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Joined: Feb 1 2014
Free Tapes

Does this offer still stand? I'm a young fan and searching...

Joined: Feb 1 2014

Hey guys. Just joined the forum. I'm looking to start my own collection of tapes, but have no idea where to start. Anyone willing to help a sister out if I send B&P or tell me where online I should start for Soundboards, etc... NEW to all of this, just trying to make my way...


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Joined: Jun 23 2007
Gone to new homes

A year or two ago I decided that my collection of over 450 tapes was taking up closet space that I wanted back. I had since downloaded digital copies of most of those amazing shows so I knew I would be OK. Dark Star Orchestra was coming to play an outdoor venue in our town and I new they would host a large number of heads at their show. I gathered most of these tapes(I had to keep a few of the most killer masters for me) and toted them to the show I set up around my car the wall cases of tapes with a sign that said FREE, but please be kind to others. Most folks could simply not believe it and repeatedly asked, 'are you sure?'. Many traded stuff for them and I felt real good passing along to the younger heads -their first tapes. Fun, Fun, Fun

Joined: Dec 31 2009
free tapes

howdy so I hear you some aud tapes and youre trying to get rid of them. how can I arrange to get some? I will pay for shipping of course. my email: ZAPPAFACE68@COMCAST.NET
or call 267-441-2757 thanks mickey

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Joined: May 26 2007
I was cleaning out a closet over the weekend

and discovered boxes and boxes of tapes that had been thrown in there more or less at random a decade or so ago. It's going to take several bursts of energy to sort them all out. I also found two reels, which I have no idea why I have them, as I have never had a reel-to-reel. One of the Dead at the Hollywood Palladium, one of mixed Dead/Airplane stuff. The only thing I can think is I must have grabbed them at a yard sale, or someone else did thinking Hey, Mary Will Like This...

I suspect there are still quite a few of us with tapes, even though we rarely play them.

One thing that makes me really happy though is that the technology is now such that you can connect your cassette deck to your laptop with nothing fancier than a plain old patch cord and digitize your tapes. Whether it makes sense to do this with your music is debatable, as there are almost certainly better versions out there but hey, this is the one you imprinted on. But I've got a boatload of interviews that SERIOUSLY need this, painful as it is to hear myself sounding like a fool all the time. Usually the person I'm talking to doesn't.

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Joined: Aug 6 2009
Surprised but not really...

I haven't thought'bout "The Tapers" in years...I gave up the cassette deck decades ago...But I will NEVER forget all the microphones on poles in the audience...

Back in the 70's I vaguely remember the Hells Angels working their way to the front of the crowd and pulling the batteries out of some poor dudes cassette machine and warning him about a few things...Apparently this Cat was like "Mr TAPER" or some name like that...and he had been warned before...I'm thinking Rosevelt Stadium New Jersey...The show after the Big Rain out cancellation...(Now that was a bad scene daddio...LOL) Nothing like hitch hiking while trippin...OR is it Trippin while hitch hiking??? In a thunder storm!!!
It's GOOD to be ALIVE!!!
Peace Ya'll

Joined: Jan 13 2009
I will take the tapes

Hey there! I will take as many if the tapes that you'd like to part with, just let me know how much it would be and how to pay you... It would be easier to
Send your reply directly to
Many thanks!

Joined: Apr 16 2009
Free Tapes

I have about 250 tapes of GB and JGB shows that I want to give away to people who would appreciate them.
About 15 shows are master tapes that I made with a Sony D5.
Masters are 1982-1983 other tapes are older. I think its only fair that masters don't go to one person.
Only need to pay for shipping.

Joined: Nov 26 2013
Seeking 1990 Shows on CD

Rejoined after long absence and looking for 1990 shows (not official releases). Happy to trade or BnP. Plenty GD, Dylan, Phil, Dead to trade. Please contact directly. Thanks.


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Joined: Jan 12 2008
Birthday show

Long shot, I don't even remember seeing tapers at the show, but hoping there's one out there somewhere...just would like to take a trip down memory lane, don't recall a lot about the show, except possibly a Russian Lullaby and squeaky Jerry acoustic strings. :)

11/16/1984 Jerry & John Kahn State College, PA

Would take it in any format. If you have it or know of it, PM me and let's talk!!!!


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