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Trivia questions, who wrote that song, when was the last time the Dead played Deer Creek, etc.


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Joined: Jan 27 2009
Looking for a ride to Phili.

last week on the way to brooklyn shows my car broke down in the bronx and had it towed to torrington ct. unfortunately it is still not fixed and need a ride to phili. if anyone can help u can contact via my dead net account. i would really appreciate it.
enjoy the fourth
bright blessings


Joined: Apr 21 2009
Philly - July 10th and 11th - Where are people staying?

Hello all -

Seeing both shows at the Mann - Anyone know a good place to stay overnight besides a hotel? Wanna stay connected to the scene.

-G. Dread

Joined: Jul 1 2010
Searching for date of Fillmore East Uncle John's Band

All I know is that the ending segment is this massive thing, and it was recorded at one of the last Fillmore East shows. Can anyone help me find this one?

Joined: Jul 1 2010
Can anyone identify this CD????????

I have a CD with a blueish green background a silver squiggly line all over it and the number 6 (or maybe 9?) in a small box. I bought a CD collection from a guy and there is more dead stuff than I ever could have imagined, but try as I can I can't put my fingers on what this CD is. It doesn't sound live. The first song is Ripple, followed by Cumberland Blues and the 4th song is Eyes of the World.

I'd insert a picture if i could.

Joined: Jul 5 2007
Deadhead Friendly Campground near Saratoga?

Hello friends! To the best of my recollection, this is my first forum post.
I was wondering if anyone could recommend a deadhead friendly campground in the Saratoga Springs, NY area.
Thank you very much!

Please don't be sad if it was a straight line you had
We wouldn't have known you all these years

Joined: Jun 30 2007
kind music in DFW?

been in Dallas area bout 1 year. can't find cool tunes anywhere. can anyone help? dead covers great; good RnR, acoustic; any kind music, kind folks would be great. thank you

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Joined: Sep 10 2007
Alabama Getaway

Yeah, it is definitely not 76-79 as the Dead didn't play there those years, and as Ted says, Alabama Getaway was not performed until 1979.

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Joined: Jul 9 2007
1982 or 1983

Interestingly, Alabama Getaway segued into Greatest Story on 10/9/82 and again on 8/20/83, both times at Frost Amphitheater, in Palo Alto. The song was first performed in late 1979.

Joined: May 16 2010
Stanford Concert late 70s?

Hiya — I've run across some reels labeled "Dead Stanford." The first number is "Alabama Getaway." From the context, I believe the recording was made between 1976 and 1978. Can someone enlighten me with details? I tried searching by location but just throws darts at me. ;)

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Joined: Aug 6 2007
Iko-Aiko on and on ande

Way back before God gave us internets I was hard pressed to find the origins of Iko-Iko, having danced myself Rumplestiltskin style right into middle earth the first time I heard it live, and agian when I heard it sandwiched w/ Brother John and Man/Woman Smart. Like, what the f is a spy boy, flag boy, what's with the setting of stuff on fire in such a joyous song???
I already had a decent background in Nawlin's music but only in the tunes not the history. Prof Longhair, Dr. John, The Nevilles, Toussaint, Beausoleil, All manner of Zydecos, but the Dixie cups had a killer Iko-Iko. Anyhow with the wealth of info at our fingertips we can wiki up info (true & false!) about Jocamo and feeno etc ad infinitum.
The HBO show Treme has featured a lot of music I have heard from the speaker stacks at Dead shows and I LOVE it. I feel like an old hand. The Dead took me so many places around the world and up the backroads down the mountain trails and through the swamps of our own musical country I owe them and thank them so so much.
Thank YOU......... for real good time as well as a great musical education.
uh, this starteed as a suggestion to enjoy Treme where you will hear a bunch of good music!


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In Search of... Info