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Joined: Sep 18 2008
Need 3 tix for Chicago

Hey, I would love 3 for Chicago. My brother's 40th b-day present. If anyone can help please let me know. I will try ticketmaster as well.

Joined: Jul 11 2007
worchester centrum tickets

tourdog12 I too tried to get presale tickets for the sat show but got shut out in the badly explained presale.I registered the night before and went to login about 11:35am to make sure everything was alright to my surprise i was stuck in the que and sat there for 2 hours only to find there were no tickets. if presale starts at 12 it should be at 12 who new there would be a que and how early you would be allowed to wait also what was with the p1,p2 ticket types a good friend was able to get one ticket in the worst seats in the building for the top 96 dollar price if ever there was a 65 dollar ticket it would be this seat.
The other problem was mail order we joked about doing it the old fashioned way and only found out about the mail order by accident and too late to risk sending money off. Anyways enough whining I could really use 2 tickets in the building 4 would be better but greedy.
I have been to every show the dead have ever played in worchester and would hate to get shut out this time around

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
I found a way to go to get tix, hotel, gas, etc. with NO cash!

The catch is, you need to be a Northwest Airlines WorldPerks member. You can spend miles for gift cards/certificates to the following...

TicketsNow (a TicketBastard Co.) - 17,000 miles per $100
Marriott Hotels (and their holdings) - 45,000 miles for $250, 89,000 for $500
4 different levels of Hyatt hotel offers - miles vary
Shell Gas - 9,000 miles per $50
There's also Starbucks coffee and several restaurants offered as well.

So, theoretically, if you have enough miles built up (I only have 42k) you could literally pay for the entire thing, tix, hotel, gas & food!

I know that this info will only help a few people, but if I help even one person have a great time, then it's worth it.


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Joined: Jun 4 2007

good for you, rene!!!

too bad we can't make it out west of the Pecos this tour...

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Joined: May 26 2007

That is so great!!!!

Joined: Jan 13 2009
Need tix 2 chicago show

Anyone have tix for the May 5th show is chicago, I missed out on the presale

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Joined: Jul 2 2007

Bout the Shoreline ticket. Galpal here Mona has a lawn ticket for me, so not only did I get my miracle plane ticket, but got a show ticket a few hours later! Am beside myself at this good fortune. Fucking unbelievable!

Deadnet the kindest place in the world!
Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you will still exist, but you have ceased to live.
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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Wow, tigerlily. I am so

Wow, tigerlily. I am so happy for you! Most assuredly it is the good karma you have sowed.
Go have a magical time, you deserve it. My heart is pounding with joy for you.
peace,love,hope and happiness to you,pk

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Joined: Jul 2 2007
Miracle Plane Ticket

Much to my shock and suprise, looks like I have a miracle plane ticket fro Frankfurt for Shoreline. Freeworld-MY HERO!!!!!!!!! Anybody have 1 ticket to sell me? Don't care where it is!!!!!!!!! Am in shock, never ever thought would have this chance.
Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you will still exist, but you have ceased to live.
Samuel Clemens

Joined: Jun 28 2008
Pre-Sale Ticket Sales--I

Pre-Sale Ticket Sales--I Agree with OneGreatfulDad (A couple of posts back)...I was on the site 2 hours before Pre-Sale started and it was only because I did that I could even get to the buying area (After waiting in the "Waiting Area" for two hours!)...

Notice--The email I got was not very informative...It did not say anything about mail-order and kind of implied that we have to go through the website to order tix. The website wasn't very informative. I felt like a Wharf-rat in a maze with a bunch of Dead ends. (after being 'ready' for 2 hours)...And there was no notice of mail-order at all!

Access--The server was all clogged up and the ticket server was also clogged up so finally after hours I got the seats they gave me-nosebleed seats on the Phil side behind the stage!!(On the Pepsi Center map it shows them as out of bounds!!)

The Waiting Area-- has instructions specifying not to reload this page or you will lose your place in line...Then it goes on to reload the page every minute or so automatically (WTF!) Eventually kicking me off the server completely (thereby theoretically losing my place "in line")...???

Choosing seats--In another browser tab I continued to search for seats and finally got through to the buying website. (2 hours after sales opened!) When I finally got to order tickets, I clicked on the venue link to see where they were on the map-big mistake! (Meanwhile I was still 'waiting in line' in the 'waiting area' in another tab)

The Map-Pepsi Center has separate seating charts for each show (But none posted for The Dead) So I checked the Seating for the Metallica show (which was in the round) ...By the time I go to the Pepsi Center/Denver website and find the seating chart I get back to the ordering page and my seats were gone (or it got rid of me because I was too slow) (This was the first set of seats, this happened 3 times before I got seats) Not to mention that the seats I first got (section c) were not even listed on the map! (there were Sections CCC and CC but I didn't find C!)

Choice-It was you get these seats and you don't get any other choice (you get the seats we give you-one shot!)-no choice/for a hundred bucks!?!...before the sale, The faq on specifically says that you can order more tickets if you go through the process again (Which I tried to no avail)...

Ticket Allotment--and you are supposedly allotted 6 tickets per order (that was not the case, after getting one set of tickets you cannot go back and get more)...

So in the end, I found the GDTSTOO website and sent for mail-order tix...and I'm praying for a 'miracle seat'to replace my Phil Zone Nosebleeds!! I can only imagine how others did at this...

Gorkinoff (Deadhead Forever!)

P.S. Then there is the 1000 miles I have to drive from South Dakota to Denver! (Can't wait to see all you guys there!!!)

Goin' down the road feelin' bad...Don' wanna be treated this a-way...Woohoo!


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