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Joined: Jan 13 2009
Looking for Rats in Denver

Original Wharf Rat from the East coast now living in Wyoming. 24 years clean and looking for Wharf Rats to hang out with at the Denver Show. HP provided a clean rider by "coincidence" when I posted on a local board. Email me at or call me at 307-248-3117 (cell).

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Joined: Apr 2 2009
Doing 4 shows with Louie and Paul (Jerry Rolls Booth)

Meadowlands was great!! Looking for a safe place to meet on lot in Philly?? I'm doing a few shows with Louie, and am always happy to give out a one show sticker and a hug. His Falafal/ Jerry Roll booth is impossible to miss on shakedown. Also looking for an extra ticket both nights..

Haps/ Flaps/ 7 Laps

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Joined: Jan 21 2009
Thank You

Thanks for the table in Hartford! My 5 years and my buddies 1 year sure did appreciate you being there.

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Joined: Jan 1 2009
Shoreline gigs

Gettin close to showtime folks...would love to get together with other clean and sober rats before show and share experience strength and hope. I went to the NYE Phil/Ratdog shows and my sobriety was in jeopordy for a while. Need to make sure I'm plugged in for this. I plan on getting there very early (lawn seats). Shoot me an email here or

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Joined: Jun 11 2008
Shoreline 5/14

Coming out from Arizona for my first SOBER show on 5/14 and hoping to put some faces to the names I read here. Where should I look for the table and balloons - somewhere inside the venue would be my guess. Will be visiting with friends in the area, but will be on my own at the show and hoping for support! Love y'all - see ya soon!

Joined: Feb 17 2009

Ok, now the site is acting soon as I posted my question the 2009 comments came up LOL. Hugzzz

Joined: Feb 17 2009
2009 Tour

I see no one has posted to this in a few years so I am reaching out in hopes that someone will respond...any wharf rat action at the 2009 shows?

Joined: Apr 26 2009
LA Forum

Hi Everyone,

Sounds like the shows are amazing and everyone is havin' fun doin' it sober. I live in Carlsbad, CA and was wondering if anyone from San Diego is heading up to the show on May 9th. I'm newly sober and would love to go to the show. I need to go with some wharf rats otherwise I won't be going. I'm leavin' it up to my higher power. I'm puttin' it out there and seein' what comes back. Cuz I no that the life I was livin' was no good but I'm gettin' a new start to live the I should. please email me at if you have any info, would like to chat or are goin' to the show and you have room for one more sober head. Lots of Love, Ang

Joined: Apr 8 2009
Re: Video of 4-12

On this site's video page, the video of Greensboro featured Big Daddy Don on the floor dancin with his crazy hat! When I met him in G'boro I didn't know who he was, but I found out at the other shows. He was a valuable asset to me at the shows and generous to my driver, gifting her some "Cats Down Under the Stars" jewelry.

Joined: Apr 6 2009
MSG confetti in my hair

MSG SHOW... WOW!!!! I went with my 69year old Dad, My Brother in Law and a friend. We had section 401, but MIRACLED floor seats, both sets! Cosmic Charlie, U J Band, He's Gone, Gimme Shelter all SUPER DUPER!! Mid Set break Wharf Rat mtng, very nice, extra special. The meeting was so packed, "normies" in the hallway couldn't get by! Hahaha. I shared, said I was Wharfrat from SF. Very warm, good vibes. Sobriety countdown, beautifull. Confetti was thrown and my thick hair soaked it up. I think some of it remains. St. Stephen w/ confetti, in and out of my hair, like spaggetti...

I will be at Shoreline both shows, Call me up, my name is Lew. (415) HOLY-GUY

Wharf Rat AA mtngs on Thursdays at 8:15, Noe Valley SFCA, hope to see y'all there...


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