Oct 5 2010
This is a little bit different info.

I was looking on tips for how to tour with the band. I've heard about all of these Deadheads who follow the band and know that people still do it for Furthur. But what I'm wondering is, how? I might want to do it and I want tips. How do you make an income and get tickets? How do you get from town-to-town? How do people afford food, etc.? Just how?

Joined: Nov 2 2010
Looking for tunage

Hey hey! So I would say that I have been hooked on the dead (and post-projects) for about three years. I know... not too long. I am just starting to sort through all the era's any thoughts about where to get started? I get the 70's (mostly later) are the hot years. But for some reason the 80's and even some of the 90's shows are speaking to me. I like exploration but only if it goes super far or I like good old fashioned solid shows. I love that Lindley Meadows from 75. Love it. Love that Boston Music Hall show from the winter of 76, forgot the month, but I love that sort of exploration. I also love the spectrum shows from 88... blah blah. I am more looking for suggestions from others to expand my horizons. I would love to trade, too. Rather spend money making a connection with a person rather than itunes or whatnot. My email is if anyone feels life hitting me up and spilling some knowledge into my mind. Thanks a ton!

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June '74 soundboards

Des Moines and Louisville both have mix problems at the start of the show. Perhaps a good audience recording will have Bertha for 6/16 and Jet on 6/18. Who was running the board back then: Owsley, Healey, Cantor, Kid? Remember, the Wall of Sound was up and certainly demanded a lot of tech attention.

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Des Moines, Iowa Fairgrounds 06-16-74 Concert

I attended and have a copy of this concert from the archives sound board but the first tune, Bertha, only has half the instruments and no vocals. Does anyone have a clean copy of Bertha, the first tune??? If so, you can contact me at:

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Tour Rout Maps

Does anyone have or make tour rout maps? Of which shows they went to, when and where? Or does there exist a map of the GD's tours? By year?

Joined: Jan 22 2011
shows attended

I'm trying to piece together some of the shows I've been to. Anyone know the dates when Led Zepplin was playing Winterland and the Dead were playing the old Fillmore? How about the date for the Winterland show that Wavy Gravy announced from stage that refreshments were being passed around "take a sip and pass it on." I don't think a lot of people heard the "sip" part :-O!!!! Seems to me Mr. Gravy may have been in a bodycast, but then my vision was fluctuating somewhat. That show might have been the Indians on Alcatraz Benefit. Any help appreciated!


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