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Joined: Jun 25 2007
is this just a memory

I used to have a tape, or I think I had a tape that started out a second set with sounds of a motorcycle being started up, with a women's voice saying "oh is that good", and then it breaks into hell in a bucket, scarlet fire I think. Does this sound right to anyone?. It was a really good set as I think I can remember, but I lost the tape and I can't remember when and where it was from. Any info? I would say it was from the mid to late eighties?

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Joined: Jun 12 2007
Lost Tracks For Dick's Picks 24?

Hey everyone, i was just listening to dicks picks 24, and i was looking online somewhere and saw that there are a few classic songs that someone decided not to include in the official cd release. Some of the songs are El Paso, Ship of Fools, etc. I was just wondering if anyone had a tape or some other media that i could get a copy of that had the whole show or missing tracks off of it. Its the 3/23/74 show at the Cow Palace, the debut of the wall of sound. I'd just really like to hear those missing tracks, so if anyone could help me out i'd be estactic. thanks, peace.

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Joined: May 26 2007
San Diego

Hey Painter. I'm in Ocean Beach, kinda close to PB, but I only got here 7 months ago and don't get out alot. I'll be at Ratdog later this month, and will be watching for a Jorma tattoo!

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Joined: Jun 10 2007
anybody out there in san

anybody out there in san diego, or pacific beach to be exact. Im looking for an old friend. ed the dead head. has Jorma tatooed on his right arm?
Id love to say hey. not sure this is the right place. but he is the one who started me with the taper bug a few moons ago.

thanks, Painter

Joined: Jul 2 2007
looking to trade shows

I have 75.5 gigs of live dead from 1964-1995, all high quality soundboards. Origianlly wav files burned to cd then transfered into iTunes as AAC files at a bite rate of 192. 350++ shows and would love to trade lists and hopefully some shows.


Joined: Jun 18 2007
im looking for a copy of the

im looking for a copy of the American Roots Music Festival in Falling Waters, WV 6/29 - 7/1 07 if anyone has a copy, message me please.

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Joined: Jun 16 2007
Wake of the flood

Came home from a vacation and found our water heater had rusted out and hence my racks of tapes were all in jepordy from the laughing water. I lost one show from 95 and a couple Santana shows but my biggest loss was the rack holding my GD shows from 88-90. They went swimming. :( I traded tapes from 87-97 and never got into the digital realm. I had over 1200 tapes which is now 100+ tapes less. I've since started a family and have no time to trade. If you have CDs of any GD show from from 88-90 and would consider working something out, please let me know.

Joined: Jun 18 2007
JGB & David Murray 1993


I have a very poor recording of the JGB show with Murray at MSG in 1993. Would love to upgrade. Any boards out there? Please email me. Iko*Iko

Joined: Jun 4 2007
RE: Alpine 86 and 87

I also have never seen any 1987 Alpine soundboards circulate and have only seen 6/28/86 set 1 as a soundboard which I have had on cassette from years ago though no less than a 4th or 5th generation. To me these seem like The Holy Grail of Grateful Dead recordings coming from one of the most popular venues during the one of the most popular eras.

Someone somewhere is sitting on great copies or masters of these shows and they seem to remain mysteriously uncirculated.

Here are the setlists.

06-28-86 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wi. (Sat)
1: Bucket, Ramble On, C. C. Rider, Row Jimmy, BIODTL> Touch, L. L. Rain, Don't Ease
2: Playin> Uncle John> Drumz> China Doll> Playin> GDTRFB> Lovelight E: Saturday Night> Baby Blue

06-29-86 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wi. (Sun)
1: Half Step> Franklin's> Dancin, B. E. Women, Minglewood, Tom Thumb Blues, Stagger Lee, Samson
2: Shakedown, Estimated> Eyes> Drumz> Other One> Wharf Rat> Throwing Stones> NFA E: NFA> U. S. Blues

06-26-87 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wi. (Fri)
1: Stranger> Franklin's, Walking Blues, Row Jimmy, Tons Of Steel, Push, Cassidy, Deal
2: China Cat> I Know You Rider, Estimated> Eyes> Drumz> Gimme Some Lovin> Wheel> Watchtower> Black Peter> Around> Sugar Magnolia E: Touch

06-27-87 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wi. (Sat)
1: Iko Iko, Greatest, Stagger Lee, Minglewood, FOTD, Tom Thumb Blues, West L. A., Esau, Tennessee Jed, Let It Grow
2: Uncle John> Playin> Terrapin> Drumz> Truckin> Other One> Wharf Rat> Lovelight E: Black Muddy River

06-28-87 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wi. (Sun)
1: Bucket> Sugaree, Me & My Uncle> Mexicali, Althea, Rooster, Bird Song, Jack Straw
2: Half Step, Woman Smarter, Ship Of Fools, Saint> Drumz> Miracle> Morning Dew> Throwing Stones> NFA E: NFA> Mighty Quinn

Let the droolfest begin.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Alpine 1987

Been collecting shows for 25 years. I've never seen soundboards of Alpine Valley 1986 or 1987.

Making the switch over to CD is not that difficult. I had to leave behind over 1000 cassettes in a storage facility in Lancaster, California a few years ago. I've easily amassed that many shows on CD in that time, and they're all better quality than I would have gotten if I'd converted my own cassettes to CD.

There is a VERY devoted group of folks that are converting the best quality recordings of shows to CD. You can find the results of their efforts at various downlaod sites, such as and Excellent quality audience recordings can still be downloaded at

As with anything worthwhile, it's worth the effort to grow and learn something new. By embracing the downloading process and sile sharing over the internet via bit-torrent, I've acquired more music than I could have ever amassed when trading via snail mail in the 80's. I haven't shut the door on trading via snail mail, but the internet has opened a lot of doors.

Hope everybody is well!

Sean K.


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