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Joined: Sep 14 2010
Looking for June 25, 1995 RFK

I have the live show recorded from June 25, 1995 minus Lucy in the Sky at the very end...does anyone have this? Also, Dylan played Everybody Must get Stoned as the last song of his set that night and I don't have that either. Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

Joined: Aug 29 2010
CDs need a new home...

Hello folks, I have been a lurker off and on here for years, can't remember the
last time I posted anything. anyway, I have about 1600 Phish discs and about 700
Grateful Dead discs that need a new home. Most of them have been in storage in
spindles for a few years, some have been listened often. Most phish are from
schoeps (often FOBs) sources and the dead shows are mostly from charlie miller.

My wife and I have a baby on the way (due in early november) and I want to clear
out some space and trade for some essentials. let me know, I'll send you the lists. I am looking to trade for at least 50 discs at a time, but prefer 100.


Joined: Aug 16 2010
FREE Grateful Dead tapes,....and others....


I have a giant crate full of bootleg concert cassette tapes by the Grateful dead as well as Weir, Garcia, and several other none-related artists (Bob Dylan, Moody Blues, Jefferson Airplane, New Bohemians, tons more...) The tapes belonged to my Dad, whom left them with me after he passes away. If I know my Dad, I know that he would want these tapes to be owned and cherrished by unique individuals out there that shared the same passion he did.

I know that tapes are becoming obsolete with the turn of the technology age, but still, I have no use for these tapes and I want them to go to a new home. I don't care about making any sort of a profit off of these tapes,....all I ask is to maybe cover some of the shipping charges. I'm willing to stretch 25 cents a tape, and will send bundles of tapes at a time upon request.

Only downside is, I do NOT have a list,....and no I honestly do not feel like typing up a giant list. Basically, just I'm just wanting to send out random surprise tapes like a grab-bag deal. If you specify Grateful Dead ONLY, than I can make sure that only Grateful Dead tapes will be sent,.... My Dad was a huge Dead-head so that does make up most of the collection. However, if you're up to receieve any other artists mentioned above I can throw those in as well.

Most of the tapes come with handwritten track listings and some even have bootleg artwork.

Here are 2 photo links to my dad's collection... (pics are slightly blurry but you get the idea).

That's not even a 5th of his collection,...much more, I just didn't want to dig them all out of the box. Again, they're basically FREE,...a minor donation for shipping would be appreciated... No list availible. Randomly sent.

Anyone interested, please message me. Thanks!

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Joined: Jan 2 2009

I agree with badger. Your offer is very kind but for the work and time that is required to get your recordings going, I could downlload 3 x as many shows from the net or sign up for vines and all I have to do is go to my mailbox and grab them. What I am getting at is that it is really easy to obtain shows in this day and age with minimal effort.

What I am interested in is getting set up to do my own taping. I'd love to get some advice on how to get started...

"The dire wolf collects his due while the boys sing round the fire"

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
highvibe and paisley

Highvide your offer is kind, but I think most people here are now getting all the shows they need digitally as auds from and as Soundboards from one or two well known well known torrent sites. Alternatively they are getting them from the the Vineyard on this site. Just about every show ever recorded by anyone is out there now.. You might get more interest if you publish a list of the shows you have..if some of them are new sources someone might take up your offer.

Paisley..why dont you join the vineyard on this site to help rebuild your collection. Or go to some of the well known on line places to torrent or downlaod the shows you need.

Good luck to both of you


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Joined: Jul 26 2007
Wow! Any tapers left out there???

I am thinking this thread might be somewhat Dead (^_^) or even worst - buried! Posted my offer 2 weeks ago (see below) and haven't gotten any responses or even see any signs of life on here! Offer still stands as of today (and indefinitely until I post here other wise!)

Let's get on with the show....

Brother "A"

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Joined: Jun 9 2007
Dead Discs

Although I have nothing to offer in trade except good karma, I'm asking if anyone's willing to send me some shows. I lost my considerable collection of all things Dead during the summer of 2008. While I was hospitalized for depression after my wife's death, I was evicted from my apartment, and lost everything. While I'm rebuilding the rest of my life, it would be great to be able to listen to some music, if you've got the time and inclination. Thanks to the community for being here!

...all the years combine...

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Joined: Jul 26 2007
Wholly DEAD DAT! ~ Anyone want some crispy tunes?

Yes, I realize this might be an outdated offer as there are many ways to download music these days, AND hoping someone out there might appreciate receiving these crispy DAT's...

You will find below the list of 46 Dead and half dozen JGB on DAT that I am offering.
If you want these, need not do more than send along your information including a valid US UPS address so I can ship them out to you.

