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Joined: Jul 9 2007
For trade or sale

I have an extra Los Angeles 5/9 ticket I'm willing to sell, or trade, for a Denver 5/7 ticket.
LA seat is section LOG 7, row V, seat 3, with friends of mine on both sides!

Joined: Apr 22 2009
philly shows

i have 2 tickets for each night in philly. section 219 face value $95
i will be there just have extras. i hope to help someone out. or trade for msg show

Joined: Mar 31 2009
Philly - beware razor gator

Do not purchase philly tix from razor gator. It's a total bait and switch. I placed an order for 4 tix yesterday for $750 - section 102, row 16. Got a call today that my 4 tix are not available (they advertised 8 tix for sale), but said they could sub comparable seats for $900 EACH!!!! EACH!!!!!!! They might as well require payment in gold coin, though I think the gold is cheaper than the tix.

Caveat emptor good friends!!!!! Buy elsewhere!

Joined: Apr 14 2009
Denver 5/7

Just wondering if anyone has a miracle or a cheap one for the show in Denver 5/7...i a would love to go...let me know:pm, cheers

Joined: Feb 17 2009
Forum for Shoreline

I'd really like to go to the 5/9 Forum show...

I have 4 mail order lawn tix to the 5/14 Shoreline show to trade...

Send me a message here or email to


Joined: Jun 11 2007
I need a miracle for

I need a miracle for shoreline and gorge.

Joined: Apr 13 2009

help , would like 2

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Joined: Mar 20 2009
Sat night in Philly May 2

I have 2 for May 2nd Sec 208....row 9. Great sight lines opposite stage. Also have premium parking pass in the H Lot.... Can't make it. Sell for cost.


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Joined: Apr 22 2009
Rides for Tickets

Can provide transportation 4 x-tra tickets to The Forum (from Tucson/Phoenix); Shoreline (either night, from the Forum) and the Gorge (from SL). We will be traveling non-stop to each venue in our biodiesel bus. There are two of us and we need tix for all these shows at this point, if you have extras and need a ride let's set it up! It will be a kind time.


Need Riders For West Coast Dead Tour!
The Forum--->Shoreline--->Gorge

Joined: Jan 19 2009
1st Chicago may 5th face value

Hey all, a brotha cancelled on me and I have tix for may 4th in chicago. Tix are killer row A seats in section 212. Grate balcony seats with NO ONE in front of you and the boys. I hear the balconies have actually been cooler this tour as far a s dancing space, hassles and consumables are concerned. Face gets em..... 110 each tom at 630 235 7788 (real tix and in hand)


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