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Joined: Jun 2 2010

Just checking in with y'all. I'm going to the show in ME. and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone I can. Ya just never know what kind of fun, your gonna have :)

peace people and smile :)

lamagonzo (not verified)
Alaskahead, Nice sentiment...

"Who would deny that drugs took Jerry down. Wouldn't that be message enough?"

Brent and Pigpen and Keith too.

I support all Wharf Rats, especially the ones who appreciate how much more they can hear and remember of the music. There are a lot of people who went to spectacular shows but can't remember a thing.

Hang in there, you'll sweat it out.

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Joined: Jan 5 2009
let's honor all Wharf Rats

I'm not an alcoholic or recovering drug addict, but I want to honor all Wharf Rats or anyone struggling to live a healthier life. I've done my share of recreational drugs, and had to tear myself away a couple of times from unhealthy scenes and friends, so I understand how hard it must be to attend shows. I do have a beer or two at a show, and will smoke a little, so I'm not saying it's all bad, just when done so much your brain can't hear the layers of meaning in the music's lyrics. I feel our community and family centered around the GD and now Furthur, is at a crossroads. I see four generations at shows, each with a slightly different tradition and idea of what it's all about. From the first generation onward it was accepted and understood that drug use was a part of the scene. My personal understanding is that drug use as it pertains to the Dead's music had a personally transformative and transcending nature. I'm not seeing much of that idea to the forefront anymore, hopefully it's still there but overwhelmed by the hard partyers. Too much I see young folks getting wasted almost as a prerequisite to enjoying the show, or thinking themselves as part of the community. Too much do I see gratuitous drinking of alcohol (a depressant) and incessant smoking of pot (one hit should get you that good mental high). I don't think it's good for anyone to drink, smoke and take drugs like I see at shows, and it's definitely not good for the continuation of our community. Maybe these same folks are drinking and smoking a lot all the time. Whatever the case may be, I'd like to just say that I wish there was an official recognition of the Wharf Rats within us, and that there was a movement of moderation at shows. Phil does his donor rap, and we all love that. What if at every show someone plugged moderation? Just something like "hey, you don't don't have to get wasted to be with us". And if not that, how about a booth, or wharf rat t-shirts to help balance the message of drugs. After all, who would deny that drugs took Jerry down. Wouldn't that be message enough?

Joined: Oct 13 2008
hi family

just thought i would chime in....

My name is Patrick and I am an alcoholic and addict. I have been clean and sober since May 20th 2007 with the help of the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, the Twelve Steps, and my higher power who i call God.

I'm an definitely not a first-niter to this. I have been struggling to stay clean and sober for close to 20 years now. I have been to numerous rehabilitation centers, detoxes and programs in the hopes to get help. They never failed me for they all gave me the tools and the resources to help me, BUT either i wasn't ready, wasn't willing to put the needed effort into MY OWN recovery or i was doing it for the wrong reason or for someone else (mostly pressures from my family)

My addictions have taken me to many dark places in my life; selling my plasma (blood) for alcohol, homelessness (pushing my entire belongings in a baby-cart until the wheels fell of at the bottom Haight street) stealing from my family, lying so much that I actually started to believe my own pathetic lies. I literally lost my identity. My family didn't even know me anymore. I was just a shell of a person that I used to be. Alcohol and drugs were no longer a form of recreation for me anymore like they used to be in my early youthful days growing up in the parking lots at the shows, but it was a slow form of suicide.

Today i live my life one day at a time. I put the principles of the 12 steps into ACTION today. I have a sponsor, a home group I attend regularly. I have a wonderful life now, a loving wife and step kids, and two cats and a dog. I lost my job last year, and now i have an even better job helping people who are mostly terminally ill with cancer.

here is the link to a temp wharfrat meeting room:

Joined: Nov 14 2009
Matthew H. Wisnom

Matthew H. Wisnom

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Joined: Jan 5 2008
one love

all is well i will be 6 months clean and sober on the 2nd in like 2 days minis one slip of pot one month ago relized i didnt like it anymore and went on with my life keep in touch family one love!!!Teddy Dave Says!!!

Joined: Dec 5 2008
Wharf Rats ...

Hey Where you guys at in Los Angeles...Is Chef Larry around ? I emailed him, he never responded to me...

Peace, Love & Blessings

Tangled Up In Blue...Sharona

Joined: Sep 28 2008


lamagonzo (not verified)
Mark -- if yer out there

Drinkin', stop annoying the heck out og flkg

Joined: Apr 13 2009
Phil's Bday celebration tomorrow!!!

My sweetie Greg and I are flying up tomorrow from Long Beach for this show [a birthday present for Greg]. Forgive me if I start to sound geeky, please. I went to my first show last May in LA and I was in an ethereal bliss for weeks. The Wharf Rats meeting at the break was amazing, happy, joyous, and free. We were talking this morning and were wondering about giving service to help set up the WR table or any other way we could be maximally useful to HP and our fellow WRs. If someone knows who we might contact, could you please e-mail me at ?

I'm already levitating from excitement and I'm still at work.

Cheers, Nancy
9/24/2002 me
10/31/01 Greg

"Today we're going to teach poodles to fly."-Raul Hernandez, UHF


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