Of course, once you get them if you discover that some of these shows might be ones others would appreciate, then feel free to pass them on in whatever way inspires you...

You can email me directly at with your response.

Keep on keepin' on!

~ Antonio ~

Dead DAT List

66-03-25 – Whole Show - Troupers Club, L.A. - SBD
66-07-03 – Whole Show – The Fillmore – SBD
71-07-02 – Set 2 – Fillmore West – SBD
72-05-11 – Set 1 & part of 2 – Netherlands – SBD
72-05-26 – Set 1 – London – SBD
72-07-26 – Whole Show – Portland, OR – SBD
72-07-26 – Part of Set 2 – SBD
73-11-10 – Set 2 – Winterland – SBD
73-05-26 – Set 1 & 3 – Kezar Staadium – DSBD
74-06-18 – Whole Show – Freedom Hall, Louisville, KY – SBD
74-08-06 – Set 1 - Jersey City – SBD
74-10-19 – Winterland – SBD
76-06-15 – Whole Show – The Beacon, NY, NY – DSBD
77-06-08 – Set 2 – Winterland – DSBD
77-06-09 – Whole Show – Winterland – Reel >DAT SBD
77-01-11 – Whole Show – Detroit, MI – DSBD
78-07-08 – Set 2 – Red Rocks - DSBD
78-10-21 – Set 2 – Winterland – DSBD
78-11-24 – Whole Show – Capitol Theater – Passaic, NJ – SBD
80-06-21 – Set 1 - Anchorage, AL – SBD
80-09-06 – Set 2 – Lewiston, ME – F.O.B. Aud.
80-10-04 – Acoustic & Set 1 – Warfield – SBD
80-10-06 – Acoustic Set – Warfield - DSBD
80-10-10 – Acoustic Set – Warfield - DSBD
80-10-11 – Acoustic Set – Warfield - DSBD
81-12-31 – Whole Show – Oakland Coliseum – DSBD
82-12-31 – Whole Show – Oakland Coliseum – DSBD
82-07-31 – Whole Show - Austin, TX - DSBD
85-08-30 – Whole Show – Houston, TX - DSBD
87-05-03 – Set 2 - Frost Ampitheater – DSBD
87-09-24 – Set 2 – Philly Spectrum – DSBD (Smokin’!)
89-02-10 – Whole Show - Great Western Forum, L.A. – DSBD
90-12-12 – Set 2 – Denver, CO – DSBD
91-08-16 – Set 2 – Shoreline – SBD
91-08-17 – Set 2 – Shoreline – SBD
91-09-10 – Set 1 – MSG – DSBD – (filler from 71-07-02)
91-09-22 – Whole Show – Boston Garden – DSBD
91-09-25 – Whole Show – Boston Garden - DSBD
91-10-27 – Set 2 – Oakland Coliseum – SBD (w/ Carlos & Gary Duncan)
92-05-30 – Set 2 – Silver Bowl, Las Vegas – DSBD
92-12-16 – Set 2 – Oakland Coliseum – SBD
93-09-22 – Whole Show – MSG – DSBD (w/ David Murray on Sax)
94-03-30 – Whole Show – The Omni, Atlanta, GA – DSBD
94-10-05 – Set 2 – Philly Spectrum – Pre-FM DSBD (Jerry during Drums!)
94-12-11 – Whole Show – Oakland Coliseum - DSBD
95-07-08 – Whole Show – Soldier Field – Aud

94-02-13 - Crosby, Phil & Nash! – Masonic Temple, S.F.

71-09-01 – Garcia & Saunders – Keystone, S.F. – SBD
75-04-12 – Legion of Mary – Masonic Temple, Scranton, PA – SBD
75-10-17 – JGB – Concord Pavillion – SBD
75-12-19 – JGB – Winterland – SBD
79-03-?? – Reconstruction – SBD
81-05-30 – JGB – Phoenix Theater, Petaluma, CA – SBD
83-11-25 – JGB – Cleveland Music Hall - SBD

Joined: Jul 31 2010
Big Beat Acid Test Recording 12-18-1965 (?)

A tape exists of this vintage show in Palo Alto: I used to own it. I can not find even a set list existing online. Hi Heeled Sneakers was played for sure...

The date has been variably listed as 12-11-1965 or 12-18-1965, depending on when the Muir Beach Acid Test actually took place.

Someone out there has a copy! Where are you?

Greg Tyler Allison

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Joined: May 26 2007
uh, yeah

I seem to recall that there's at least one Queen vine in the Vineyard already. Nowhere is it written that Deadheads can't like other music. Quite the reverse.

Put me down as a fan of Freddie's power pipes, though I never really followed the band. Wotta voice that guy had.


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