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Week of March 16-22, 2020

Welcome back to the Tapers’ Section, where this week we have music from 1973, 1984, and 1991, three very distinct eras in Grateful Dead history.

First up is the big second set jam from 10/29/73 in St. Louis: Truckin'>Drums > The Other One > Wharf Rat > Sugar Magnolia, Casey Jones.

Next is the first set of the second night of a six night run at Berkeley Community Theatre on 10/28/84: Cold Rain And Snow ; My Brother Esau ; Althea ; C C Rider ; Bird Song ; Looks Like Rain > Deal.

Lastly this week is the excellent first set from Haloween 1991 in Oakland: Help On The Way > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower ; Little Red Rooster ; Loser ; Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues ; Let It Grow.

Thanks for stopping in, and please wash your hands.

David Lemieux

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March 16-22, 2020
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