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Joined: Jul 15 2008
hello Marye

Hello, Marye didnt mean any offence to the people making the money, perhaps the highwhig comment was a little bit offensive! sorry, if you were offended by my lingo, its theres to make money with, and thats fine, its the bands and the managements hardwork, i was refering to sites like internet archives, i herd that they used to let people trade the soundboard tapes and all, and then they took some of the live taped shows off recently ,someone made a comment about Phil being responsible for putting some of it back on, but im sure not about all of it! its changed alot in the last few years now that live shows are sold for a dollar a song,with all the mp3 podcasting and all, i understand it if they feel they have lost millions, they probably have, but there was a strong statement made if i remember correctly that it was ok to tape and trade for non profit and as long as they werent commercially released, and im glad thats the way it still is!! i hope it stays that way as long as it can!!i would like to get some recordings of whole shows for myself to listen to and trade,Marye, i know you work alot with the customer service from your posts, i did shell out the $100.00 for the Winterland 73' box set and im very happy to have it, it sounds great, they did alot of nice work with it,its somthing to hear how great the band sounded at that set of shows! im sure that most fans would love pay to have them do that mastering work on other live music box set,i will be in line, it sounds to good to pass up! 2 track or not, it sounds better than most any recording of any live or studio,music ive herd its so stereophonic,if thats the correct term, but my disc 2 "track" "Bertha" pops and cracks,like it has a defect, there was glue all over most of the disc like they were put in the box's before it dried, and i did get most of it off easily with no damage, i would like to get my disc 2 replaced, i cant seem to get ahold of anyone though, well, like i said Marye, i wanst calling anyone out to hurt feelings, i was in the wrong,, i take it back if i did offend,, i just want to see the live recordings made by the fans stay free traded, hopefully it will, as for being a Locomotive Engineer its a great job, i had to give up alot of things i loved for it,, lifestyle wise, you can probably imagine, to be safe for all,, i have somewhat of an understanding with the Wharf Rats,,, you do see alot of nice things on the rails, sunrises, sunsets, you experiance alot of things that can be pretty sad also! its life!! and Death!! for everything! hopefully it balances out! i love to listen to my Grateful Dead on the ipod 160gig on the 200mi 12hr trips, well hope i set everything ok again! i dont mind being called out!! i was in the wrong!!, hope were ok! im a big mouth bass sometimes. talk to you later, thanks for the advice!

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hey 71

not sure who you're calling names up there, but hey, this is the official Grateful Dead site and we do allow trading of shows that are not commercially released. I'd suggest paying a visit to The Vineyard and getting some ideas.

Meanwhile, feel free to head over to the Gainful Employment topic and post about being a locomotive engineer. Which, I suspect, is a dream job for a lot of us.

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advice on getting started in tape trading

well hello all, I'm new here on the site, I was lucky to see 2 shows back in the 90s, Chicago's Soldier Field show, Saturday, June, 19th, 1993 what a 1st show for me,, a big bolt of lightning hit down right behind the stage veiw just outside the stadium, it came right down thru the orange foggy haze just as the band started to warm up,everyone felt it, I felt it, I was a very big fan from that show on, i also seen the very last show at Buckeye Lake, in Oh, 1994, i always wanted to get a copy of these taped shows i always noticed the taper section, but i never was lucky to meet anyone who taped, I wish i could have, if i only new then how much i would enjoy listening to whole shows later in life, and how much relaxation it would bring me,, i would have been right there at the show,(,any show within driving distance 2 or 3 days,) with my mike pole up,taping everything I could,, well hindsights,, any how, i am so interested in starting to collect and share tapes or recordings. I know this is somthing that is frowned on as of late by the high ups, but as i remember from being at the shows the tapers were a big part of it,, almost as the members of the band wanted to put on a great show for not only the audiance but also the tapers, now it seems from what i read that the HighWhigs are not as into fans sharing, they want to be the only kid at school with a big great tasting peice of Grateful Deadalicious, and there chewing hard and lip smacking,, but they dont have enoughto share with the class funless you have 99.95, well anyways same ole story, im really wanting to start getting some shows to listen to and share, i really really love listening to whole shows, i was in a motercycle accident last year i still am not walking, but i will someday, and i have a lot of time to listen, i am a Locamotive Engineer by trade, but im on medical leave right now, if there is anyone who might have some extra time to help me get started with a few recordingings so i would have somthing to trade with others when obtaining i would be so so "grateful" and i will try to make it up to u with some of my music thats related you might not have my email is im Craig, thanks my freinds,,

