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Trivia questions, who wrote that song, when was the last time the Dead played Deer Creek, etc.


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wav to mp3

Anyone know a great freeware program that converts WAV to MP3? Please pm me or post the link here if you have a suggestion. Thanks in advance!

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Ventura 86

I found out from FM radio on Friday morning 7/11 We were on the road on the 10th. & out of (it) communication (pre cell phone)
So if ya don't mind me askin' - What is the arcticle on?
I just havent been to this corner of my mind in quite a while.......For what its worth.

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Cornell / May 8th, 1977

I'm just in the very beginning stages/brainstorming a book on the concert from 5.8.77.

Widely considered to be the best show the band ever played, I'm hoping to gather enough photographs, recollections and other assorted information to turn the book into an oral biography. But of a show, not a person.

If you were there and would like to tell me about the show/what you recall/what you saw please be in touch. No memory is too small!

Feel free to email me at


Jawal Nga

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blue aeroplanes

here's a list for you where you can listen to live versions of "the same thing" in the for free :)

as for albums-I don't know, someone else will have to answer that one :)
I am not young enough to know everything.
Oscar Wilde

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The same thing


I'm a new user of this site.
This new topic is about the Willie Dixon song "the same thing",
I just want to know if I could hear this song in a live or studio
Dead's album?I have "Historic Dead" Lp where this song is;I have no information
about the recordings of this Lp (Studio or live?Where and when?)
I have also listen it in a live recording at Winterland Arena ,Dec 31st,1971
and sung by Pig Pen:majestic!!
Thanks for answers

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Small sign on station of Terrapin Station

I'm planning to ask a friend of mine to do a painting of the front of the Terrapin Station album cover. Does anyone know what the wording is on the small white sign on the right side (left front corner) of the train station? I've expanded the pic in Word, but can't make out what the sign says.

Thank you,

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soundboard location at giants stadium 92

Does anyone know where it was located about on the field what section? Thanks

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I am currently writing a paper for school on the Deadhead subculture. In order to complete this I project I need to interview someone within the subculture. Would anyone on these boards be interested in being interviewed? If so I would greatly appreciate it. We can do the interview over the phone, through email, or any way you please.
Thank you for your time,
Sam Starks

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lost my iphone

I left my iphone in the back of a kid named erin's (I think) truck at the show in columbus on July 2. I would really, really like to get it back. Please contact me at if anybody can help me out. Namaste

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Wake of the Flood album

Borncrosseyed - I may be wrong, but I'm sure that there were some Wake of the Flood albums produced illegally, and distributed through record stores. And the GD or the official distribution company, or label, called in the FBI to put a stop to the forgeries! I could be wrong, but I'm sure I've read this somewhere. So: to be outside the law, you must be honest!

And there will be another sunrise


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