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Joined: Nov 17 2009
Perhaps a Swap

I have an extra for 6/26 @ MCU Park Field GA...looking to swap for either July show at Nokia...Let me know!

Joined: Jan 3 2009
tickets for nokia, nyc, 7/29/10

looking for two tickets please, anyone, please contact me, will pay over paid price, many thanks.. tom

Joined: Jun 4 2010
ISO: Furthur Philly Sat. 7/10

I am looking for pavilion seats (prefer Orch. A or B) for Sat. 7/10. I have a pair of similar seats for Sun. 7/11 to trade or am willing to pay, too. Send me a message. peace...

Joined: Feb 8 2010
TAPER NEEDS TIX FOR HERKIMER (Gelston) & Coney Island (MCU) 6/26

Hey now...

Looking for up to 4 tix for the Herkimer show. Can't believe I have to have tix for my 4 and 6 year old, so that's why I need 4...

Whoever can hook me up with a good deal will also get copies of the show (and as many other shows on the tour as you want). Can most likely also get you a copy of your first show too... ;)

Joined: Feb 18 2010
Need penns peak tix!

I will trade tix for any 2 summer shows for tix to penns peak.let me make you a great deal!!!BEAR.

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Joined: May 10 2010
Two for Columbus Ohio, July 2?

My friend and I are ISO two tix for this show. Please let us know.

"Get in the bus."

Joined: Apr 30 2010

Anyone with extra further festival tickets to mountain aire??? It's my boyfriend's 30th birthday and I need to manifest 2 tickets!!! We are a traveling couple and strapped for cash down for trades and flowing some cash your way. Hit me back family!!!

Joined: Mar 30 2009
Saturday MCU Tick wanted

Looking for Saturday(6/26) ticket to MCU Furthur Show in Brooklyn. Drop me a line and lets make a deal. Andy

lamagonzo (not verified)
1 Furthur Shelburne "On thre Green" VT

Looking or one ticket. I'm willing to pay face w/fees, delivery costs if any.
PM me with contact info.


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Joined: Apr 13 2010
Penn's Peak ~ 2 tickets needed

Hey Now Everybody! this is my first post.
Over the years i've always felt that if I'm meant to be at a show, the ticket part will be easy. This year, I went to two winter Furthur shows (whew that was freezing in the lot, you know if you were there..) Anyway, I didn't realize how quickly things would sell out for the summer shows. Winter shows still had tix avail the day of the shows in Va.

My bff and I really want to re-connect in person in Jim Thorpe. Its been 15 years since we've been able to dance and sing at a Dead show together. I'm really hopeful that somebody here will be able to sell us a couple extras. I'd love to be able to surprise her. She & I used to live in Santa Cruz and both did cross country tour. Bobby and the Boys are like a Little Light, that gives us a charge to go back into babylon and keep on spreading the messages of Love and Compassion for all the brothers and sisters of the world (even the lost and mean ones. :)
XOXO - Audrey


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Tix Wanted