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In Honor of " Andy" John Andrew Vojtko

I wish to Inform the Deadhead community that my Best Friend in the entire world as passed and any fellow heads that would know him (and there were many, many heads)should know that this happened, particularily Tony in Portland that i do not know how to contact but I saw at the 2004 show there with the Dead. Andy was a model deadhead in his belief system or principals. Jerry would of have been proud to call him friend , he never wanted to be a typical fan or hassle anyone at anytime. He was my music partner we went to so many shows together , the ones on my profile is a small sampling. His knowledge of the music and the Dead plus numerous other band community was like a library of knowledge , The vault people could of used Andy. The following is his Obit and the DEADHEADS worldwide weather you knew him or not, should heed to his passing. His story is 30 years plus and amazing. It would take more space than I'm provided to tell the story from beginning to end.

I have been given his music collection , which is quite extensive in tapes as well as CD's , Probably more than 3000 pieces or more. I will be cataloging this collection of live shows and all. The following is the OBIT , My Tears have flown for three days now since I found out. Yesterday was the big day for the furneral and being with his family. I have known Andy since we were 15 years old.

John Andrew "Andy" Vojtko
John Andrew "Andy" Vojtko of Libertyville Visitation for John Andrew "Andy" Vojtko, 45, will be from 1 p.m. until the time of the services at 2 p.m. Saturday, June 28, at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 29700 N. St. Mary's Road, Libertyville, with Pastor Robert Davis officiating. Born Aug. 18, 1962, in Libertyville, he passed away Wednesday, June 25, 2008. Andy had lived in the Libertyville-Mundelein area all his life. He was a 1980 graduate of Libertyville High School, received an associates degree from the College of Lake County and attended Illinois State University. He was a charter member of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Libertyville and was employed as a cook at Winchester House for many years. Andy enjoyed music, model trains, the outdoors, various pets and cooking. Surviving are his parents, Gerald and Delores Vojtko of Libertyville; two sisters, Jane (Charles) Binning of Cornville, Ariz. and Lynne (Darren) Rogers of Wauconda; and his favorite nephew and niece, Ethan and Brianna Rogers. Memorial contributions can be made to your favorite charity. Arrangements were made by Burnett-Dane Funeral Home, Libertyville, 847-362-3009.
Published in the Chicago Suburban Daily Herald on 6/27/2008.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Wave That Flag Tour

In 2004, The Dead posted one song from each show on the tour on the website for download. I just had a recent hard drive crash and lost mucho GB of live music. (I was going to backup, I swear). Most of these songs I had burned to CD, and I only need the last four songs on the tour. Can anybody point me to a download site to grab these four songs. I would prefer the unedited versions, as e-tree has a (dead) torrent of edited files. Thanks much.

Joined: Jun 4 2008
The Other Ones/ the Dead

Any shows from "the Other Ones" and "the Dead"...Please contact me at
Many thanks, Steve

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tape v WAV

Ripping and burning a WAV CD takes about 10 minutes total vs the 90 minutes it takes to do a tape, so don't use time as an excuse, deadtaper!!! I don't do FLAC either, WAV sound is good enough for me. Come check out the vineyard and start collecting some higher sound quality shows!!!

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Joined: Mar 20 2008
Tape Trees/vines

Hey Now,
Been on here today reading all the posts about people having problems with downloading files, and using Lossless instead of MP's to get a true sound balance, and files not loading.
I was thinking, what ever happened to tape trees? I wanted to make the jump to digital but its too time consuming vs. spinning tapes. The amount of tapes I have are in the thousands.
I use 2 Sony TC KE500S single well decks, with monster cable feeds. So, Hunter, if you read this. If there is anyone who wants to do a tape tree or vine let me know. I would be more than able to assist with the project. Maybe a best of '95 or something like that. Just a thought for all the people having problems with this digital realm.

Let the music flow..


Joined: Aug 2 2007
ISO The Dead 8/8/03 Darien Lake, NY

I've been trying to trade for a copy of The Dead 8/8/03 Darien Lake w/ Bob Dylan. Can't seem to find a copy. I was at the show, and would love a keepsake if anyone can help me out please PM me or e-mail, Thanks so much!


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Cal Expo

I am looking for someone to hopefully reseed 5-20-92....I am stuck at 82% for months now
I would be very grateful!
Peace to you and yours

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery...none but ourselves can free our minds"


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