Grateful Dead

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If you can't believe something's not being discussed, here's the place to say so.


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Does This Sound Familiar?

"Grateful dead, in folktales of many cultures, the spirit of a deceased person who bestows benefits on the one responsible for his burial. In the prototypical story, the protagonist is a traveler who encounters the corpse of a debtor, to whom the honor of proper burial has been denied. After the traveler satisfies the debt, or, in some versions, pays for the burial, he goes on his way. In another version of the story, burial is prescribed for religious reasons but prohibited by civil authorities. It is this version that forms the theme of the apocryphal Book of Tobit in the Old Testament.

The hero is soon joined by another traveler (sometimes in the form of an animal, or, in the story of Tobit, an angel), who helps him in a dramatic way. In some stories the companion saves the hero’s life; in others he helps him gain a prize. In many versions, the companion offers to aid the hero, but only on condition that they divide the prize. Then, as the hero is about to comply, the companion reveals himself as the grateful spirit of the deceased whom the hero helped to bury."

From the Encyclopedia Britannica

The mind boggles with the possibilities.

jonapi (not verified)
Wonders from the House of Albion

Dylan Carlson is creating his first major solo project outside of earth.There will be a limited edition lp/dvd/book and cd/dvd/book(500 of each format) and a special pressing of 150 copies(lp only) with personalized ex libris by Simon Fowler (Who will also do the cover and end papers). The illustrations will be by Kiyo Lappalainen. The limited edition books will be pop-up style. There will also be an open edition with regular flat printing in a cd booklet and flat lp printing. The recording will combine field recordings from various megalithic and other sites of human/fairy encounters across the UK, also the use of ritual and folkloric magical practices. The expedition will be filmed by Clyde Petersen. These recordings will be layered with
Dylan's interpretations of classic Scotch-English ballads about human/fairy encounters from early modern England and Scotland(15th-18th century). It will also feature guest vocalists to sing the songs. This is not being done through a label, as earth's output has, but is a labor of love/obsession of Dylan's. Being primarily of Scotch-English descent, this is an historical journey to his personal and cultural past, embracing music/folklore/the occult dimension and history. This is also result of personal experience's of 'the other side'. His blog, has details, if interested. The field recordings will be accomplished in April-May of 2012. The rest of the recording/mastering will be finished in summer and early fall, the artwork is an ongoing process, already begun. Dylan is planning to have it all done for a May 2013 release. Join in the restoration of magic, a return to a world of spirits. Where all objects have a will of their own and a language they speak in, and we have learned how to speak with them again. It will be titled "Coleman Grey presents 'Falling with a Thousand Stars and Other Wonders from the House of Albion'."

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New Topic Suggestion

Hi, Mary -

How's about a fun little summer "game" for the community?

In preparation for an upcoming driving vacation, I'm putting together some CD's for my trip. When I'm behind the wheel, I like to listen to the longer, jammier selections, as it just seems to make the miles go by a little faster. Anyway, it might be fun to get compilation suggestions from the folks who visit this place. Here are the criteria:

1) Each song must be at least 10 minutes long.
2) Selections from commercially available CD's only (so we can all find them easily)
3) At least 70 minutes per CD (most CD's can store up to 80 minutes)

Here's my first one:

Scarlet Begonias.................Dick's Picks 18............12:46
Fire On The Mountain..........Dick's Picks 18............17:03
Playin' In The Band..............Dick's Picks 36............16:52
Eyes Of The World...............Live at Cow Palace.....12:26
Morning Dew........................Live at Cow Palace.....15:24

Total: 74 minutes, 31 seconds

I'd love to make several more from the suggestions other folks come up with. Anyway, just throwin' it out there.


The Nakano Pancake (not verified)
Anish Kapoor

jonapi (not verified)
la yee sem

one thing i feel rather strongly about is everyone on talking and engaging more in the "In Memory..." topic.

maybe not so much when artists or musicians etc. are mentioned, as these can be personal posts, but when fellow Heads and Kynd folk connected to the scene need help and positive energy i think it's our duty as a community to stick together and cast a healing light towards those most in need.

please spare a thought and be there for others who desperately need our healing and who require help.

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and here
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Okay, three of us, that's enough...

I'll go start a topic.:-)

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Oh yes ...

It was quite a day! I discovered Steve Kimock at that event and really enjoyed all contributions from John Cipollina throughout the day. Too bad Bob Weir couln't play his guitar because of his broken arm.

I have some photos from this event but not on my computer. Perhaps I will digitalize them sometime soon.

Micke Östlund,
Växjö, Sweden

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that was one hot dusty fest! I remember it well! Okay, if anybody besides me shows up we can start a topic!

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Ranch Rock 1986

I'm working on a documentary about the trip that I made with a friend of mine to this one day festival that was held at Pyramid Lake, Nevada at the end of the summer of 1986 and I thought this would be a good place to connect with other folks who were at the event.


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