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Joined: Jun 13 2007
I need three for Shoreline!!!

Got tix for LA, and just need three for Shorline, I am coming from North Carolina, and my friends from FLA are meeting me on the left coast, willing to pay face plus a little extra, please let me know!!!

Joined: Jan 2 2009
JPJ 4\15

Looking for 2 on the floor..... will pay face, or willing to trade a pair of DMB @ JPJ 4\17 or 4\18 tickets....

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Joined: May 15 2008
3 for MSG &

3 for the second philly show all on the floor please will pay facwe may b a touch over
pm me

Joined: Jul 21 2007
General Ticket Sales

Hi Friends,

Ok, I'm kinda confused...It looks like all presale tickets are gone for the Denver show but are general sales yet to be opened?
I'm sure I'll get to spend bukoo bucks since I missed the presale but I may not have a choice...

Joined: Sep 15 2008
Inaugural Ball

Found tickets for this @, and craigslist. All of which were over $1000. I would really like to go, but no way can I pay $$$. Good Luck!

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Dead at the Inaugural Ball

Just saw that the Dead are playing at the Mid-Atlantic Inaugural Ball this weekend -- anyone know how to get inside? This is one more more of those parties where you have to know a senator to get in... ugh!


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Joined: Jun 4 2007

still need 2 for MSG and 3 for Saturday night in Philly, please!!!!!!!!!

gonna try the general release internet sales, though; too.

got my fingers and toes crosses. (eyes are crossed, too but born cross eyed is the reason why)

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Joined: Sep 18 2008
Need 3 tix for Chicago

Hey, I would love 3 for Chicago. My brother's 40th b-day present. If anyone can help please let me know. I will try ticketmaster as well.

Joined: Jul 11 2007
worchester centrum tickets

tourdog12 I too tried to get presale tickets for the sat show but got shut out in the badly explained presale.I registered the night before and went to login about 11:35am to make sure everything was alright to my surprise i was stuck in the que and sat there for 2 hours only to find there were no tickets. if presale starts at 12 it should be at 12 who new there would be a que and how early you would be allowed to wait also what was with the p1,p2 ticket types a good friend was able to get one ticket in the worst seats in the building for the top 96 dollar price if ever there was a 65 dollar ticket it would be this seat.
The other problem was mail order we joked about doing it the old fashioned way and only found out about the mail order by accident and too late to risk sending money off. Anyways enough whining I could really use 2 tickets in the building 4 would be better but greedy.
I have been to every show the dead have ever played in worchester and would hate to get shut out this time around

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
I found a way to go to get tix, hotel, gas, etc. with NO cash!

The catch is, you need to be a Northwest Airlines WorldPerks member. You can spend miles for gift cards/certificates to the following...

TicketsNow (a TicketBastard Co.) - 17,000 miles per $100
Marriott Hotels (and their holdings) - 45,000 miles for $250, 89,000 for $500
4 different levels of Hyatt hotel offers - miles vary
Shell Gas - 9,000 miles per $50
There's also Starbucks coffee and several restaurants offered as well.

So, theoretically, if you have enough miles built up (I only have 42k) you could literally pay for the entire thing, tix, hotel, gas & food!

I know that this info will only help a few people, but if I help even one person have a great time, then it's worth it.


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