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  • clifton.moorhe…
    10 years 4 months ago
    Audio Reaction Paintings
    A few years ago i was reading your pages and you wrote" I actually saw sound coming out of the speakers." I thought that was so cool. You inspired me with this. The music is just Garage band samples. But I like making the animations. If you have time take a look. Love all your art on your webpages. You are the Best. Cliff http://zoleart.com
  • Default Avatar
    15 years 3 months ago
    Owsley doses? Dont think its possible. Even if it was, the potency on doses would fade over years. Now it could of been the same recipe on a new batch.Phatmoye
  • dharmagum
    15 years 3 months ago
    alpine valley 85
    owsley! someone said they dosed me with owsley in alpine valley 1985. is that possible? i saw bill walton during mississippi half step i think. near the refreshment stand. hey bill! whoa! was that you? go terrapins. thanks.