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Got ideas for how things should be run differently in the Vineyard? Improvements? Suggestions? Brainstorms? Truckloads of fertilizer? Post here.


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Thank you

You all have my word that the vines I am sent will be carefully tended until they are ready to be passed along.

Love and Gratitude to those who invest in endlessly seeding.
The Music Never Stops!

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Haven't been around here for a while... but things are different huh?? JackstrawfromColorado.... let me know what shows you need.... I have them all pretty much covered. Sorry to see there has been some toxins in the Vineyard.... doesn't take much to kill 'em off.... Hope everyone is otherwise well.


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I think I have your email

pretty sure you have mine

next time you are up this way.....

take care amigo!

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Thanks oroboros!!

Thanks for backing me up and thank you too Jake. People are funneling vines to carolina boy I see and all I can say is "whatever". I tried being the vine cop but it was a grueling, thankless job and I spent way too much time and resources re-seeding vines and doing the follow ups with folks. No one could do what markinthedark did, and I suspect much like me he got way too burned out. I love a lot of you out there but the people with total disregard I cannot deal with anymore. I am signed up for the two 83 vines and I hope someone who has my email address could email me when they are coming my way I would be very grateful. Then I am officially out of here. The 72 europe bullshit and now the new site are making me crazy too so again, take care everyone I love you I loved trading with y'all but it is really time for me to say fare thee well. If you have my email drop me a letter and I'd love to trade that way with you but I am done here.


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Hey guys,

I just bumped all of Fall 72 and the entire 73 vines. Lot of stuff is lost over the pond unfortnately and lost in the server change-over.

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As one of the original group that started vining here

'back in the day' I can agree that I have watched while several individuals took and took
and ended up being 'vine killers'.
They showed up, got on the list to receive the vine
and then never sent them onto those next on the list.

While I have not been as active, of late
I will agree with my brothers comments that it is difficult to keep the vineyard producing when some just take and take. I wish I had an answer.
For a while we were attentive and kept track
and then ericat
and then Markinthedark
helped us attend to keeping the vineyard going.

But if we don't identify those that are toxic to the cause
don't be surprised when so many vines die.

I don't think that Jake R and JackstrawfromCo would
be expressing these concerns if carolina boy
didn't have a history.
Has he reseeded the vines that disappeared when sent to him ? A show of good faith?

I can't be the 'vine cop' and I have watched
as that role has unfortunately burnt out
several of my brothers in the Vineyard.
And they are gone.

FYI- I have reseeded many CDs to get vines back
on track here, both with the vines I started
and ones that were seeded by others. Saying that
isn't to expect praise but to offer that I have invested in the Vineyard, and have been given back far more than I have put into this wonderful space.

The Wheel does go round..

I will say to those on the vineyard
that our history is right here to view.

Fool me once shame on you
fool me twice shame on me.

Teachers open the door,
but you must enter by yourself.

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My sentiments exactly

Mark, I completely agree with u. Idk if he thinks enough time has passed and we forgot but I certainly have not. I wholeheartedly encourage a banishment of him from any vines he is on. I too do not speak ill of anyone; this has always been a great community. But if any vines he is on gets sent to him and not passed along I too will be done with this place.

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carolina boy

you guys I know I don't come around here much anymore but the vineyard will always be a place I will cherish, for the music and the people who formed this community. I am probably coming across like a big ol jerk here but I don't care because this guy here .. carolina boy ... single handily took the vineyard down. a bunch of us went to a lot of work to reseed all the vines he STOLE from here. I'm getting emotional right now because I must sound like an asshole but I don't care ... i just hope someone from the old days who remembers backs me up...

please do not trade with him ... I mean actually do whatever you want but I know what he did to the vineyard and I am letting you all know

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A Big Thank You!

To Jake for reseeding all the missing '67, '68 and '69 vines.
You be the MAN Jake!
Yeah,just like a kid turned loose in a freakin' candy store I am.
Thanks again.

Joined: Oct 27 2008
sorry for the double post

the first left out the links.


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