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Mysterious Midnight Hour Revealed

Just saw this posted on deadlists (From July 10, 2012):

Back in 2009, Charlie Miller circulated a lone Midnight Hour "from an
unknown show":

He wrote:
"This Midnight Hour was on the end of Rob Eaton's 2/14/70 Dat, which
he got from Dick Latvala. It was labeled as the encore. Obviously,
it's not from 2/14/70. You can tell by the mix that it is from 1968."

Actually, this Midnight Hour is the encore from the Family Dog,
9/6/69. David Lemieux has included this a couple times on the
Taper's Section.

Only the first 45 minutes of the show have circulated. The Vault just
has the last two songs, Casey Jones & Midnight Hour. Jefferson
Airplane played after the Dead - in fact, on the Taper's Section clip
you can hear Garcia saying after MH, "Jefferson Airplane, coming up

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I need your help

Some friends of mine are making a documentary of the
Ozark Music Festival . It was a three day festival in my home town (Sedalia, MO) that took place July 19-21 1974. If you can find any recordings from these artists from this time time let me know.

Bachman–Turner Overdrive
Blue Öyster Cult
The Eagles
Marshall Tucker Band
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Boz Scaggs
Ted Nugent
David Bromberg
Leo Kottke
The Earl Scruggs Revue
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Electric Flag
Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band
Joe Walsh and Barnstorm
The Souther Hillman Furay Band
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Charlie Daniels Band
Bill Quateman
Fresh Start
Babe Ruth
Locomotiv GT
Shawn Phillips
REO Speedwagon

You can PM me here or email me at:

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I wouldn't listen to it enough to justify the copying

but I gotta say, I am quite fond of Adele.

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I have been listening

to these shows a lot lately. I doubt there is enough intrest in a vine, but if anyone wants copies PM me.


Live In Session On MBE - KCRW FM 2011
Live IN WXPN World Cafe 2011-02-04
8 april 2011 paradiso amsterdam.

Regina Spektor

Live In Session On MBE - KCRW FM 2009
2010-07-03 Heineken Open'er Festival 2010
Corona Capital Festival 2010-10-16
Live at Sydney Opera House, Sydney 2010-04-27
29 June 2006 BBC Broadcasting House, London.
Bonnaroo Music Festival June 13, 2010

She & Him

Bimbo's 365 Club November 3, 2008
Santa Cruz, CA May 28, 2010
2010.07.06 Terminal 5 New York, NY

Lykke Li - Live In Session On MBE - KCRW FM 2011

Joined: Oct 27 2008
and additional info here
Joined: Oct 27 2008
unsure where to post this

but check out the GD Movie Box Set

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Hey Everyone

...i am moving in a couple of weeks so please pm me for my new address before sending me any vines.

Joined: Jan 11 2012

Thanks for welcoming me aboard the vine. Im misplaced in Costa Rica and
need the fellowship here.

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Try itunes. At the top of itunes click "File" then "Add file to library..." or "Add folder to library..." if you want to add them all at once. After the song has imported to itunes, find it , left click on it to highlight it click "File" at the top again then click "Get info". Here you can put all the tags in including artwork. After you are done if you want to give the Mp3 to someone else right click on it hit "copy" then hit "paste" on your desktop and your new Mp3 will appear with tags and artwork embedded.

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MP3 question

Hey gang,
Does anyone know of an easy to use
program that can tag cover art to MP3 files?
(for ex: some nice artwork was created for
the "30 Days of the Dead" MP3's. How do I
tag the artwork to the files?)


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