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June 19 - June 25, 2017

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers’ Section, where this week we have Grateful Dead music covering 15 years, from 1974, 1984, and 1989.

Our first stop this week is on the Wall Of Sound summer tour, from 7/27/74 in Roanoke, VA, where we have this music from the end of the second set: U.S. Blues > The Promised Land ; Brokedown Palace ; Not Fade Away > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad > Johnny B. Goode.

Next is the start of the second set from 7/22/84 at the Ventura County Faigrounds, located along the ocean between Santa Barbara and LA. From this show we have Samson And Delilah ; Ship Of Fools ; I Just Want To Make Love To You > Man Smart (Woman Smarter); Terrapin Station. This is one of only four versions of I Just Want to Make Love To You, spanning almost thirty years (one in 1966, two in 1984, one in 1995).

Lastly this week is the end of the show from 7/17/89 at Alpine Valley, the show that made up the DVD Downhill From Here. From this show we have Space > The Wheel > Gimme Some Lovin' > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad > Not Fade Away, We Bid You Goodnight.

Be sure to join us here next week for more music from the vault.

David Lemieux
Twitter: @lemieuxdavid


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aaron's picture
Joined: Jun 12 2007

I was there and it was an amazing show. This is one of my all time favorte shows from the 80s. Terrapin ends with some amazing feedback. Super trippy.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Downhill From Here

That is correct with the end of the first set of 7/19 on the DVD release. They omitted "Row Jimmy", "When I Paint My Masterpiece", "When Push Comes To Shove" and "The Music Never Stopped" from the first set of 7/17. They included "West L.A. Fadeaway", "Desolation Row" and "Deal" from the end of the first set from 7/19.

"The Music Never stopped" from 7/17/89 was included on the CD "Fallout From The Phil Zone".

It would be nice if they would just release the entirety of the 3 day Alpine '89 run on DVD and CD.

Pretty much anything and everything from '89 is great music wise. Great shows throughout the Spring, Summer was "off the hook" and by Fall they were entering a new more adventurous phase of the latter part of their career with Jerry.

Love the '84 choice this week as well. Would love to hear more from this year. Would really love to see more released from this year.

Joined: May 1 2017
Downhill from here

As i recall, the DVD is a hybrid. It includes most of 7/17 but the end of the first set is from 7/19.
I remember walking into the facility and there were signs indicating that entering the facility constituted agreement to appear in any video production of the event. It took about 8 years before they finally released the shows.

Gr8fulTed's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2007

Great stuff, from the Wall of Sound era. Wonder if Dave's next Pick will be a '74 gem?!?


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