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Me and My Sponsor

(with apologies to John Phillips)

Me and my Sponsor, went drivin’ down,
Southern California, San Diego bound,
We stopped over in West L.A.
That being’ the point way past half-way,
You know Happy Hour’s a trigger time of the day.

Went to a Meeting 12 Steps up on the wall
We sat down, smiles ‘round to all
Eight hours of driving, my neck and shoulders hurt,
Needing a neck rub, I began to flirt
Someone said, “She’s a newcomer, leave her alone, you jerk!”

West L.A. dope fiends, they’s all around,
With facelifts and money, they’re loaded down.
The 7th Tradition in this town must be insane!
Bein’ two strangers, we had to give our names.
I said, “He’s Alkie Bill and I’m Dope Fiend James.”

My Sponsor sat there grinning,
I stared at the floor,
But I spied me a movie star, and then two more.
“Is that Johnny Depp?”
Oh no! It couldn’t be!
I know Johnnie, he ain’t nothin’ like me!
I’m as crazy as a Frisco Fiend can be!

One of those “dope fiends,” he starts to draw,
Sketches of the movie stars, they never saw
Leaned into my Sponsor, said, “This Meeting’s been sold!”
He gave me a nudge and towards the door we strolled.
Sure 'nuff paparazzi was lurking out there in the cold

I love the 12 Steps, more precious than gold
I love my Sponsor, his stories never get old
Fooled them paparazzi
Fooled ‘em good, ya know!
Told ‘em they’d better hurry,
Or they’d miss Russell Crowe
Comin’ outta a SAA Meeting down the road!

In the meantime check THIS out

Yes! That's a VERY young Joni Mitchell

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Thanks for the reply look

Thanks for the reply look forward to meeting some people down the road "As we Trudge the road to happy Destiny"

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but it varies as to how many people from a particular group are hanging out at any particular moment. In any case we're glad you're here, and in my experience this tends to liven up when people start wanting to meet at shows.

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Joined: Jun 16 2007
Wow is the forum dead?

Wow is the forum dead?

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Joined: Jun 16 2007
Glad to find out

I'm not the only one never knew we had a name ... Glad to know been Clean and Sober for awhile Thanks to Uncle Sams Canoe Club years ago...

Anyone every make a wharf rat pin or patch just wondering...

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looks okay here

but if you run into trouble lemme know and I'll nuke the extra.

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the Long and the Short of it

My 1st Grateful Dead show was NYE 1971 at Winterland.
I spent the next 15 years on the road and mostly in the "alternative" economic system in the Greater SF Bay area and counties to the north (with a brief sojourn in Tucson, Arizona).
Most of the middle 70s to early 80s were spent "up North," guerrilla gardening. During all that time The Dead and my particular family of fellow Dead Heads were THE CENTRAL focus of my life.
Everything from the music, to romance, to children, to how I earned a living revolved around that scene.
Getting high for fun, turned into getting high for profit, and finally, to getting strung out as a hard fall from grace
I lost my life-partner and child.
That breakup - caused by too many reasons to fathom; but definitely fanned and fed by my drug use and addiction - was an ugly, sad, tragic, period; full of self-pity, guilt, and remorse.
And, of course MORE DOPE!
Got another family.
Got REALLY strung out.
By this time I had entered the "mainstream" economy, but was shocked at all the chicanery "straight" folks could get up to.
But that's beside the point.
Drugs finally stopped working - literally - I could not get enough DOPE into my system in order to get high. I could stay "well," but I COULD NOT get high anymore.
Had a moment of clarity - got clean, July 21, 1989.
I worked a half-ass program of recovery, but by "the grace and mercy of the miracle of recovery," I stayed clean for 17 (seventeen) years!
Eventually, because my participation in my own recovery and (just as important) in the recovery of others was less than enthusiastic, my spiritual conditioned began to suffer.
Meetings became a bore and a chore; my fellow recovering addicts became an object of my resentmeant.
I stopped going to meetings on a regular basis.
Of course, before long, I relapsed - to my utter SHOCK & SURPRISE.
Pain meds prescribed for a legit reason, but by an UNINFORMED doctor - I chose to keep him in the dark about my status as an addict - were the substance I began to abuse.
As prescribed, "1 or 2, every 6-8 hours as needed for pain" became "6 or 8 every 1 or 2 hours as I DESIRE to get LOADED."
I stayed "out there" for the next six years.
Finally, I came back to "the rooms" at my wife's urging - that's right, this angel has stayed with me through thick, thin, and whatever the cat brought in. I sat in meetings for a few days, blubbering to myself while all those around me tried to get the message of recovery through my thick, muddled head.
ACTION was urged by all, get a sponsor, read the literature, WORK THE STEPS!
Tomorrow I see my pain doc; cop to being a 12 stepper, and begin to taper off all narcotic pain-meds.
Even when prescribed for legit pain by an INFORMED doctor, FOR ME using narcotic pain meds is just too slippery-a-slope.
This is NOT a judgement for any other recovering addict who has a legit need for (any kind of) medication - this is just what I have to do IN MY CASE AT THIS POINT IN TIME.
Day-after-tomorrow will once again be Day 31 for this addict, as long as I don't do something really DUMB.
I also meet with my sponsor on that day, as on every Saturday morning.
That is the BIG CHANGE this time around - I finally have a sponsor with whom I meet on a REGULAR basis EVERY WEEK!
I am learning that the 3rd step, to make a decision to surrender my will and my life over to THE CARE of a power-greater-than-myself must be followed up by ACTION:

Okay, that's more than I meant to share, thanks for listening, that is, if you made it this far. If not, well . . . thanks anyway!
Love to all,

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Joined: May 14 2010
the Long and the Short of it

Sorry for the double post
I can't figure out how to delete a post

Joined: Jun 13 2007

If I am in New York in the US of A; can I look out
my window and see India?

Great questions.

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...although I am in recovery, this is sort of an off topic post. I am putting it here because it seems to be the only place the webiste will allow me to post. Can anyone explain to me why the grateful dead community/family seems to be denying the existance of Bruce Hornsby? Was this at his request? Was there a falling out? How many years do you have to play with the band to become a member? I am looking at a picture of the hall of fame induction and he is clearly standing there. I have tapes with him clearly playing. I saw him live. I am not insane. Even the picturte in question (in the Grateful Dead scrapbook) shows him, but deliberately ignores him in the caption. The cardboard cutout of Jerry is clearly identified, but we are supposed to pretend that Bruce is not in the picture. What gives? Tom Constanten is listed as a member of the band and I don't beleive I ever heard a live recording with him in it.....


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