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Joined: Jan 20 2015
Fare thee Well

Greetings Craigmarti,
I have just mailed in my ticket order so I am hoping to be going to the July 5th show in the pit. I have been clean since 1983 and have been to a few shows since then :) so I would be happy to hang out.
I will be coming from Minneapolis and if anyone in the Metro Area is driving down I might be interested in helping pay for gas. Also, if anyone knows a place to crash or share the cost of lodgings while in Chi town let me know. I grew up there but left in '75 so I no longer have connections there.
Does anyone know if the is a Wharf-Rat meeting planned during the break? I have never been inside Soldier Field so I don't know the layout but if anyone has info I would appreciate it.

Joined: Jan 19 2015
Going to Chicago

Hi all,
I am planning on going to Chicago for the "Fare Thee Well" shows. All of my buddies cannot make it (for different reasons) and I am looking for some sober people to hang with during the shows. Is anyone here going?


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Joined: Dec 6 2014
NH newcomer

Hello there. I am new to this lovely community here. I have really fallen victim first to alcoholism and then after becoming sober I seemed to have lost my place. I put down my guitar, turned off the music, the only things that made me happy. It was as if I couldn't allow myself to be happy all I knew was I couldn't continue to use drugs and alcohol anymore. I have just recently found a way to get back to the music and I remember hearing about The Wharf Rats, its been a year or so since Ive been to any show, but from the days I was more steadily making it to live shows. I just want to say hello and thanks.

Joined: Nov 24 2014
Thanks for sharing that! I am

Thanks for sharing that! I am 18 months sober (yesterday) and as you said..things get better. I did a 60 day residential recovery program and really became willing, open, and honest. At about one year I was in a high pressure job and struggling because I began to take my will back. I was wanting my ex wife back and not accepting what life was giving me. I took some time off work, then took on a less stressful role there, and worked hard on me and in becoming accepting. Low and behold, through a lot of introspection, meditation, and prayer, I began to really love MYSELF for who I am and realized the relationship I was in with my ex really wasn't a good one for either of us. I moved on, and am now quite content with my single guy life, and cherish life for what it is and am truly grateful that I can see and walk the path my higher power is showing me.


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Joined: Jun 7 2007
No more drinks for me.

Found out I have cirrhosis of the liver. Never a heavy drinker and I haven't used any other drugs for 35 years. I had my last drinks [2 Guiness Stouts and a couple of glasses of Port] last Friday while playing Pinochle with some friends. It'll be difficult to not have a few drinks with my friends when we get together but I don't want to make it any worse than it is already. I guess I'll be drinking seltzer from now on. I hope to be able to handle the alcohol free life.

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Joined: Oct 13 2014
Clean shows rock!

Still haven't seen any of the boys clean yet but hit a STS9 show last night in Grand Rapids clean with a couple other deadheads I hang with here in Kalamazoo. It makes a huge difference in my recovery having like minded individuals in my circle because although the end results are the same no matter where you use, the tour experience and family environment is much different than most of society and for me it's hard to stay clean in a society that says using is acceptable. Any way the first part of the show was kinda shaky but once the music was playing it was amazing. Can't wait to go to my next show and most definitely only wanna go with other clean heads. Looking forward to making a trip down to Indy soon for a Rats Drainditch meeting too. I lost everything in my using including memories of shows and in the end even attending. Glad to be getting that back and consider it one of the greatest gifts of recovery. Big shoutout to Charlie in S.F. for reachin out to me when I first was trying to get clean and my oldest friend Jim in Nashville for putting me in touch to WR online. Not using Facebook anymore but if you are and aren't in the fb group, then get involved. Met some real cool cats in there.
Nigel One

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Joined: Sep 28 2008
What works for me

Listening or playing music helps me a lot!

Joined: Aug 24 2014
Hang in there Tom!

Find a pattern interrupt..... Take a walk, get some exercise, call a friend, meditate....experiment with anything that helps you break out of this single moment where you may not be at your best. Then move on to the next moment. Personally, exercise and meditation work the best for me.

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Joined: Nov 1 2013
Hope it's gotten better for ya...

Your story makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Love the grit... I hope that when the chips are down for me I don't waiver. It's good to know you were able to keep your chin up and walk w/ your head held high... it must've felt great to see the looks on the Cops faces when blood test came back clean!!!
Keep on keepin' on, wish the best for you!

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Joined: Nov 1 2013
I'm new to this forum and feeling good about being sober!

I am so glad to know this forum is here~! The local AA meetings are OK, and it helps me to attend sporadically, but I feel I am a "lone wolf" and this group seems more up my ally... over 70 dead shows under my belt,quite a few very sober... but seeing JGB and seeing Garcia/Gris acoustic at the Warfield was like going to church for me... I am not nor was I ever very convinced by organized religion (other than Buddhism...) but that seeing JGB and Jerry w/ GRIS AT THE WARFIELD WAS SOMETHING MAGICAL AND SPIRITUAL FOR ME... the drunk college kids behind us kinda spoiled it one night until the Heads in residency in the front row shut em up...

more later!


I still go to shows around New Orleans and BR, but enjoy them better now w/o spending my hard earned cheese on beer. Shout if you out there. Captain Green (Zappa cover band) plays Chelsea's 9/11

AMERICAN AQUARIUM plays Varsity in BR this SAT night. ANY BATON ROUGE WHARF RATS OUT THERE??? These guys are supposed to really do it right.


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