Gather round every Thursday as we tell the tales of Grateful Dead days of yore. Hosts Rich Mahan and Jesse Jarnow will take the lead, picking up special guests from the Dead universe along the way. May the long strange trip continue across the pod!

Here Comes Sunshine: RFK Stadium, 6/73

Episode Duration: 02:09:15

Our stadium-sized season finale visits the Dead’s June 1973 mega-gigs with the Allman Brothers Band in Washington DC, featuring the Allmans family, legendary tapers, searing heat, super jams, backstage brawls, & the manifestation of the Ouroboros.

Guests: Bunky Odom, Buddy Thornton, Ron Wickersham, Alan Trist, Ben Haller, Peter Rowan, Richard Loren, Allan Arkush, Merl Saunders Jr., Steve White, Jim Cooper, Laurie Oliver, Dan Henklein, Howie Levine, Ihor Slabicky, Jay Kerley, Brian Schiff, David Lemieux, Alan Paul

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