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Joined: Aug 17 2010

Six months is a long time stay strong i lived that cycle for years recovery then always found an excuse too relapse.Dont talk yourself into it.
Stay strong sage.
Peace and love too you.

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Joined: Aug 24 2007
relapse and recovery

Still struggling to stay clean. Coming up on six months again. Played at a jam session tonight. I play the harmonica, it was awesome, we had so much fun. Being clean feels good most days but sometimes I wonder if I'm doing the right thing for the right reasons. I wonder if I latched on to recovery because I had a hard time connecting with new people when I got back up here to Seattle, and the people that I know are clean have always treated me with love and kindness. I guess that's a good enough reason in the begining. To say nothing of the unmanagability of my life when I use. But anyway, I'm going to start doing sweats and hopefuly the spirit will heal me. I know that it is a process, but I would like to feel the rewards sooner rather than later. Working on my character defects presently and believe me, looking honestly at myself isn't easy. There is a pattern and a cycle of self sabatoge that manifests as character defects. We'll see. Maybe when I'm entirely ready to have the spirit remove my defects of character and I work honestly and diligently on them, each day, I will be blessed with some relief from the torment they have on my life. Maybe.

Joined: Jul 29 2010
thank you lamagonzo

you are right, of course. and i have the fortitude and capacity to display these innate strengths. i know that i need to take care of myself first, and by doing so be a power of example. i have made some deep inquiry into the situation and at this point have decided that i do not wish to participate in the current behavior cycle. live the Truth, and only Truth will manifest.


lamagonzo (not verified)
Steady, whirled peas

YOU have to be strong for your friend

Joined: Jul 29 2010
need someone to talk to

hey now. hope you're all enjoying a great summer tour. i know i have been. it could be a lot better, though...which is why i need someone to talk to.

i was in program and a w.w. for about 10 years (that was 21 years ago). moved away and when i came back i thought i was fine. started seeing shows again with my best bud for 20+ years. it started to become really clear that we were headed down a dangerous road last year. but it has become intolerable as of last night at the nokia show. we went to dinner first and had a few beers. then at the show a few more, a puff or two, and we were set. then my friend tried to coerce me in to taking a sip of whiskey. i said no way but he kept insisting, and it wasn't a joke or at all funny. it bothered me a lot that he would not stop, to the point where he just carried too far, and then some. it became a power of the wills, but i won this one. i do not want to go down that road again... i may not have been the worst drunk or pothead in the world, but my history shows that i can easily get carried away (at one point i.v. + pills + booze).

i was sad to see my friend (who i met in program) so wasted, and myself on the verge. if any kind sister out there is willing to be of support, it would be gratefully accepted.

thanks so much.

Joined: Jun 11 2008
Phoenix area Wharfrats!

Thought you might enjoy this speaker mtg/dance:

Event: Grateful (we aren't) Dead - The Hippie Experience

Date: Sat. July 31st

Details: Speaker 8:00 (Roy B.)

Dance 9:15-Midnight

Costume Contest

50/50 Raffle

Location: First United Methodist Church

15 East 1st Avenue (1st Ave and Center)

Downtown Mesa

Contact info: Roy D 480-773-5543

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Joined: Oct 12 2008
hey there sisters and brothers!!!

Havent checked in in a while...went to Further on July 2 in Columbus-awesome!!!Hope everyone out there is happy, sober, and happy to be sober!!! Love n Light-hcm

Joined: Jun 11 2008
Red Rocks and possible accomodation sharing?

Hi Gang -

I am a "seasoned" woman attending the 3 RR shows, solo, travelling from AZ (by way of SB and LA, where I am meeting up with friends). Wondered if there are any women wharfrats with some sobriety out there who might be interested in sharing rented accomodation (motel, etc) in Colorado (non-smoking is critical!)? Could share driving in the area, catch some meetings, whatever? Always nice to save money! If interested, please send a private message - I am hoping to book something soon!

Thanks! - Kym

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Joined: Sep 28 2008

be kind to your mind
_bill grahm -

Joined: Jun 2 2010

Just checking in with y'all. I'm going to the show in ME. and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone I can. Ya just never know what kind of fun, your gonna have :)

peace people and smile :)


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