Gather round every Thursday as we tell the tales of Grateful Dead days of yore. Hosts Rich Mahan and Jesse Jarnow will take the lead, picking up special guests from the Dead universe along the way. May the long strange trip continue across the pod!

From the Mars Hotel 50: China Doll

Episode Duration: 01:27:46

The Deadcast explores “China Doll,” perhaps the most delicate Dead song, the innovative studio techniques pioneered for From The Mars Hotel, the formation of Round Records (& the making of Jerry Garcia’s sophomore solo album), & the infamous Wall of Sound test at the Cow Palace.

Guests: Elvis Costello, Ron Rakow, Richard Loren, Andy Leonard, Richie Pechner, Steve Brown, Michael Parrish, David Gans, Steve Beck, David Lemieux, Brian Kehew, Shaugn O’Donnell, Brian Anderson

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