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The rumors are true! Each day in November we give away a high-quality MP3 download. That's 30 days of unreleased Grateful Dead tracks from the vault, selected by Dead archivist and producer David Lemieux. Intrigued? We're also going to put your knowledge to the test and give you the chance to win some sweet swag from the Dead.

If you've been here before, jump right in with the link below. If you need a little refresher, here's how it all goes down:

You know your Ables from your Bakers from your C's, but can your finely tuned ears differentiate the cosmic "comeback" tour from a spacey 70's show? Each day we'll post a free download from one of the Dead's coveted shows. Will it be from that magical night at Madison Square Garden in '93 or from way back when they were warming it up at Winterland? Is that Pigpen's harmonica we hear? Brent on keys? Step right up and try your hand all November long and win prizes while you're at it.

Guess the venue and date correctly and you'll be automatically entered to win the prize of the day - a 2024 Grateful Dead Wall Calendar. Each day a winner will be selected at random, so take your time and make your best guess! Answer correctly and you will also be automatically entered to win the Grand Prize - a copy of our SOLD OUT HERE COMES SUNSHINE 1973 boxed set.

A couple of songs that debuted about 20 years apart, played together for the first and only time

  • Default Avatar
    32 minutes 11 seconds ago
    10 26 89 is a great show…

    10 26 89 is a great show with these two songs. That "Dark Star" reaches some really dark depths.

  • The Fool
    38 minutes 54 seconds ago

    I just watched that 2-4-70 video and you are right: it is righteous. Thanks for the tip.

  • The Fool
    1 hour 15 minutes ago
    Faults In The Clouds Of Delusion

    One thing I have learned is that while I prefer the format and layout of GDSets for set list searching, for various reasons sometimes I find more shows on herbibot. So what was 1 became 2 and I got it on the second try.

    I've met Deadheads who hated Victim or the Crime back in the day, but I think it's an excellent song. On the other hand, I kind of liked Day Job*, so what do I know?

    *I was looking at Day Job in the set lists and it turns out I saw the very last Day Job ever played! The Death of Day Job!

  • LeeBob802
    1 hour 26 minutes ago
    To: DL, All The Usual Suspects, Overseas Heads, and Newbies...

    I want to thank you, for a real good time. If you like yesterday's song combo offer, I recommend searching for video of February 4th show at Family Dog to get a feel for what it was like in that venue in that era. Also, I have found some interesting recorded versions of the song, Gloria, starting with a in the studio jam in April 1979, as well as some jams in fall of '79 with Gloria theme, and the Europe '81 Melkweg show and BCT '84 show. My first DS was 8/14/85 with a band called, Kokomo, with Brent and Billy, Hampton Beach, NH.

  • RyXs
    3 hours 3 minutes ago
    Weirdly Wrong?

    Yeah, Dave forgot one I guess! First show I found was the wrong one because I couldn't really hear textbook Brent in the music like most his jams. So naturally I looked after his death thinking its a Vince Welnik era & found one almost exactly 2 & 1/2 years after the CORRECT show. Well, thanks to the folks in the comments, I know I am not crazy! At least when I knew to check Brent's era it didn't take long, though there still was some confusion as to what the hell the name is on that big crumbling behemoth of a venue.

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San Francisco, CA, Family Dog at the Great Highway
"China Cat Sunflower" had been in the repertoire since 1968, and in late September 1969, it was joined with I Know You Rider, which the Dead had played a few years earlier as one of their mainstays of their live shows. "High Time" and "Dire Wolf" would both be released a few months later on Workingman's Dead
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Fort Kent

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