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Joined: Jun 17 2008
Vancover 1973

Anybody have this show??

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Joined: Jul 26 2007

Hey Y'all!

Not sure if this is "against the rules" here in "official" tape trading land, but I am going for it anyways.

I have about 50 DAT tapes (mostly SBD's - each tape is either a "whole show" or 2 sets from different shows or some combination of both) ranging from 1966 to 1995 and mostly 198?'s and 199?'s. So, this is A LOT of great music (probably about 80 hours worth).

I still listen to the magic of "the boy's" but simply do not have the time or the drive to do anything with these DAT's and would love to see them continue to circulate. These are DAT's that came through some "close to home" channels when I lived in Northern Cali!

Here is my offer....

I am looking for someone who actually has a functional well maintained DAT machine who will take these tapes and make it their duty to make them into digital files / CD's to spread throughout the land.

In return, I would simply like to receive a CD copy of certain select shows as you do them over time.

I realize that this is quite a commitment for someone and that it would have to be someone who is good at following through with a project like this.

One way of looking at it is, with 50 tapes, you could treat yourself to 1 new DEAD DAT dessert a week for almost a whole year! It would simply take downloading the show to HD and then burning some CD's.

Let's get creative and work out the details!

Please email me directly at to respond.


Antonio (^_^)

Joined: Aug 12 2008
looking for a show on CD or MP3 July 2004 Cleveland, Oh

does anyone out there have the recording of The Dead at Blossom Music Center in Ohio July 2004 Wave That Flag summer tour. I forget the exact day sorry. I have been looking for it ever since the show and have been unable to find it. If you don't have it, do you know where I may be able to find it. I am willing to pay. Thanks in advance!!!

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Joined: Jul 19 2007
GD and other band CDR/DVD trading? interested anybody?

Hi GD folks,

I was wondering if anybody wants to trade CDR audio and some DVD video of the Grateful Dead...I do have other groups too, but I'm still compiling the list...I've got approx 1150 hours of just GD, roughly 350 shows I think the majority are SBD and some audience, many of these are transfers from my own DAT>CDR many aud's that are not on that are very good...please drop me a line and I send you out a list via e-mail attachment , excel program...

Ursa Minor

my e-mail off group:

please put in the heading via or e-mail me here with your off group e-mail

I wish that for just one time, You could stand inside my shoes, and for just that one moment, I could be you - Bob Dylan, Positively 4th St.

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Looking for a SBD of Richfield, OH 03-21-94

Looking for a SBD of Richfield, OH 03-21-94

1: Greatest> Bertha, Same Thing, Peggy-O, Queen Jane, West L. A., Eternity> Tennessee Jed
2: Picasso Moon> New Speedway> Victim> He's Gone> Jam> Drumz> Lovelight> Stella Blue> Lovelight E: Liberty

2nd set was off the hook!

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Joined: Jun 6 2007

Does anybody have any of the above mentioned shows on CD or lossless format. Would greatly appreciate them. hit me at Thanx in advance for any replies!!!



Joined: Jul 22 2008
Tape COllection

I own just about every show from late 60s and up and am looking to sell them if anyone is interested in purchasing this insane collection email me @

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Joined: Jul 7 2008
Looking For a Betty Board of 7-29-88 Lauguna Seca

Can anyone help?

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Joined: May 26 2007
no worries

and as to that bad Bertha disc, email the particulars to josh dot leopard at iventa dot com, and he should get things straightened out pretty fast. Though last I heard they were still waiting for the replacement discs. Let's just say you're not alone on that one.

As for the ins and outs of the taper scene, archive, etc., I try to stay out of it. Here we're just muddling along trying to do what works for everyone, and while there are definitely rough spots it mostly works!

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Joined: Jul 14 2008
hello Marye

Hello, Marye didnt mean any offence to the people making the money, perhaps the highwhig comment was a little bit offensive! sorry, if you were offended by my lingo, its theres to make money with, and thats fine, its the bands and the managements hardwork, i was refering to sites like internet archives, i herd that they used to let people trade the soundboard tapes and all, and then they took some of the live taped shows off recently ,someone made a comment about Phil being responsible for putting some of it back on, but im sure not about all of it! its changed alot in the last few years now that live shows are sold for a dollar a song,with all the mp3 podcasting and all, i understand it if they feel they have lost millions, they probably have, but there was a strong statement made if i remember correctly that it was ok to tape and trade for non profit and as long as they werent commercially released, and im glad thats the way it still is!! i hope it stays that way as long as it can!!i would like to get some recordings of whole shows for myself to listen to and trade,Marye, i know you work alot with the customer service from your posts, i did shell out the $100.00 for the Winterland 73' box set and im very happy to have it, it sounds great, they did alot of nice work with it,its somthing to hear how great the band sounded at that set of shows! im sure that most fans would love pay to have them do that mastering work on other live music box set,i will be in line, it sounds to good to pass up! 2 track or not, it sounds better than most any recording of any live or studio,music ive herd its so stereophonic,if thats the correct term, but my disc 2 "track" "Bertha" pops and cracks,like it has a defect, there was glue all over most of the disc like they were put in the box's before it dried, and i did get most of it off easily with no damage, i would like to get my disc 2 replaced, i cant seem to get ahold of anyone though, well, like i said Marye, i wanst calling anyone out to hurt feelings, i was in the wrong,, i take it back if i did offend,, i just want to see the live recordings made by the fans stay free traded, hopefully it will, as for being a Locomotive Engineer its a great job, i had to give up alot of things i loved for it,, lifestyle wise, you can probably imagine, to be safe for all,, i have somewhat of an understanding with the Wharf Rats,,, you do see alot of nice things on the rails, sunrises, sunsets, you experiance alot of things that can be pretty sad also! its life!! and Death!! for everything! hopefully it balances out! i love to listen to my Grateful Dead on the ipod 160gig on the 200mi 12hr trips, well hope i set everything ok again! i dont mind being called out!! i was in the wrong!!, hope were ok! im a big mouth bass sometimes. talk to you later, thanks for the advice!


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