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Also DVDs, CDs, MP3s... Post requests and offers here.

Please note that while trading, vining, etc. are welcome here, trading, vining, and other unauthorized copying and distribution of commercial releases, including those of the Grateful Dead, is not. Thank you.


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Tour Poster

Looking forI followed the Boys in 2009 from Wilkes Barre to Denver....7 shows in 12 days!! In Hartford, I purchased 2nd row tickets from through the charity auction. I got a signed tour poster signed by all the Warren Haynes. It was my most prized possession!!! About 6 months ago, my home was burglarized and 3 things were, my college class ring, and my Dead poster. I literally weeped. I don't care about the class ring but I am desperate to replace my poster. I'm hoping a FAMILY member can help me out? Maybe you and your partner got two posters? I am willing to pay a "more than fair price" to replace it!!! PLEASE HELP!! Todd in Denver. PEACE
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Seeking Dave's Vol 26

Would love to have this set!

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ISO: 5/8/77 fancy J-cards

I'm looking for fancy, hand drawn or early computer Grateful Dead graphics J-cards (tape covers) for this show. If you have what I'm looking for and you don't want to part with these J-cards would it be possible to take good pictures and send them to me or flat bed scan them and email them to me. Or can you recommend a computer program for cassette tape covers, or send a copy to me?

The ones I have are very plain, printed ones with no graphics or color at all.

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Dave's Picks Vol. 15

Anyone interested in buying my copy of Vol 15? It has only been played 3 times.
It is from Nashville concert 4/22/78 and is 3 cd's, copy #13922 of 16500
$40 plus shipping. Hit me up. Thanx and have a Grateful Day!

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cassettes for trade

I still have maybe 1000 to 2000 Grateful Dead ( and a few assorted others) cassettes .
Would love for them to be used again.
Will trade.
External hard drives or make an offer.
I may have a list of dates if I can find it.

e mail

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would love to accept, download and pass on

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hello flac/shn shows

whats up?
I would be interested in the 87 and 88 shows
what do you have?
thanks much

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i have a boat load of shows on cassette just laying around in a closet. if you are anywhere near east windsor, ct. contact me and they can be yours. mostly '70's and '80's. some earlier.

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I had an amazing guy from a Dead Facebook group recently gift me many JGB cd’s that were all from tapers and I am OBSESSED with the sound. I mean I’ve been listening to the Dead since I was a little kid but to hear the rawness of this sound just takes it to another level! When they kick into a song and the crowd erupts I can close my eyes and picture myself standing there in person. I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about and it’s a bit embarrassing I’m so late to the game. If anyone has ANY old tapes I would be happy to work something out. JGB is incredible but I would die to hear some tapes of some Dead shows. If you’d like to email me that would probably be best. Cheers :-)

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ISO Tapes

HEY NOW! ISO tapes to play in my car for my own listening pleasure! I don't have any bootlegs besides a rat dog show I taped off the radio & some max creek shows I taped myself. Shoot me a message! Thanks! IKO IKO!


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