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Joined: Oct 5 2007
Anyone interested in trading balcony for floor - Furthur @ NYC?

I have a pair on the floor for both Dec. 8 and Dec. 9. I am interested in trading the floor for the balcony for the 8th (or the 9th if the 8th isn't happening). I probably prefer the floor to get closer personally, but my wife is more a 'hang back' and 'be able to sit' type (I know!).

So, anyone?

Or anyone know any other boards where this might be accomplished?


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Joined: Apr 24 2009
Need 2 Further tixs for Asbury

Looking for 2 tixs for either or both Further shows at Asbury Park, NJ.
Will pay face plus fees. Thanks for hooking us up.

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Joined: Mar 5 2009
Furthur Tickets Onsale now

hope youve heard, there are a ton of FURTHUR shows coming up for 2010, some tickets are onsale now ! Bobbay and Phil and John Kadlecik and BAND sound Fantastic, look here to see all the tour dates and GO FURTHUR ! play on Liz

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Joined: Dec 22 2007

Really, really need 1 for Furthur 12/12. Will pay face and fees. I need to help out a very dear friend. Please PM me here if you can help.


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Joined: Jul 19 2007
Looking for a single, either night of Hammerstein

I am looking for a single ticket for either night, will pay cash but I also have a Phish single for Dec 3rd I would trade. Hit me up at

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Joined: Nov 17 2009
Looking for a single

For either Further Hammerstein show...Will pay cash...Pm me if this can happen!!!!

Joined: Oct 5 2007
looking for one furthur ticket..

I am looking for ! for 12/9 or 1or 2 for 12/11, conn. long time head looking to catch a few shows thanks...can pay cash.. will drive, hotels.. do rides whatever.. thanks

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Joined: Aug 17 2008
Further for Phish

Hello. I have two extra tix for 12/8 that I am looking to trade for two seats at Phish 12/4. I appreciate your help!

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Joined: Apr 12 2009
looking for Furthur NYC 1 tix

first or second night in NYC - only need one for self.
can reply to public mail - usopenz at yahoo dot com
can pay cash on site or mail if theres time.


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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Need 2 for Further CT

Let me know if anyone has extras.


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