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Joined: Feb 9 2008
Hello all

I was wondering if any one else in the vineyard does geocaching? My wife and I have found a small "travel bug" in a local cache and would like to send it some where further than another local cache. PM me if you play and are interested.


Joined: Oct 27 2008

this vine was never sent by Long Dead so it probably won't be able to be re-seeded

Joined: Oct 27 2008
Before I go...

It appears that Nathan (Long Dead) has taken a break from vining. I have been unsuccessful in any attempts to contact him. Not that there is anything wrong with taking a break since I myself will be on one. However, I did send him my Nov 1970 Vine which I will have to re-seed after only one person which sucks but it's life. If there are any vines anyone is on that are stuck with him, could we please make a list or post it in the proper thread? Also I request his name be placed at the bottom of any list he is on or removed entirely until we hear from him. The most important thing in the vineyard is to keep the music moving so I do not mean this as a personal attack.

These are the vines I know of that are stuck with him:

November 1970 Vine

December 1986 Vine

If I need to reseed the 1986 Vine, please pm me.

Also, it appears Riley (sportzfreak260) is holding up some vines too (some from June it appears). Has anyone heard from him?

Take care and happy vining to all

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Hi Guys

I have been away for a while. I finally sent the 69 Vine on to Derek. So many issues with this site and also having personal issues makes it hard to maintain my enthusiasm.

I also will not spend money on releases when I have no clue what shows will be included. Its insulting.

However, I will be forever grateful to Mary and this site and all the viners. I now have tons of music that i will always cherish. Also, the site rejuvenated my interest in the Dead, as I got off the bus in 1985 and got back on 20 years later.

Looking forward to seeing Furthur at MSG Thursday, and in Atlantic City Sat. night.

Thanks again to all.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Dstache and Jake R

thinking of you both.....please drop by to say hi when the time is right.

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Joined: May 26 2007

take care, and all good to your loved ones. Jake R, have a good and restorative break!

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Joined: Jan 2 2009

We are thinking about you Derek! Stay strong

Joined: Oct 27 2008
Attention Fellow Viners

I have said on this site before a couple of times that I will be taking time off from here and this time I'm sticking to it. A big thanks goes out to Trevor, Derek, Mark, Rick, Bob, RMB, CB, and all of the viners that were on here when I started that aren't with us now. Sorry if I forgot any names. Without these guys this place wouldn't be the same. I hope you all enjoy this very free trading community and most importantly, keep the music moving.

Derek, sorry to hear about your dad. Hope all goes well. Best wishes to you and your entire family.

Take care fellow heads and my friends,

Joined: Nov 1 2010
Hang in there, dstache....

Best wishes to you and your family....

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Joined: Sep 10 2007
all's well

The China > Rider from 5/13/72 reminded me why I love the Dead so much :)

I just need to remember that if they want to release shows or, God forbid (hehe), compilations, I get to save a few bucks and not buy them. And if I can ever gather the willpower to refrain from reading the comments re: the releases and on other threads here, I will really be doing ok.

Maybe these realizations are the result of a couple of bits of bad news I received today: (1) one of my cats, Gretta, 13 yrs of age, is apparently blind. How the heck did that happen and how am I just finding out about it now?!?!? She lost some weight and we took her in today and that's the diagnosis from the vet. She seems normal other than the weightloss. Her routine hasn't changed. She's very active and gets around fine. It's crazy! (2) More importantly, my Dad, who has suffered from MS most of his adult life, and almost all of mine, is in serious trouble again. He has been in and out of the hospital with various infections and complications for the past 9 months now. As some of you may recall, I received a call from my grandmother last winter that things were looking bleak so I went back to Michigan and visited with him. Things turned out not to be as bleak as she said, but they certainly haven't gotten too good either. My uncle called today and said that the doctor told him that my father was dying a slow death, from the infections and the progressiveness of MS. My Dad's 62, which is pretty old for someone who has MS since their mid-to-late-20's. I'm flying out to see him tomorrow. It feels good to write this. I know I carry the best wishes from everyone here and I appreciate it.


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