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Joined: May 17 2009
2 Tickets for 3 nights

Live in CA. Tried all the ways offered to buy tickets. Will not buy from scalpers.
Have flight to Chicago and a place to stay. First saw the GD at Swing and US fest in
San Bernardino and continued with all the other groups that evolved from the GD.
Also, a Wharf Rat.
Thank you.

Joined: Jun 23 2007
Hoping for some kind tickets

Hey now, I was a late comer to the bus, didn't get on until 1980 and saw my first show in '81. Racked up lots and lots of shows and friends in the meantime. Didn't make the grade though for Mail Order or TM. Really don't want to feed the beast that is the secondary ticket market, so I am hoping that a kind soul that has extra tickets will shine on me. I am looking for as little as one ticket for one show anywhere in the venue, to as many as two 3 day passes. My wife & I would love to be at all 3, but I will be entirely grateful for a single night of dancing in the seats. If you have something available, please pm me or email to I will pay, and wish I had something to trade, but am open to what you need to let your extras go. If you are in need of lodging, I have room in my home. Dance on kind friends,


Joined: Aug 5 2013
Need a Miracle.

New Dad needs a Miracle. I would travel alone by train to see a show but I need to be Miracled. Ticketmaster got me too.. Not a HAND OUT a Miracle.. NFA.. First show 6/14/91 :)

Joined: Jan 14 2009
so depressed I started to listen to Phish

But realized we are all much better off with the collective dead spirit and listened to Boston 77. I was destined to be a dead head. Help me complete the journey with a ticket for my wife and myself
We all need something built to last
chicago head

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Joined: Jul 15 2007
Quantum Syncronicity Experiment

Well here goes: one thing I've learned from the GD universe is that synchronization happens within it! Under the influence of time bending supports or not. So....I will put out possibly the impossible improbilbity and see what the GD universe zaps back...
Kind compassionate being whom works for those in suffering, hopes that an auspicious event may occur where another kind compassionate being will donate their tickets or ticket to this humble writer to be able to have one last chance to enjoy the community and band that started it all for become a kind compassionate being whom works for the benefit of others!
It would be so greatly appreciated to be able to experience the love, community, and music one last time! It's just me, myself and I. So, if someone can't go-let me know! Def will reimburse or except a good old miracle!

Joined: Apr 23 2013
Casting that net

I will keep begging and pleading here for a golden ticket for any night (gimme an excuse to show up...I dare ya). Have good vibes and coffee shop calibre machinery that will be set up in the lot ready to share with any head that is in need.


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Joined: Mar 17 2015
Need 3 for the 4th or 5th

Reserve seats with view

Joined: Jan 3 2009
With Jerry for $9.00

First show was Philly Spectrum paid $9. Would love to go to Chicago but won't be extorted. Anyone wanting to help a sober head go to the show let me know.

I love you oh but Jesus loves you the best and I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight......

Joined: Apr 27 2009
Chi Town needs 1 for each night

Got a place not to far from Soldiers Field, we can crash there. Ive always lived in Chicago so I know it well. I was at the last 3 show in Chicago and I think it will be a spiritual experience, to see the last 3 shows.
you can reply at

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Last Fair Deal in the City ...

I fear there is little hope as the available tickets seem to be in the hands of those who do not understand what the whole scene is all about. Nevertheless, I would love to throw myself into the queue of those who have been shut out and would like to be otherwise. Looking for one to any or all Chicago and one for Merriweather. I will even provide transportation if you don't mind sitting on the back of a Harley (tongue in cheek, but have at it if you want to squeeze onto a little tiny seat pad). To those who are in, hope you have a Grate time. Dan


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